Rogue Produce has been a godsend for my family. In the beginning (no pun intended), we loved being surprised by Adam’s deliveries. Then, as our tastebuds changed, we appreciated being able to create a custom order each week. Adding eggs, bread, and even protein powder makes this service so convenient it seems crazy not to do it. We are never pressured to order but given gentle reminders if our order isn’t in when the deadline is looming. We appreciate the consistent efforts to maintain quality while also keeping the ordering process very “hometown” feeling. More often than not, little samples and surprises accompany our bag, which makes it fun to unpack each week. Way to go, Rogue Produce! We are fans for life!DeAnna S., Ashland
When I told individuals back in my home state of Kentucky that I was moving to Oregon, I was informed that I was going to “get very healthy because Oregon is where they eat only organic food.” I was preconditioned to expect that a variety of healthy, wholesome, local produce would be readily available when I moved to Southern Oregon. It turns out that not only is the best local produce available, but it is delivered weekly to your doorstep! How convenient is that? When I first started getting a Rogue Produce bag, I did not know what vegetables would be delivered on Friday, and it was like getting a surprise birthday present every week. I had not grown up eating a lot of different vegetables, so sometimes I had to go to the Internet for an explanation of what vegetable I had as well as how to cook it. There is definitely an educational benefit to getting this service. It was fun and sometimes challenging to see what I could make from produce that was new to me. I once received a jumbo beet that was as big as my head. I made beet cupcakes from it! Yum!! I changed to receiving a customizable bag after figuring out there are some vegetables my husband would not eat no matter what, so it would not make sense to order them. Now I can choose from a marvelous variety of locally sourced products, not just vegetables. I have tried raw foods, bakery items, eggs, coffee, and dry goods that I probably would never purchase at the grocery store. I am also a Community Compost participant and feel virtuous knowing my food scraps do not end up in the landfill but are picked up weekly. I am a more than satisfied customer of Rogue Produce/Community Compost and would heartily recommend that others participate in this wonderful service.Judy W., Talent
Rogue Produce is fantastic! You can taste the difference in fresh, local, organically grown vegetables—they are sooooooo much better than the ones you get in the store, which have been sitting in trucks and bins for who-knows-how-long. Plus, you’re contributing to the health of our local community by supporting your local family farms. We are so blessed to have all these wonderful family farms in the area! Thanks to Rogue Produce, I have discovered some really yummy vegetables that I had never had the nerve to try—like winter squash, for example. The large variety available in the fall/winter season is amazing! And it’s not just produce—there are all kinds of other locally made healthy food products. All this delivered to your door with a friendly smile—what more could you want?Wendy C., Central Point
I belonged to a couple of Rogue Valley CSAs in the past, and while I loved the weekly surprise of finding out what would be in my box, I found the lack of options and flexibility too confining. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Rogue Produce—not only do they offer a totally customizable Individual Account option, but their services are available throughout the year! How much and when you order is completely up to you. If I don’t need anything in a particular week (which is rare!), I just skip ordering. Even more compelling, Rogue Produce is not limited to a single farm—they have built relationships with a huge number of regional farmers and producers, and the list keeps growing. That means we enjoy a diverse range of stellar-quality veggies and fruit as well as delectable goodies like farm-fresh eggs, butter, olive oil, coffee, tea, and fermented vegetables. I’m on the Paleo diet, and Rogue Produce makes following the edict to eat fresh, local, organic, non-GMO, whole foods easy. I know every item has been selected, grown, and produced with the utmost love and care, and that love comes through in every scrumptious bite. It’s also gratifying to realize we are supporting the local economy and sustainable practices. Adam is one of the kindest and most thoughtful individuals I know. He has the business acumen and communication skills necessary to connect a continually growing network of farmers, producers, and community members who are all passionate about healthy and delicious food. It is an awesome feeling being part of such a meaningful cause and one that benefits both my personal health and the health of our community.Melissa M., Medford
We have been customers since May 2013. We love our weekly delivery of fresh produce, especially as it comes from local sources. We appreciate that they operate year-round and provide an increasing range of products. The Dunbar Farms popcorn is a particular hit in the winter months!Bart G. and Emily R., Ashland

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