Carrot Cleaning by Sue of Dunbar FarmsDon’t have time to get to Growers Market each week? No problem—we’ll bring it to you! Convenient, flexible, economical, and available year-round, Rogue Produce delivers the freshest, highest-quality local and organic produce directly to your door as a custom order, CSA bundle, or both!

Not only do we offer the best of our region’s fruits and veggies, but we also feature grass-fed and finished beef and lamb; pastured bacon and pork; organic cow and goat cheeses; freshly baked breads; pasture-raised eggs; organic butter; fair-trade coffee; loose-leaf and powdered teas; gourmet olive oils and vinegars; superfoods; and so much more! Rogue Produce is your one-stop shop for enjoying the best local foods available while supporting our region’s farmers, producers, and small businesses.
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