Community Compost

Ever wish there was a smarter thing to do with your food scraps than throwing them in the garbage to be dumped into our local landfill? Have you tried to start your own compost operation at home but found it’s too difficult to maintain or that it attracts unwanted critters?

Rogue Produce has created a smart solution for our region’s lack of options when it comes to managing the valuable resource of our food scraps: Community Compost. We provide a weekly residential pickup of food scraps. Instead of taking the scraps to the landfill, we donate them to small local farms where they are used to create compost. By signing up for our Community Compost service, you reduce the waste in our local landfill and provide a substantial benefit to local farmers.

You currently have 2 options as a Community Compost Customer. You can go with our traditional service, where we pick-up directly from your home (choose the subscription above for $69.95 for 3-months of service). Or, you can join our new model, the Neighborhood Compost Project for only $14.95 per month (see subscription above)! Click here to see how we start your service under the Neighborhood Compost Project model.

Where Do We Pick Up?

We currently serve customers in Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Central Point, and Jacksonville!

What Do We Pick Up?

  • all non-meat food scraps & leftovers
  • all fruit & vegetable peelings, pits, and shells
  • pumpkins!
  • rice, pasta, bread, cereal, and oats
  • egg & nut shells (except coconuts)
  • dairy products (e.g., cheese, butter)
  • coffee grounds & filters; teabags

What Don’t We Pick Up?

  • any meat items—beef, pork, chicken, or seafood
  • yard debris—leaves, flowers, wreaths, weeds, plants, or soil
  • paper products (except teabags & coffee filters)
  • coal or charcoal
  • over-the-counter or prescription drugs & medications

How It Works

Simply choose your own covered container to store your scraps in and place it outside your door by 7:30 am on your designated pickup day (we’ll let you know what day that is after you sign up). We transfer the scraps from your container to bins in our vehicle, leaving your container with you.


The cost for three months of weekly food scrap pickup is $69.95. And you get 10% off if you’re a Farmers Market Member!

Sign up Now!

Sign up now to get started! We will contact you and let you know (based on your location) which day we can begin collecting your food scraps. Thank you for playing a pivotal role in our community’s farms!