What began as a small organic farm has grown as we found more ways to meet the needs of those who are enthusiastic about eating well. We are still dedicated to organic farming – our farm has spread to about 4,000 acres and has diversified! We now grow an assortment of ancient grains, beans, fruits, fresh produce, and specialty seeds, as well as the grain and cattle we started with. Over the years, we expanded our operation to do our own processing. We mill our grain using our special Unifine mill to supply you with the finest flours you can find anywhere. We also package many products in small and large quantities, make our own mixes, pack our fruits and vegetables, and manufacture our unique carob products. We grow and package our own line of garden seeds to preserve and improve the availability of heirloom varieties. We developed our own brand of green cleaning supplies and other products. Most recently, we started our own trucking company to serve our customers better! We are always innovating and learning how to do more with less.

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