Neighborhood Compost Project

Rogue Produce is launching a new initiative, the Neighborhood Compost Project, to lower our rates and expand our service more broadly. Our traditional model has been to pick-up food-scraps from individual households. The new model is to pick-up the food-scraps from multiple households from a neighborhood drop-site. This new model will lower our rate to $14.95 per month for participants. Here’s how it works…

When you sign-up under the Neighborhood model, we will let you know the drop-site we have established for your weekly pick-up day. On that day, you’ll bring your food-scraps to the drop-site in your neighborhood and leave them in the bins we provide.

If you are interested in participating in the Neighborhood Compost Project, please give us a call to see if we have a drop-site available in your neighborhood (541-301-3426). Your participation in this project provides a needed resource for local farms. Check out this blog post with an informative video showing one of the farms that utilizes the food-scraps from our program.

When you join our service you’ll become one of the many households in our community that supports the effort to utilize the valuable resource of kitchen food-scraps. Instead of this material going to the land-fill, it goes to farmers who need it! We also encourage you to support the local businesses that have signed up for our service. These businesses include Ruby’s, Vida Cafe, Clyde’s Corner, Mix, and more!