Rogue River Seasoning Blend


Whistling Duck Farm
Mount Hood Seasoning Blend from Whistling Duck Farm
~Wild & Scenic~
Whistling Duck Farm’s Rogue River Seasoning Blend embodies the untamed and picturesque qualities of its namesake, The Wild & Scenic. Drawing inspiration from the exhilarating experiences of navigating the Rogue River’s rapids, this blend promises to take your taste buds on an adventurous journey. This seasoning is an ideal companion for trout, salmon, or chicken dishes.

All seasoning blends are made with organic farm-grown and foraged ingredients.

Ingredients: *Marjoram, *Thyme, *Fennel Seed, *Mustard Seed, *Black Pepper, *Dill, *White *Pepper, *Allspice, *Caraway, *Bay Leaf, *Sumac, Cedar Tips
*organic ingredients

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