Welcome to the media home of Rogue Produce, where we tell the ongoing story of our Online Farmers Market, Compost Pick-up Service, Farming Collective, and more! Stay tuned to support our local farms and keep informed of all the projects we’re working on to bring you the best of what’s local!

Rogue Produce Farm Collective

The employees of Rogue Produce are starting a farm—or several farms, actually (each employee has their own “mini plot”). Enjoy this first video, which chronicles the beginning of our farming adventure. Under the mentorship of Aluna at Joyluck Farm in Talent, we start on the work to plant our crops for the customers of Rogue Produce (we’re still working on our cheer)!

Steve & Terah of Fog Hollow Farm

We made a trip to Veneta, Oregon, to meet with the Knox family at Fog Hollow Farm! Listen to their experience as a small family farm—these are the great people you support when you buy local!