Sherry’s Foods ~ Fresh Pesto and Sauces

Get to Know Your Vendors: Sherry’s Foods

One of our goals at Rogue Produce is to support the incredible local vendors and farmers that make our community vibrant and unique. Today, we are excited to spotlight Sherry’s Pasta LLC, soon to be rebranded as Sherry’s Foods LLC. Located in Jacksonville, Oregon, Sherry’s fresh pesto and sauces are a testament to the passion and resilience of its owner, Sherry B Henney.

Sherry's Foods, local wholeslae sauces

Enjoy Sherry’s Pesto and Chimichurri. Click on the image to order today!

Sherry’s venture into artisan foods began in 2009 with a simple mission: to bring the freshest, most flavorful pasta and pestos to the tables of Southern Oregon. Sherry started selling her products wholesale and at our local growers market; she also served on the jury committee, which she loved participating in. However, the unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Sherry to pivot her business, leading to the sale of her pasta machine but a renewed focus on her pestos and chimichurri sauce.

Deliciously Crafted Fresh Pesto and Sauces

Sherry’s Foods offers a delicious lineup of pestos and a South American Chimichurri Sauce that will elevate any meal. Each product reflects Sherry’s commitment to quality, from a vegan pesto enriched with hazelnuts and seeds to the sumptuous flavors of roasted cashew and almond pestos. Crafted with local and organic ingredients whenever possible, these sauces freeze well and are versatile enough to enhance a wide array of savory dishes.

Inspiration and Dedication

Discover the delight of Vegan Pesto, a favorite among Rogue Produce customers. Click on the image to place your order TODAY and enjoy!

Sherry’s inspiration is as heartfelt as her products. After a personal battle with breast cancer, the encouragement of her friend Katrina from Katrinas Salsa sparked the idea to commercialize the pesto she had been making for years. With a rich background as a chef, including adventurous stints with tree planting and fire crews in British Columbia, Sherry has always found joy in feeding people. Her diverse experiences as a professional photographer and painter and even working in a commercial peach orchard have all intertwined with her food creations, enriching her offerings with depth and creativity.

“I used to be the chef on tree planting and fire crews in the wilds of British Columbia, lots of great helicopter rides and excitement. I raised my three boys here in the valley; they all still live with lovely grandchildren. I also did cooking spots on the local TV stations and at wineries. Food is always interesting, and there are so many combinations. It took years to become adept at using spices and herbs for the best flavors. I love creating.”  – Sherry

Where to Find Sherry’s Foods

Beyond Rogue Produce, Sherry’s Foods is on the shelves of several local and regional retailers, including Ashland Co-op, Shop n Kart, Market of Choice (spanning from Medford to Portland), Capellas in Eugene, Food for Less, and Medford Co-op, among others. Sherry’s kitchen, located in Jefferson Farm Kitchen in Jacksonville, is the heart from where all her products are lovingly prepared.

Featured Favorites

While we highly recommend all the fresh pesto and sauces, the Chimichurri Sauce is a customer favorite. Perfect as a marinade, sauce, salad dressing, or dipping sauce, it’s a must-try for anyone looking to add a burst of flavor to their meals.

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Join us in Celebrating Local Flavors

At Rogue Produce, we believe in the power of community and the value of supporting local farms and businesses. We invite you to join us in celebrating and supporting Sherry’s Foods and, in doing so, strengthening the bonds that make our community truly special.

Let’s continue to nurture these connections, one delicious bite at a time.

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Little Shop of Bagels – Best Organic Bagels

30 Years with Little Shop of Bagels – Your Cozy Ashland Bakery

Francesca and Angelina, smiling with a tray of organic bagels and packaged products at Little Shop of Bagels bakery.Not just a bakery but a warm, familiar gathering place for our Rogue Valley community

In 1994, Francesca transformed her passion for baking and an ambitious dream into reality, starting with a mere $85 and an unwavering commitment to quality. Her mission was simple: to craft the best organic bagels. This mission fueled what would blossom into a cherished local institution. Francesca’s small, 120-square-foot venture, affectionately named after its modest beginnings, has grown significantly over the years, yet the heart and soul of the bakery remain unchanged.

From Passion to Bakery

Francesca’s journey was sparked in the early ’90s when the baking landscape was still male-dominated. Balancing jobs and family life, she honed her bagel recipe, then took the leap and opened her bagel shop using organic flour and grains, which, at that time, was not common in the industry.

Today, Francesca continues to handpick the finest organic ingredients, crafting bagels known for their authentic bagel taste, deliciously crispy crust, and chewy interior. Francesca is passionate about organics and farming in sustainable, responsible ways and supporting organic grain and produce growers. Though this family venture has expanded, its core values of quality and community have stood steadfast.

What’s On the Menu?

A freshly prepared organic bagel sandwich with layers of cream cheese, cucumber, and tomato on a woven mat from Little Shop of Bagels.

HIKER and SPROUTED HIKER BAGELS are a favorite of Rogue Produce customers. Click on the image to ORDER TODAY!

Little Shop of Bagels menu includes freshly baked bagels, spreads, sandwiches, and scones. They are committed to organic and natural choices that ensure every baked good, bagel, breakfast, or lunch offering is delicious and wholesome. You are invited to explore the ingredient list on their website, a testament to their dedication to quality and transparency.

Where to Grab the Best Organic Bagels

You can find Little Shop of Bagels, bagels, and scones in local favorites like Rogue Produce, Brother’s Restaurant, Stoneridge Coffee House, and Cafe Soleil (formerly the Vintage in Talent). They’re also on grocery shelves across Ashland and Medford (Shop N Kart, Food 4 Less, Medford and Ashland Food Coop, and Market of Choice) and select spots in Northern California.

The official logo of Little Shop of Bagels, featuring a bagel surrounded by wheat, signifying organic ingredients and establishment in 1994.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Organic Freshly Baked Bagels

Close-up view of assorted organic bagels with sesame, poppy seed, and multi-grain toppings from Little Shop of Bagels.

Don’t forget to get your fresh organic bagels. Delicious any time of the day. Click on the image to ORDER TODAY!

from Francesca….
Mark your calendars – July 1, 2024, is Little Shop of Bagels’ 30th Birthday! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been a vibrant part of the community for thirty years, baking and serving our beloved bagels. Through the years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible individuals, many of whom have grown up with our bagels as a staple in their lives – from childhood, high school, college, and beyond. It’s always a treat to see familiar faces, especially those who now live afar, stopping by to stock up on our bagels, claiming they’ve found none like them in their new locales. And it’s particularly heartwarming to continue to serve our first customers, who’ve been with us from the start!

Stay in touch and celebrate our birthday with us this summer

We will offer many fun things to say THANK YOU for 30 great years together.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Here’s to enjoying the simple things, sharing great food, and making more memories – one bagel at a time.

**ORDER your BAGELS today for the next HOME DELIVERY!**


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Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture: Fox and Squirrel Farm

Fox and Squirrel Farm ~ Cultivating Community and Nutrition

Nestled in the picturesque Applegate Valley near Jacksonville, Oregon, Fox and Squirrel Farm, LLC is a testament to small-scale regenerative farming. Jennifer Miller and David Herald established the farm with a sincere dedication to fostering a strong connection between the community and high-quality, organically grown produce.

Jennifer from Fox and Squirrel Farm presenting a selection of organic produce at a local market standThe Inception of a Vision

2023 marked a significant milestone for Fox and Squirrel Farm as they embarked on their first season as market gardeners. Their mission is simple: to provide the community with nutritious, organically grown vegetables and herbs cultivated with purpose and care. Their approach blends a desire to collaborate with other small farms and a steadfast commitment to regional food supply resiliency. This initiative creates a healthier, more sustainable alternative to prevalent macro-agricultural practices.

A Bounty of Organic Delights

The market garden at Fox and Squirrel Farm offers a diverse selection of heirloom vegetables, fragrant herbs, and fruits, including apples and plums. They are also proud to offer Jennifer’s vegan, gluten-free zucchini oat bars, roasted tomatoes, and zucchini noodles. Looking ahead, Fox and Squirrel Farm anticipates an expansion into ready-to-eat foods, emphasizing drying and preserving techniques that maintain maximum nutritional value.

Winter/Spring Trial Market Membership

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Education and Community InvolvementDiverse varieties of lettuce and leafy greens flourishing in the gardens of Fox and Squirrel Farm

In 2021, David started a group called Rogue GardenShare, an initiative bridging the gap between aspiring gardeners who needed land to grow on and landowners who needed help and inspiration. Jennifer and David’s partnership blossomed from this project, combining Jennifer’s culinary prowess with David’s gardening expertise. Their collaborative spirit and shared passion for growing the best produce possible led to the birth of Fox and Squirrel Farm.

“People become more connected with and passionate about their food when they grow it themselves.” David

Expanding Horizons

With 2 years of experience growing together, Jennifer and David are now expanding their garden threefold by adding more bed space on Jennifer’s land on Sterling Creek Rd. This expansion may eventually include a micro-agricultural educational resource center, offering a unique platform for novices and experts to engage and learn.

Your Voice Matters at Fox and Squirrel Farm

Organic kale freshly harvested by a farmer at Fox and Squirrel Farm, surrounded by lush greenery

Fox and Squirrel Farm’s dedication extends beyond growing delicious and nutritious produce; they strive to cultivate the varieties you most desire. Is there a specific vegetable or herb you’ve been longing to find at your local market but haven’t yet? We invite you to share your preferences with us. Your suggestions are valuable; we’ll ensure they reach Jennifer and David.

Together, let’s shape the future of our market offerings and support our shared vision for a thriving, health-conscious community.

We would love to have your feedback; CLICK HERE to send us a note!

To learn more about Fox and Squirrel Farm and to stay up to date with all their new happenings, follow them on Facebook.

Celebrating sustainable agriculture, Rogue Produce is excited to bring you the seasonal bounty of fresh, organically grown produce straight from Fox and Squirrel Farm fields.

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Food Scraps in the News!

Thanks to the growing enthusiasm about Rogue Produce’s “Community Compost” program, we’ve recently been the subject of two local news stories! In this blog post we want to share these stories with you and outline the options available to you to participate in the adventure of diverting food-scraps from businesses and households and donating this resource to local farmers. Our local farms put the scraps to good use to benefit their own operations and our community as a whole!

Step 1: Check out the stories and share them through your social media!

Please check out these great stories, and share them through your social media channels. The more we spread the word, the more good things happen, such as:

  • New farms hear of our program and begin receiving scraps.
  • New residents and business owners discover Community Compost and begin participating in the program.
  • Our farm partners become free drop-sites for leaves, horse manure, food-scraps, and other materials to integrate into their compost operation.
  • New compost options sprout up, such as the free drop-site at the Medford Growers Market beginning in the Spring of 2024.
  • The more our region comes together as a community to reduce waste and support local agriculture!

KOBI Story by Taylar Ansures

Rogue Produce turns food waste into farming gold

JPR Story, by Roman Battaglia

Rogue Valley Entrepreneur Turns Food Waste into Black Gold

Step 2: Find out how you can participate

The process of building our Community Compost program has been, naturally, an organic one. As a result, our service options are diverse in order to meet the needs of all who wish to participate. We recommend the best place to get started is to give us a call at 541-301-3426 to see which of the options below works best for you.

Direct Food Scrap Pick-Up

If you want pick-up directly from your home in Ashland, Talent, or Phoenix, you can sign-up here at our current new-customer discounted rate of $14.95 per month.

Bellview Grange Winter Drop-Site

Because the Farmer’s Market drop-site in Ashland has closed for the Winter, we set-up this alternative location. Between the hours of 9am and 1pm every Tuesday, you can drop your scraps off at the Bellview Grange in Ashland. This service is $10 per month, and we ask that you call us to set-up service.

Food Scrap Pick-up for Businesses

We are excited to work with any restaurant, market, cafe, or the like, to get you set-up with our program. Give us a call at 541-301-3426 to set up a trial.

Free Food Scrap Drop-Sites

These will resume in March of 2024, at the Ashland Growers Market at the Ashland Armory, and at the Medford Growers Market in Hawthorne Park. We have enough funding to get the program in Medford launched, but we are still seeking donations to make sure we can provide the service through the entire Market season. Please support this effort by making a donation.

Other Ways to Support

Rogue Produce goes full-circle by selling produce from our local farm partners through our Online Farmers Market. You can place an order online and we deliver orders to your home every week!

We have a special Autumn promotion that gets you a free “Farmers Market” membership to remove delivery fees, and also gets you a 20% coupon to use on your first order! Take advantage of our promotion by clicking the link below – it’s one more way to support local farms, local businesses, smart food-scrap management, and stay connected with your community!

Free Membership and 20% Coupon

FREE Food Scrap Pick Up Coming to Medford!

FREE food scrap drop off at the Medford Grower’s Market is in the works!

Communities throughout the country are converting food scrap material into compost to reduce the need for artificial fertilizers and to prevent the environmental problems that happen when food scraps go to landfills or into water treatment facilities. In Southern Oregon there is a system in place to get food scraps directly to local farms to be processed into nutrient rich soil amendments. This system not only prevents waste and environmental harm, it also provides a significant benefit to local farms and local soils! Read on to see how you can support our efforts!

Who’s involved locally

This year, Rogue Valley Food System Network is supporting the efforts of the Community Compost Coalition (CCC) to help local farms expand their composting activities. The project collaborators are Rogue Produce & Community Compost for transport and logistics, Ashland Community Composting for transport and bokashi composting, Southern Oregon Food Solutions (SOFS) for Community Outreach, and three receiving farms: Fry Family Farm, Evers Ridge Farm and Joy Luck Farm for the composting process.

How it works

The primary working model is a subscription curbside service for collecting food scraps from residents, businesses and schools, and then transporting the scraps to local farms to be composted. In 2022, the Ashland Rotary Club sponsored a FREE food scrap drop off service at the Ashland Grower’s market to provide more residents with a way to keep food scraps out of the trash and to give it to local farms instead. This service continues to be  provided by Rogue Produce & Community Compost and it has been so well received and appreciated that it has been renewed for 2023. Also this year, when the Britt Festival signaled that it wanted to become the “greenest concert venue on the west coast,” Ashland Community Composting worked out the logistics to collect food scraps from each event throughout the summer.

Moving forward

With the help of an Ashland Food Co-Op Community Grant, and with support from Rogue Valley Food System Network, the Community Compost Coalition is setting up a second FREE food scrap drop off service at the Medford Grower’s Market starting in the Spring of 2024!

We need your support!

We are currently raising funds in order to fully cover the cost of the food scrap drop off service for the entire Medford Grower’s Market season in 2024. We would love to receive your help in making sure we can fund this service for 2024 and beyond! In a typical pick-up at the Ashland Grower’s Market, we divert 180 gallons (6 large garbage bins) of food scrap material from the landfill and donate this valuable resource to local farms that are working hard to grow the food we all love.

Donate today!

If you’d like to help ensure that this valuable service remains available for the long-term, you can make a donation by following this link.


Thank you, and see you at the Grower’s Markets!

Compost, Let’s Keep it Local.

It’s not everyday that a community comes together to support a cause they all can agree on. Usually this phenomena only occurs when there’s a crisis of some kind, and a community recognizes an urgent need and rallies to meet it. In Southern Oregon (and in many other communities) there is an urgent need to support small local farms. In many ways we rise to meet this need: by shopping at a farmers market, joining a CSA, etc. But there’s another substantial way to support small local farms on the other end of the food cycle – by contributing our food-scraps to their compost operations. We have the power in our hands to make sure that the food-scraps from our households and businesses find their way to local farms, but the window of opportunity to keep this power may be closing.

At a recent meeting of the Ashland city council in March, Recology (who is contracted by the cities of Ashland and Talent for waste collection) announced that it is planning to implement a city wide pick-up of food-scraps. Recology presented a variety of options it is considering for how this new service will be modeled. Depending on which model is chosen, Recology stated that it could take anywhere from 6-months to 3 years for the service to take effect. This offers the people of Ashland and Talent a short period of time to sustain other options for managing the valuable resource of our region’s food-scraps. This article offers an alternative option to Recology’s, one that is already in operation and allows for greater freedom and local control of a resource that broadly benefits our community.

Recology’s Proposal

At the Ashland city council meeting in March, Recology outlined three models for their food-scrap pick-up.

  1.  Food-scraps would be collected from residents and brought to a local landfill, where the material would be used to create compost to sell commercially.
  2.  Recology would establish their own composting facility where the food-scraps would be made into compost.
  3.  The food-scraps would be transported out of our area to composting facilities outside of our region. This is what is done in the Portland metro area, where the food-scraps collected are transported to a facility near Eugene.

Recology also mentioned 2 options for how this service would be offered to their customers.

  1.  The food-scrap collection would be integrated with their current services of waste and recycling pick-up, effectively mandating that all customers participate and pay any increase in service fees.
  2.  Establish a separate subscription option for the food-scrap pick-up, so the service would not be mandated to all customers.

Community Compost

Community Compost is a local small business that has been operating in Ashland and Talent since 2011. Customers of this company receive a weekly pick-up of their kitchen food-scraps. Community Compost also provides service to commercial clients such as grocery markets and restaurants. Here are some of the important differences between Community Compost and Recology’s proposed food-scrap collection program.

  1.  Community Compost does not mandate customers to participate, with the understanding that many households and businesses utilize their food-scraps in their own back yard composting operation or donate them to local community gardens or farms.
  2.  Recology would, at best, bring the food-scraps they collect to a location to be processed into compost. That compost would be sold commercially and provide an additional profit to Recology, and/or the organization(s) they work with to develop the compost. Community Compost, on the other hand, transports and donates the food-scraps they collect directly to small local farms. In this manner, Community Compost provides a direct economic benefit to local farms, and a nutritional benefit to the soil they farm on.

Other Points to Consider

Community Compost and its local farm partners have plans to eventually sell compost products created from the food-scraps collected in the community. When this scale of production is achieved, customers will receive a yearly dividend from a percentage of the sales of these compost products. Here’s how that would work.

    • Community Compost brings local farms food-scraps.
    • Local farms process the food-scraps into compost to use on their farm.
    • Surplus compost created by local farms can be sold locally by farms. This would provide an additional economic benefit to local farms, and spread more nutrients to local soil.
    • Community Compost customers receive a percentage of the sales of these compost products back as a yearly dividend.

The Effects of a Mandate

Many households in our region already use the food-scraps from their kitchens to create compost in their own back yards. Many farmers collect food-scraps from grocery markets to feed to their live-stock; and even some local schools collect food-scraps from their cafeterias to create compost for their school gardens. Community Compost has been operating for over a decade, and there’s a reason why not every household is a customer. Households that compost their own food-scraps are performing the optimum model for managing this resource – why would we want to reduce the incentive for individuals to do that, or make them pay for a service they wouldn’t use?

It Can be Done

Food-Scraps to FarmsCommunity Compost has been growing since it’s beginning, and particularly in recent years with the establishment of local drop-sites, including one at the Tuesday Farmers Market, in Ashland. The Neighborhood Compost Project is in development, which determines a drop-site within walking distance for customers to drop-off their full bucket of food-scraps and pick-up an empty one. Picking up 5-gallon buckets of food-scraps, especially when they are consolidated at drop-site locations, is a totally manageable endeavor for Community Compost, and doesn’t require dump trucks and large containers utilized for waste collection.

Action Steps

So now’s your chance, and our chance. If you feel like this is a cause worth advocating for, here are a few steps you can take to make your voice heard and stay informed.

  1.  Contact your city councilor in Ashland or Talent and ask them to allow for adequate time to consider all options available to our community when it comes to managing the local resource of our food-scraps. If you wish to do so, ask them to ensure that Recology will not be able to mandate the collection of food-scraps city-wide.
  2.  Sign-up for Community Compost if you’re not already composting at your residence.
  3.  Subscribe to the newsletter for Community Compost. You’ll also receive emails regarding the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market, but this is the best way for you to stay up to date on this issue at the current time until a separate newsletter is created.
  4.  Share this article.

This post was written by Adam Holtey, owner of Rogue Produce and Community Compost. Feel free to reach out to Adam directly by emailing if you have questions regarding the content.


Neighborhood Compost Project

Food-Scraps to Farms

The Neighborhood Compost Project makes it easier and more affordable than ever to get the food-scraps from your kitchen to local farms. Community Compost transports the food-scraps to local farms that use the material to make compost to feed their soil. Instead of this valuable resource being dumped in the landfill, we make sure it completes the natural cycle and becomes nutrition for locally grown produce.

How it Works

The way the Neighborhood Compost Project works is simple. We provide you with a 5-gallon bucket to collect your household food-scraps. Each week, you bring the bucket to the designated drop-site in your neighborhood. There will be a clean bucket for you to pick-up when you drop off your scraps. This new model enables Community Compost to pick-up more food-scraps from fewer locations, which allows us to lower our rates to customers.

How to Join

To participate in the Neighborhood Compost Project, simply sign-up here. We will determine the ideal drop-site closest to your home, supply you with a bucket, and get you started with our service. If we don’t yet have a drop-site designated for your neighborhood, we will pick-up directly from your home each week until we do (this is part of our current promotion to build our Neighborhood model)! The monthly rate is only $14.95 ($3.45 per pick-up).

Food-Scraps Feed the Soil

When you participate in Community Compost you are providing a real and substantial benefit to local farms. Evers Ridge Farm, in Medford, is one of our newest partners. Evers Ridge is planting acres and acres of drought resistant fruit and nut trees. They just finished planting their first 500 trees! Every row of trees is being nourished from a compost mixture produced with the help of food-scraps collected from residents and local businesses. Check out this video interview (or view the video below) we created with Evers Ridge Farm to see how the process works.

Contact us today to get started in the Neighborhood Compost Project by Community Compost, and please share this post with your friends and neighbors!

Where The Food Scraps Go

It’s a Win All Around

Community Compost has been collecting residential and commercial food scraps in Southern Oregon for over 10 years. With the help of local farms we’ve come up with smart systems for returning food scraps back to the soil to grow the fruits and veggies we all enjoy. We’d like to share this video showing you where some of the food scraps go to continue their journey in the local agricultural cycle. Check out our interview with one of our new Farm Partners, Evers Ridge Farm, and meet our new friends: Thomas, Hannah, Jessica, and Gus!


Support our Partners

We are ever grateful to the residents and businesses of Southern Oregon that support the Community Compost program. Here’s a list of some of the restaurants and markets that participate in our regular food scrap collection. Not only are these partners smart with their food scraps – they also make delicious food! Visit these local businesses to support a smart system that reduces waste in our landfills and supports our local farms.

Clyde’s Corner, Phoenix

Rooted, Medford

Higher Power Raw Foods, Ashland

Market of Choice, Medford

Vida Baking Company, Ashland


Public Schools

Community Compost also collects food scraps from several local Elementary Schools: Talent, Phoenix, and Orchard Hill. Students get involved and learn about what goes in the compost bin and how the food scraps end up turning into food for the soil. The students also make some pretty awesome art on the collection bins!


Sign-Up, and Spread the Word

We’re always happy to take on new partners! You can sign-up for our residential pick-up service, or encourage a local restaurant, market, or school to sign-up for our commercial collection program.

Composting, It’s Elementary

Schools are Composting!

Students got to decorate their own bins!

Thanks to the efforts of Rogue Valley Farm to School, a compost pick-up at Talent and Phoenix Elementary Schools is on! The initial project was funded by a grant from the DEQ, and now the school district is taking it on with the help of our Community Compost program.

Students are learning the ways of composting, leaving their scraps in designated bins during lunch in the cafeteria. Rogue Produce picks up those bins on a regular basis and transports to composting operations at local farms.

An additional benefit of this program is that the schools received a small portion of finished compost to nourish their gardens! The natural benefits of this program will continue to expand, and we will keep you posted!

“Rooted,” A New Composting Partner

Delicious, healthy, veggie options at Rooted, in Medford!

We got a call recently from a small business in Medford in need of a regular food scrap pick-up. We are delighted to be acquainted with “Rooted,” a vegetarian restaurant located at 1325 Center Drive, suite 108. And, they’re happy to be a part of our composting program!

Rooted has an incredible menu of burritos, salads, wraps, bowls, paninis, organic juices, and more! Rooted is a supporter of small farms and works to purchase locally whenever possible.  

On my first visit I enjoyed the “Nourish” burrito, with brown rice, spinach, spicy tofu, red onion, pumpkin seeds, edamame, avocado, and creamy chipotle sauce! I will definitely be returning for more healthy and delicious eats!

RP Farm Collective Update

You can see your reflection in the shiny skin of the eggplant growing at the Rogue Produce Farm Collective!

Crops are starting to pop up at the Rogue Produce Farm Collective, in Talent! We’re expecting that for our delivery next week we’ll have: burpless cucumbers, Asian eggplant, globe eggplant, crookneck squash, mixed cherry tomatoes, sungold cherry tomatoes, dried fenugreek, red kale, and maybe even some heirloom tomatoes (we have some delicious varieties)!

If we harvest produce that we don’t sell, you know where it’s going – the Economy Bundle! We’ll be working on stoking this bundle with as much local produce as possible!

It’s somewhat surreal to be harvesting now after all the work we’ve put in thus far. We appreciate all of you supporting our efforts with your regular produce orders! If you’re new to Rogue Produce, place your first order and use coupon code save20 at check out to receive $20 off your order of $75 or more!

Clyde’s Corner, Compost Connection!

Clyde’s Corner, Newest Compost Partner!

Yummy woodfired pizzas!

We’ve been reaching out to local restaurants and markets to see share about our Community Compost program, and we’re happy to announce that Clyde’s Corner, in Phoenix, is our latest new customer! Here are a few words from the owners at Clyde’s Corner:

Clyde’s Corner is a woodfired pizza restaurant located at the heart of Southern Oregon in the City of Phoenix. We work with top quality companies to source the ingredients used to create our sauces, dressings, sourdough, sausage and more. Though we are known by many for our food, we also feature biodynamic and organic wines from around the world, northwest beers and hand-crafted cocktails made with fresh squeezed ingredients.

The food scraps left over from our in-house preparations such as onion peels, lettuce, herb stalks and citrus peels are not usable at the restaurant. While our employees utilize some suitable scraps for chicken feed, the majority has been going to the landfill since our opening two years ago. We were very excited when Community Compost reached out to us about joining their composting program. Our food scraps are now being brought to local farms and turned into top grade soil for their crops. Clyde’s Corner is proud to work with companies like Community Compost to be a part of a more sustainable future!

Benefits All Around

Clyde’s Corner owners, with their hands full!

It was a pleasure to meet the owners of this pizza paradise, a venue frequently enjoyed by the employees of Rogue Produce as a place to hang out with friends and family, and to enjoy great eats and drinks!

Not only is this restaurant a new member of Community Compost, but we also hope to provide this local restaurant with some of the bounty of our Farm Collective efforts.

Customers pay us to pick-up their food scraps because they care about our local farms and the smart management of our local resources. We support Clyde’s Corner by promoting their business, and (soon) by giving them great deals on local produce. We’d love it if you can show your support as well and head to their restaurant at 4495 S Pacific Hwy, in Phoenix. It’s a great environment with outdoor seating, great food, and a friendly staff.

You can also support our efforts by ordering local produce deliveries through our Online Farmers Market!