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Grants Pass Delivery! FREE Memberships!

Grants Pass Benefits!

Grants Pass gets the best of the Rogue!

Pick up your favorite local produce at Frank N Stene’s in Grants Pass. Order A La Carte from our Online Farmers Market!

Rogue Produce delivers to Grants Pass in partnership with Frank N Stene’s Growler Shop, at 950 SW 6th St, to get you the best produce from your favorite local farms and small businesses. Here are the new special benefits we offer for Grants Pass customers:

  • Free Farmers Market Memberships! That means no delivery fees, and access to our members only weekly discounts!
  • A convenient drop site where you can pick-up your orders, at your leisure, every week at Frank N Stene’s Growler Shop. Your orders stay fresh in the walk-in refrigerator until you pick-up!

How Does it Work?

Before you place an order, give us a call at 541-301-3426 and we will set you up with a FREE membership. Then, all you need to do is place your order and all delivery fees are removed and the discounts kick in automatically! Here’s how your savings break down:

  • We waive the $12 delivery fee on every order!
  • We give you our Farmers Market Membership, usually $9.99 per month, for FREE!
  • Plus, you save weekly with discounts we provide to our Farmers Market Members!

Orders need to be placed by Monday evenings at 9 pm, and we deliver to Frank N Stene’s by Friday at 1 pm. You can pick-up your order from the growler shop anytime that works for you. Frank N Stene’s has business hours through the weekend. You’ll receive a reminder email when we’re ready to take orders.

Why Participate?

Grants Pass gets the best of the Rogue!

Grants Pass delivery of the best of the Rogue!

Rogue Produce brings you the best of local produce from your favorite farms, including meats like pasture-raised chicken, beef, and pork; cheeses from local creameries; breads and pastries from local bakeries; coffees from local roasters; jams, pickles, krauts, nuts, seeds – and SO much more! We don’t deliver wine or beer, but you can pick-up your favorite local brew from Frank N Stene’s when you pick up your Rogue Produce order! Plus, Rogue Produce delivers year-round!

Get Started Today!

Remember to give us a call before your first order, at 541-301-3426, so we can set up your FREE membership and answer any questions you may have about our service. We look forward to serving you with the best of the Rogue!

The Toil for Healthy Soil

Happy Dirt Veggie Patch is a drop off point for Community Compost. We are a small 3 acre farm in Phoenix that grows a wide variety of vegetables. We maintain healthy soil with compost made on site. Your peels and pits, leftovers and less-than-their-best veggie scraps arrive at the farm in trash barrels that get dumped into big piles for processing.

The first thing we do is look through the fresh droppings for anything that doesn’t belong. Almost any naturally produced item can contribute to building healthy soil – but plastics, metal or any other questionable trash that won’t break down is picked out and put in the regular trash. Meat and dairy products can theoretically be composted, but as a practical matter we exclude them as much as possible because they attract critters that we would rather not have to contend with.

Packaging items that are labeled as “compostable” typically don’t work very well in our system, so we pick most of those out too. Thin green compostable bags work ok, but compostable cutlery and dishes, etc that are more substantial take much too long to digest in our small operation. So into the trash they go.

Another indigestible item is the plastic stickers that come on produce. We have to let these go through at this early point in the process, because trying to remove them all is impractical. We have found that it is easier to remove them from finished compost than at the beginning of the process. Still, this is the biggest contamination issue we deal with. Thousands of stickers, still sticking to their morsel of compost! It is a huge headache trying to remove them all, not to mention hours of labor. We would love it if customers could remove stickers from their produce before tossing them. An even better solution would be  for the industry to go to paper stickers. After all – the entire purpose of the sticker is to exist for a fraction of a second to speed things up at the checkout stand. After that nobody cares. So why do we make stickers that last for generations? The simplest thing with a very simple solution ends up being a blight upon the land. Paper breaks down easily in compost – plastic does not. 

One more irksome item is plastic teabags. They absolutely do not break down, and pop up in otherwise finished compost with amazing frequency. Each one requires bending over, emptying their enclosed contents, and getting it to a proper disposal receptacle. Much easier would be for everyone to use paper tea bags which easily return to the Earth.

Once we have the compost spread out on the piles, we let it sit in the sun for a day or so, weather permitting, to dry it a bit. In Winter we often cover with tarps to keep excess rain off the piles. Compost needs some moisture to work properly, but too much moisture prevents enough air from getting into the pile. While the food is drying in the air, it is very attractive to a variety of birds in the area. Throughout the day, flocks of birds come visit the compost – taking some and pooping some – stirring it up and speeding the digestion process. Some come for the ripe fruits, some for the multitude of bugs and worms.

At night, there are other critters which visit the piles, mainly skunks, raccoons, and opossums. Feral cats are also on the prowl. These animals also like to feed on rodents, so there are no rats to be found and only rare sightings of mice.

When the latest dump load has dried, we cover it with straw, leaves, dry grass clippings or other farm clippings. This introduces the “brown” component that gives microbes the balance of nutrients they need to activate the digestion process. We layer the pile with additional loads of “fresh” produce until it is big enough to start cooking on its own. 

At this point we take our trusty old tractor and turn the pile and mix all the ingredients together. Once it is all mixed, the composting process really accelerates. Within 2-3 days the temperature of the pile will soar, eventually reaching 140-150 degrees. Thermophyllic bacteria do the work of eating it all and gradually turning it into beautiful brown humus. These bacteria also eat and digest any pathogenic microbes that may happen along the way. It takes a few weeks until the temperature goes back down. We then turn the pile (which is considerably smaller by now) one more time. The pile heats up once again , but reverts to ambient temperature more quickly. After the second turning, piles are left to finish for several months. This allows the beneficial fungi and earthworms to infiltrate and leaves us with a beautiful, rich, sweet-smelling compost that is pure nutrition for our crops and essential for maintaining healthy soil.

We are very thankful for all of those who contribute their compost through Community Compost. We are also very excited to now be getting leftovers from the new Market of Choice in Medford. This will increase our supply of home-made compost significantly, which will help increase our production of local veggies! All of the compost we make is used on-site to fertilize our crops and maintain healthy soil, eliminating most of the need for expensive fertilizers from faraway places.

Thank you for your support!

The Rogue’s Best, Right To Your Door

Buy Local with Home Delivery

Order the Rogue’s best from the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market for home delivery on Friday, December 11. The order deadline is Tonight at 7 pm. Please include notes for delivery – we greatly appreciate directions on every order.

Here’s How You Get Started

  1. Register for an account  at the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market!
  2. Purchase a Farmers Market Membership to remove delivery fees on every order and receive special discounts!
  3. Go to the Online Farmers Market and start shopping your favorite local products with weekly Home Delivery!

What’s Hot This Week

We’ve stocked up with cross-rib roasts from Salant Family Ranch, and it’s our first week offering their 1 lb. packages of ground beef. This beef is grass-fed and grain-finished for the ultimate in taste and texture!

More of the Rogue’s best includes garlic cheese curds from By George Farm! Ella Bella Farm contributes their newly developed Herb Salt, and an Almond Biscotti! Get your favorite gourmet mushrooms from Louis at Mushrooms All Year, and keep your plate full of greens from Terra Sol Organics! And we’ve just added hot sauces from American Ruralcraft! Don’t forget about pies and pastries from Pennington Farms!


Get a $20 account credit when you refer a friend to Rogue Produce. The friend you refer also gets a $20 account credit after their first order! Just check out our Referral Page to get the details – it’s so easy!


Buy Local, Earn Rewards!

Buy Local And Earn $20 For Everyone You Refer!

  1. Our Double Referral Credit Bonus has been extended through Sunday, December 13! Until then, both you and the new customer you refer receive a $20 credit to spend on your favorite Local Products! You need to utilize the link on our referral page to receive the automatic referral bonus. It’s a great time to encourage your friends and neighbors to utilize our convenient service and Buy Local.
  2. The Online Farmers Market at Rogue Produce operates year-round. Order by this Sunday at 7pm and we deliver right to your door on Friday, December 4. Buy Local and stock up on great products for the Holidays:

So go for it, Buy Local and reap the rewards of supporting your community of growers and producers! Rogue Produce brings the Farmers Market right to your door every week!

In The News

Want to hear more about Rogue Produce? We were just featured on the Jefferson Exchange, click here to have a listen! You can find out more about Rogue Produce by visiting the In The News page of our website.

We wish everyone in our Valley a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Thank you for all of your efforts in supporting local businesses.

Local Products For Your Holiday: 2 Last Chances!

2 Reasons to Order Local Products Before Sunday, November 15

  1. Our Double Referral Credit Bonus ends this Sunday! Until then, both you and the new customer you refer receive a $20 credit to spend on your favorite Local Products! You need to utilize the link on our referral page to receive the automatic referral bonus.
  2. The Online Farmers Market at Rogue Produce operates year-round, but you need to order by this Sunday at 7pm to be a part of our last Home-Delivery before Thanksgiving. Here are some great Local Products you can stock up on for the Holiday:

So go for it, enjoy your favorite Local Products and reap the rewards of supporting your community of growers and producers! Rogue Produce brings the Farmers Market right to your door every week!

In The News

Want to hear more about Rogue Produce? We were just featured on the Jefferson Exchange, click here to have a listen! You can find out more about Rogue Produce by visiting the In The News page of our website.

We wish everyone in our Valley a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Thank you for all of your efforts in supporting local businesses.

$20 Referral Credit & Sign-Up Bonus!

That’s right, refer a new customer to Rogue Produce and receive a $20 credit to your account! Even better, the new shopper you encourage to order receives a $20 credit to their account as well! This offer ends Sunday, November 15, so act now and earn cash to shop local! The Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market takes orders year-round and provides home delivery of produce and food products from your favorite local farmers and producers! Word of Mouth Referrals

Encourage you friends and neighbors to purchase a Farmers Market Membership at $9.99 a month to remove delivery fees and get access to special “member only” discounts. It’s best to purchase the membership separately – before shopping at the Online Farmers Market – to make sure the membership activates discounts and removes the $12 delivery fee.

We currently have a 20% member discount running on Roasts from Salant Family Ranch, and a 10% discount on grass-fed and finished steaks from Dauenhauer Cattle!

Save now on fresh local food delivery all year long!

Beef Done Right and Local

Rogue Local Grass Fed and Finished Beef

Dauenhauer Cattle, LLC. was founded in 2014. However, the Dauenhauer name has been running cattle locally for over 40 years. Most of those 40 years have been right here in the Rouge Valley, on the outskirts of Ashland. In 2009 Zack Dauenhauer, the grandson of the late and great JG Dauenhauer, decided he wanted to keep the family legacy alive and continued buying black angus cattle as his grandfather did. 5 years later, with the partnership of his parents, the family brand was brought back into business.

With the involvement of pasture management classes, Dauenhauer decided to emphasize rotational grazing in their ranching. Over the last few years Dauenhauer Cattle, LLC. has been striving to produce the best grass fed and finished beef product in the Rogue Valley. As a “true” grass fed and finished producer, their animals intake nothing but forage from birth to butcher, no growth hormones and no antibiotics. Only the best grass on God’s green earth.

At Rogue Produce we’ve had the chance to sample the full variety of cuts of Dauenhauer beef. We’ve found that even the top sirloin is extremely tender even when well-done. It doesn’t matter what cut you purchase, you’ll find unbeatable texture and flavor in this incredible local product. We currently have steaks of ribeye, tenderloin, New York, top sirloin, skirt, and flatiron; as well as tri-tip roasts, brisket, and ground beef. Get some of this fine beef while it lasts by placing an order now. Order by Sunday at 7 pm for a home delivery on Friday, October 23.

Raw Milk Resources

Yvette Bedrossian, RN, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)®

Nutrition Contributor

We have a new contributor to Rogue Produce! Yvette Bedrossian is a registered nurse and licensed acupuncturist at Community Acupuncture and Natural Health, in Ashland. In this post we share Yvette’s recommendation for raw milk and it’s nutritional benefits. We also provide you with contact information for White Oak Ranch, in Eagle Point, where you can sign-up to be a part of their raw milk program here in the Rogue Valley!

Health Benefits and Preparation Tips

Over the years I have seen so many patients whose bodies cannot tolerate conventional dairy. Over half of those patients however thrive when they try milk, yogurt, cheese, etc, that has *not* been homogenized or pasteurized. Processed milk, no matter how organic, no longer contains the live enzymes that our bodies need in order to digest its nutrients. This is why I have been ordering my dairy products from trusted raw milk farmers for the past 12 years. My favorite thing about it is that it does not putrefy! In fact, the taste becomes even sweeter after sitting out a little while (tastes like liquid ice cream to me) before it eventually starts to clobber into Kurds and whey. At that point I like to separate the solid and liquid components and make a nice cream cheese with the former, and a fermented salsa with the later. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cow milk is considered to have slightly cooling qualities. It moistens dryness and is considered a tonic for the heart, lung, spleen and stomach. When I have patients who are concerned about raw dairy contributing to any kind of dampness or phlegm in their system, I recommend that they add a drying herb such as cinnamon to their milk or yogurt to balance out this effect.

White Oak Ranch Logo SignWhere to Get Raw Milk

Rogue Produce has been providing home delivery of the incredible pork and beef products from White Oak for several years. However, we are not allowed to deliver their raw milk – it is only available from Devon at White Oak Ranch, directly. She has several drop sites where you can pick up raw milk on a weekly basis. For more information, email Devon at

Rogue Produce Cooks

Hey Southern Oregon, we’d like to introduce you to our new contest program, “Rogue Produce Cooks.” This is a chance for you to share the amazing recipes you’ve been creating with the fabulous locally grown and produced food items from Rogue Produce. You receive account credit for every recipe you post to your social media, and you have the chance of winning prizes every month when we select our recipe contest winners!

Recipe Submissions

Post your recipes on your social media and tag us on Facebook using @roguelocal, or on Instagram using @rogueproduce

Suggested hashtags are #rogueproduce #localtolocal #rogueproducecooks

Every recipe needs to include detailed instructions and at least 1 photo (videos are also welcome) of each of the following:

  1. Ingredient photo (lovely produce from your RP delivery)
  2. Process photo (cooking, slicing, etc)
  3. Plated photo (recipe in it’s completion)
  4. Any other great photo ideas you have are welcome!

Recipes should be based on the contents of one of our weekly bundles (currently the Veggie or Omnivore). You are welcome to include additional ingredients as well. Here are some additional criteria to help guide you through Rogue Produce Cooks:

  1. Recipes must be posted within 10 days of receiving your Veggie or Omnivore Bundle.
  2. The recipe must contain at least 3 items from the bundle you select, and the more ingredients it includes the greater the chance you have of being selected a Winner!
  3. By entering the Rogue Produce Cooks contest you allow Rogue Produce to share all of the contents of your submission (photos, recipes, etc) through our social media platforms, emails, website, etc.

Incentives and Prizes

  1. First of all – it’s a lot of fun!
  2. You receive a $10 credit to your account every time you submit a new recipe (limit 2 recipes per month per household).
  3. We pick a Winner every month to receive the Grand Prize of a FREE Veggie or Omnivore Bundle!
  4. Based on the number of entries every month, we give prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place contestants too!

Head over to our Online Farmers Market to purchase a Veggie or Omnivore Bundle and start crafting your recipe today!

Proud to be Rogue!

Are you passionate about any of the following?

  • Supporting local farms and small businesses
  • Enjoying the freshest and most delicious food products available
  • Saving time and money with home grocery delivery
  • Reducing waste in your local landfill
  • Keeping the dollars you spend local
  • Helping those in need within your community receive nutritious, fresh, and locally grown produce

If any of these are important to you, take a minute to read on and see how Rogue Produce assists you in meeting these objectives in the most convenient and enjoyable ways imaginable!

Supporting Local Farms and Small Businesses

It may just blow your mind when you see the huge list of local farmers and producers we work with. Our emphasis lies always on supporting the inner-circle of vendors in the immediate vicinity of Jackson and Josephine Counties; but we do branch out by purchasing from farms throughout Oregon and the Northwest, and by procuring items that can’t be sourced locally through a reputable distributor, Organically Grown Company.

Home Delivery

We’ve been mastering the logistics of home delivery since we began our enterprise in 2013. We currently deliver to your door every Friday in Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Jacksonville, Eagle Point, and White City – as well as some locations in Rogue River and Grants Pass.

Reducing Waste in the Local Landfill

Our Community Compost service not only diverts waste from the landfill, it’s also hugely beneficial to local farms. Instead of having your food scraps sent to the dump, we pick them up and donate them to local farms to be composted and returned to the local soil as a valuable supplement for growing a portion of the produce you purchase through our Online Farmers Market! When you read about how are compost program works and the customer coupon book component your mind will be blown again – it’s all about supporting local and smart resource management!

Giving Local

One of our most recent developments at Rogue Produce is a program that gives you the means of supporting those in need within our community with the purchase of fresh organic produce – with an emphasis on produce grown on the fields of our local farms. Rogue Produce has partnered with the Rogue Valley Food System Network to turn donations into boxes of fresh local food, delivered through the Maslow Project (be sure to select “Rogue Produce Box” so your donations go where you want them).

You can also donate bundles of fresh produce for those preparing dishes for the Ashland Community Peace Meal. When you donate, you help those in our community and support local farms in the process!

These two donation opportunities are a reflection of some good that has come of recent events: in late March of this year several passionate Rogue Produce customers recognized the importance of delivering fresh local produce to individuals and families in need; and these customers stepped up to provide assistance at every level to create these collaborative programs – thank you to everyone who continues to be actively involved in this process!

Sign-Up with Rogue

The fun begins when you register for an account. That gets you subscribed to our mailing list so you receive a weekly notification informing you that we’re ready to take orders for our next Friday delivery. After you register you can sign-up as a member to remove the $12 delivery fee that is usually included with every order. Membership is only $9.99 a month, or $99 for a year! Membership also gets you a discount on our Community Compost service. After you register and sign-up as a member you can order any time from our Online Farmers Market with no delivery or processing fees!

We promise our services will make you Proud to be Rogue! Give us a call if you have any questions, at 541-301-3426; or email us at