Ready for orders! Awesome sales!

We’re ready for orders at the Online Farmers Market at Rogue Produce. We have some awesome sales this week too! In addition to the 3 Rogue CSA Shares, we have a host of local produce and food items to choose from. Here’s a preview of the Veggie, Omnivore and Whole Kitchen CSA Shares:

Veggie Share

Radishes from Matt at Happy Dirt!

You can still get a taste of Summer in the frozen cherries from Valley View Orchard, in Ashland. On the fruit side, this share also includes Fuji apples and Medjool dates. Veggies include French Breakfast Radishes from Matt Suhr at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, large leaf spinach from Wandering Roots Farm, Klamath basin fingerling potatoes, carrots and avocado! We also include a jar of perhaps the most famous item from Pickled Planet, Love Kraut.

Sheep in pasture at Rock Field Farm, Central Point.

Omnivore Share

This is our favorite pick this week! Kreg and Angela at Rock Field Farm in Central Point have prepared a Middle Eastern spiced ground lamb that is perfect for meatballs. They’ll provide a recipe for the meatballs, a yogurt sauce and a mint/cabbage slaw. We’ve included spearmint and cabbage in the Omnivore Share, as well as Romaine lettuce, cucumber, red onion, spinach, carrots, and a block of raw goat feta cheese from Oak Leaf Creamery!

Whole Kitchen Share

Best Breakfast Sausage Ever!

Gotta love this one too! The Whole Kitchen features the Rogue Produce favorite breakfast sausage links from Riverdog Farm, along with a loaf of Rogue Valley Sourdough from Rise Up Bakery in the Applegate Valley. The bread is prepared with wheat grown at Dunbar Farm in Medford! The share also includes the super flavorful Rogue’s Mary Cheddar Cheese from Rogue Creamery in Central Point, carrots and Fuji Apples. And, from Klamath Falls, we bring you a dozen free range eggs and a medley of fingerling potatoes!

Special Sales

You can’t miss the sales we have this week! All of our favorite beef jerky selections from Dauenhauer Cattle, in Ashland, have their prices reduced, including the landjeager, teriyaki strips, pepper strips and the salami rounds! And for your Spring cleanse, we have superfoods on sale from Bright Earth Foods, in Ashland. You will never see prices this low for organic virgin coconut oil ($12.95 for a quart jar); a 1 lb. bag of Raw Green Smoothie Mix for only $24.95; and a 1 lb. bag of Superfood Smoothie Mix for only $24.95. Get these items while they last!

Fresh Incentives

One more reason to sign-up this week for new customers. Check out these promotions:

  • Purchase 2 Rogue CSA Shares and receive $10 of credit to spend at our Online Farmers Market;
  • or 6 Rogue CSA Shares and receive $25 of credit to spend at our Online Farmers Market!
  • Sign-up and deposit $345 into a spending account and receive 1 Rogue CSA Share for FREE (a $55 value);
  • or deposit $500 into a spending account and receive 2 Rogue CSA Shares for FREE (a $105 value)!

Make your orders online! Receive your orders at your door!

Set your course straight as you head into Spring, and join up with Rogue Produce to enjoy the best of what’s local all year long! Order from your computer and get your local produce delivered right to your door!

Spring CSA Sale: Fresh Incentives!

Spring is on it’s way and the Rogue Valley is gearing up for another amazing season of local produce and food selections! Rogue Produce has some fresh incentives lined-up for new customers at our Online Farmers Market and new members of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program! Now is the time to join!

Fresh Incentives

Sign-up with Rogue Produce between now and April 1st to take advantage of these incredible offers:

  • Purchase 2 Rogue CSA Shares and receive $10 of credit to spend at our Online Farmers Market;
  • or 6 Rogue CSA Shares and receive $25 of credit to spend at our Online Farmers Market!
  • Sign-up and deposit $345 into a spending account and receive 1 Rogue CSA Share for FREE (a $55 value);
  • or deposit $500 into a spending account and receive 2 Rogue CSA Shares for FREE (a $105 value)!

Why Rogue Produce and the Rogue CSA?

Here are the top 6 reasons to pick the Rogue CSA with Rogue Produce, and shop at our Online Farmers Market:

  1. Home Delivery – That’s right, there’s no drop site to pick up from – we come straight to your door with fresh produce every other Friday. We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass (and Merlin, actually); and from Jacksonville to Shady Cove, and everywhere in between!
  2. Highest Quality – We work with any and all farmers in our region, so we’ve come to know where to find the best quality produce all year-round. We ensure that all of the farms we work with use organic methods, and DO NOT use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  3. No Commitments – Going out of town for a vacation? No worries, you’re never obliged to order and you can skip a delivery anytime you’d like for any reason, with no penalties!
  4. Not Just Fruits and Veggies – In addition, we’ve got grass fed and finished beef, lamb and pork; cow and goat cheeses; fresh baked breads and baguettes; free-range eggs; jams and preserves; olive oils and vinegars; pickled items; salsas; nuts and seeds; super food products; and so much more!
  5. Deliveries All Year – We keep delivering all year-round, and we supplement our list during the off season by purchasing from certified organic farms outside of our region. By expanding our reach, we’ve found some amazing products that you can’t get anywhere else locally!
  6. Variety – Every delivery you get 3 different CSA Shares to choose from (in addition to all of the other items on the full list at our Online Farmers Market). We currently have 3 types of CSA Shares:  The Veggie, Omnivore, and Whole Kitchen – and we plan on expanding this selection soon!

Incredible Local Partners

At Rogue Produce we work with any and all the farms you’ve come to love in Southern Oregon, including Wandering Roots Farm, Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, Whistling Duck, Wandering Fields, Blue Fox Farm, Rock Field Farm, Dunbar Farm, Pennington Farm, Higher Power Raw Foods, By George Creamery, Rogue Creamery, Oak Leaf Creamery, La Baguette, Rise Up Bakery, Organicos Bakery, Dauenhauer Cattle, White Oak Ranch, Pickled Planet, American Ruralcraft, Bright Earth Foods, Valley View Orchard, and SO many more!

If you want to experience the best of what’s local and support small farms that practice sustainable agriculture in Southern Oregon, sign-up with Rogue Produce before the Spring Equinox to cash in on our fresh incentives!

Local Fare, Get Your Share!

Get your local spinach from Wandering Roots Farm!

A full exhibit of local fare is on display at the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market this week! Choose one of our CSA Shares for home delivery next Friday, or make your selection from any of the delicious items you see on our entire list. Here’s a preview of what we’re preparing for our next delivery…

The Veggie Share

brie cheese

Yummy brie cheese from By George Farm!

Wandering Roots, in Gold Hill, has fresh large leaf spinach, cilantro and lettuce mix for next week, and they form the center of local fare in the Veggie Share. The Share also has avocado, Japanese sweet potatoes and tangerines; and some savory items to enjoy including a fresh baguette from La Baguette, Buncom brie cheese from By George Farm, and the amazing organic apricot fruit spread from Sweet Creek Foods (it’s their best-seller).

The Omnivore Share

The Omnivore Share gives you all the tools to make the best tuna fish sandwich (or salad), ever! The Share contains Albacore tuna caught off the Oregon coast and prepared by Sweet Creek Foods, along with your choice of organic sweet or dill pickle relish, also from Sweet Creek. We include a stalk of celery, a head of red leaf lettuce, avocado, red onion, fresh cilantro, and of course – a loaf of Little Applegate Sourdough Bread from Rise Up Bakery! For a delicious snack on the side, we’ve included the peppered beef jerky from Dauenhauer Cattle, in Ashland.

The Whole Kitchen Share

Fresh baked breads from Rise Up Bakery!

The Whole Kitchen Share has fixings for a great burger, with ground beef from Dauenhauer Cattle, a loaf of Focaccia bread from Rise Up Bakery, red onion and a block of TouVelle cheddar cheese from Rogue Creamery. The other contents of the Whole Kitchen would go together well for a Mexican breakfast dish, perhaps, with fresh corn tortillas, eggs, fresh cilantro and your choice of organic mild or medium salsa from Sweet Creek Foods.

Market Specials

Place an order of $100 and receive a FREE bag of coffee!

We’re running a special this week to promote the incredible blends of coffee from Noble Coffee Roasting that we love the most at Rogue Produce. For anyone who places an order of $100 or more, we’ll throw in a bag of either the Daydream or World Tour Blends (both great drip coffees, on the darker side)! Just indicate which one you’d like in the special instructions section of the order form.

Now that the weather should be moving toward the warmer side, it’s a great time to stock up on the smoothie mixes we have on sale from Bright Earth Foods, including the Raw Green and the Superfood Smoothie mixes. We also have the 1 quart size jars of coconut oil from Bright Earth on sale for only $15.95!
If you’d like a delivery next Friday, March 8th, please submit the online form by Monday evening at 5:00pm. We deliver orders right to your home! We currently serve from Ashland to Grants Pass, Jacksonville to Shady Cove, and everywhere in between! Sign-up for service today!
Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners!

Choose Your CSA Share: Veggie, Pizza or Mexican!

We have a CSA Share for you this week, for sure! We’ve organized your favorite products from local farms and small businesses into 3 delightfully themed selections for home delivery next Friday, February 22nd. Sign-up with Rogue Produce and get busy making tasty meals with these amazing local ingredients!

The Veggie Share

Get your local spinach from Wandering Roots Farm!

We’ve got spinach this week coming in for the first time this year from Wandering Roots Farm, and the hearty salad mix (kale, chard, arugula and mustard greens) returns from Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch. The Veggie CSA Share includes raw sprouted pecans from Maria at Higher Power Raw Foods; a cut of TouVelle Cheddar from Rogue Creamery; a fresh baguette from La Baguette; and we top it off with organic tangerines, Fuji apples, carrots and a couple pounds of red potatoes. Remember that you can substitute additional veggies (you can let us know your preference in the “special instructions” section at the bottom of the order form) for the bread and/or the cheese in the Veggie Share!

The Omnivore Share

Organic pizza dough from Bread Stop Bakery. Choose either original or rosemary!

We are now the exclusive provider in Southern Oregon of the amazing fresh and organic pizza dough from The Bread Stop, in Eugene. They’ve discontinued their deliveries to our area, but we have a special connection that makes the trip north from time to time to stock up! You can choose from the original or the rosemary (use the “special instructions” box to let us know which). We’re also acquiring an amazing tomato sauce – perfect for pizza – from Sweet Creek Foods, also located in the Eugene area. Sweet Creek uses only organic and northwest grown tomatoes for all of their sauces! And to top it off (no pun intended), you can choose from the mild or spicy Italian sausage from Riverdog Farm; you cannot find a tastier sausage for any Italian dish!

Mild or spicy Italian sausage links – you pick!

We’ve thrown in a couple of other possible pizza toppings into the Omnivore CSA Share:  crimini mushrooms, red onion, and some of the spinach from Wandering Roots. To round out the share we include a delicious lettuce mix, also from Wandering Roots, as well as some beautiful gold potatoes and Fuji apples.

The Whole Kitchen Share

This CSA Share is for Mexican night! We’ve got the favorite fresh corn tortillas from Jennifer at Windborne Farm, chorizo sausage from Devon at White Oak Ranch, and a new enchilada sauce from Sweet Creek Foods (you can choose from mild red or green)! We include other items to round out an enchilada meal or to make a great breakfast:  a loaf of Little Applegate sourdough from Rise Up! Bakery, red onion, a medley of red and gold potatoes, spinach from Wandering Roots Farm, and a dozen eggs (with a couple of duck eggs mixed in with every dozen) from Harris Family Farm in Central Point. Yummy!

Additional News

Working with Maria at Higher Power has inspired us to add some of her additional products to our list. This week we’ve included her raw bee pollen, and 1 lb. bags of raw granola. We’ve also added Albecore Tuna from Sweet Creek Foods!
If you’d like to place an order for delivery next Friday, February 22nd, please submit the online form by Monday afternoon at 5:00pm. Have a look at all of our service options and sign-up today. Support your favorite local farms and food artisans and enjoy the best of what’s local!

Buncom & Baguettes: Local Favorites!

Happy February Local Produce Enthusiasts!

brie cheese

Yummy brie cheese from By George Farm!

Buncom in Bloom, a delicious brie cheese from By George Farm, in Jacksonville; and fresh baguettes from La Baguette Bakery, in Ashland, are back on the list at the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market!  These two items are included in the “Whole Kitchen” CSA Share, and we’ve got 2 other unique CSA Shares with varied assortments of local fare ready to order for home delivery.

The Whole Kitchen Share

The Whole Kitchen Share has ground beef and smoked peppered jerky from Dauenhauer Cattle, in Ashland, Buncom in Bloom from By George Farm, red D’Anjou pears, Romaine lettuce, red onion, Crimini mushrooms, eggs, and a fresh baguette! We purchased a fresh baguette from La Baguette at the Ashland Food Co-Op last week and we just had to add them to our list.

The Veggie Share

The Veggie Share this week is inspired by the yellow corn polenta from David at Dunbar Farm, in Medford. It seems that by this time in the Winter we always start to crave it, and it’s delicious when you add fresh rosemary (also supplied by Dunbar Farm) to it while it’s cooking! The Veggie also has red onion, crimini mushrooms, and some delicious arugula from Matt Suhr at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch. We’re also very excited to try the raw sprouted almonds from Maria at Higher Power Raw Foods; a friend of ours recently recommended having them in oatmeal – a super nutritious breakfast idea! We also include the Onion Crackers from Maria, and a delicious bag of cheese curds from By George Farm!

The Omnivore Share

Red onions coming this week!

We’re rocking the the Omnivore Share this week with more lamb from Rock Field Farm, in Central Point. This week it’s a leg of lamb (boneless), and we’ll include recipes from Angela (owner at Rock Field Farm) for you once again. Here’s a link to Angela’s blog where you can find delicious recipes for leg of lamb and other lamb meat cuts that are available to order at our Online Farmers Market. We’re going for a Mediterranean theme by adding Romaine lettuce, red onion, crimini mushrooms, raw goat feta from Dave at Oak Leaf Creamery, and red D’Anjou pears!

Other items to note this week are the sale prices on several Bright Earth Foods products, including the Raw Green Smoothie Mix ($29.99) and the 1 quart jar of Coconut Oil ($15.95). You can’t find these local products at this price anywhere else – and we deliver them right to your home or business!
We’ve heard through the grapevine (which there are plenty of around here) that there will be spinach popping up at one of our favorite local farms for our next home delivery! Make sure to sign-up for deliveries from Rogue Produce so you can take part in receiving all of your favorite local fare!
If you’d like a home delivery next Friday, February 8th, please submit the online form by Monday at 5:00pm.
Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners!

Rogue Fare: Online Orders, Home Delivery!

We’ve got another great variety of Rogue CSA Shares for you, and several new delicious local items on our greater list. You can view all of our selections and place an order for home delivery at our Online Farmers Market. Since all of the Shares contain a cheese product this week, we will be happy to sub fruits or veggies for the cheese in the Veggie Share if you request it!

The Veggie Share

Our Veggie Share this week features a new item from Maria at Higher Power Raw Foods. This lady is amazing! The new item in the Veggie Share is Maria’s “Beet It Crackers,” made with organic beets, carrots, celery and spices; these are a number one seller for Maria at market. We’ve also added her Onion Crackers and Sprouted Almonds to the list. A favorite cheese of ours, the, “Herbs De Provence Chevre,” is one of Dave’s best from Oak Leaf Creamery. Dave’s cheeses are all made from raw goat cheese, and this one is super fluffy and great for dipping or spreading. Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch is represented with some lovely bunches of Arugula; Kristina and Kyle at Terra Sol with their nutritious and delicious pea shoots; and Jeff and Anna at Wandering Roots Farm with topped carrots. The rest of the Veggie Share is rounded out with organic Minneola Tangelos, Honeycrisp Apples, Celery and Broccolini.

The Omnivore Share

Sheep in pasture

Sheep in pasture at Rock Field Farm, Central Point.

I have to say that I am most proud of the Omnivore Share this week because of all the help I’ve received from Angela at Rock Field Farm; she provides our amazing lamb cuts. Angela is offering 3 different recipes for lamb stew that we’ll be including in the Share this week, and we’ve stocked the Share with as many ingredients necessary for the recipe as possible. The Share includes Angela’s lamb stew meat, russet potatoes, Wandering Roots carrots, celery, jumbo yellow onion, garlic and fresh thyme from David at Dunbar Farm. The Omnivore also includes the Herbs De Provence Goat Chevre, plus a Hearty Salad Mix from Matt at Happy Dirt and organic Minneola Tangelos!


Rustic Levain, Rise Up! Bakery, Applegate Valley.

The Whole Kitchen Share

The Whole Share Kitchen is also a special one (you might want to order all 3 shares this week : )! Enjoy a loaf of Rustic Levain from Rise Up! Bakery, a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm, Landjeager from Dauenhauer Cattle, Raw Goat Feta from Oak Leaf Creamery, Lettuce Mix from Wandering Roots, and your choice of Olive Oil from Pasture 42 (just let us know in the notes at the bottom of the form if you want the Arbequina, Garlic or Lemon).
We still have the powdered teas from Uber Herbal on sale, the coconut oil from Bright Earth Foods on super sale, as well as the frozen peaches and cherries from Valley View Orchard.
If you’d like to place an order this week, please submit the online form by Monday evening at 5:00pm. We will be at your door on Friday, January 25th with your order!
Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our amazing local partners. Go Rogue!

CSA Shares and Local Food Sales!

Rogue CSA Shares

Produce Delivery

Home Delivery with The Rogue CSA!

We had a lot of fun putting together the 3 unique Rogue CSA Shares this week, trying to get the local food items in each one to inspire some simple and delicious recipes. The Veggie Share has the amazing raw and sprouted walnuts from Maria at Higher Power Raw Foods, which would go great in a salad with the red leaf lettuce, red bartlett pears, and organic blue cheese from the Rogue Creamery. We’ve also included Medjool dates in the share for the first time, as well as Crimini mushrooms, Klamath basin fingerling potatoes and carrots from Wandering Roots Farm.

The Omnivore Share has Chorizo sausage links from White Oak Ranch, one or our favorite meat selections, along with the delicious fresh corn tortillas from Jennifer at Windborne Farm, lettuce mix and cilantro from Wandering Roots, red onion, gold potatoes, Jefferson Cheddar Cheese from Rogue Creamery, and Honeyboat delicata squash, also from Wandering Roots Farm.
The Whole Kitchen Share has 3 great items for snacking:  the smoked teriyaki strips from Dauenhauer Cattle, Manzanita Jack Cheese from Oak Leaf Creamery and red bartlett pears. The rest is for a scrumptious breakfast:  breakfast sausage from Riverdog Farm, red onions, gold potatoes and a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm.

Local Food Sales!

We’ve made some drastic price cuts to some other items on our list that you should check out! Our coconut oil from Bright Earth Foods is only $15.95 (regularly $22.50) a jar; and all of the powdered teas from Uber Herbal are only $12.95 (regularly $18.95). The frozen peaches and sweet cherries from Valley View Orchard are also on sale for only $4.99 for a 1 lb. bag, and they’re usually $6.49.
We’re continuing to build our relationship with Uproot Meats in Ashland, and they’re working out some incentives for Rogue Produce customers to sign-up for their chicken and pork deliveries. You can call Krista, at 408-504-9869, if you’re interested in receiving meats from Uproots along with your Rogue Produce deliveries!
Pennington Farms is taking orders again this week, so you can order their amazing pies and turnovers for our delivery on Friday the 11th. Also be sure to check out the new lamb options from Rock Field Farm, which include stew meat and ground lamb.
If you’d like to receive a delivery next Friday, January 11th, please fill out our order form by 10:00am on Tuesday. We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass, and Jacksonville to Shady Cove!
Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners. We’re looking forward to sharing a bountiful 2019 with all of you!

Rogue Produce: Year in Review

As 2018 comes to a close, Rogue Produce and Community Compost would like to share a couple of the highlights of the last year, and offer a look ahead to 2019!

New Farmers on the Scene

Available for delivery this week!

We’ve started working a few new producers, including Bee Girl Honey, Chai Kitchen, and most recently, Victory Garden. For our delivery this Friday, December 14th, we’ve got a special late Autumn treat of Romaine, red leaf and green butter lettuce from Victory Garden, as well as bok choy and baby bok choy! Victory Garden has recently begun operations in the upper Rogue Valley. In addition to fresh produce, they have amazing free-range turkey available for the holidays! Click here to place an online order for home delivery.

No Processing & No Shipping & Handling

One of the latest developments we’ve introduced is the elimination of fees from custom orders at our Online Farmers Market. You can take advantage of this new opportunity – simply select one of the 3 “Rogue CSA” options:  The Veggie Share, The Omnivore Share or The Whole Kitchen Share – and you can select any of the other produce items from our entire list with no processing or shipping and handling fees! That means you get to shop the best of what’s local from your regional small farms and food producers and receive FREE home delivery!

Chicken is on the Menu

Rogue Produce is Now a Partner with Uproot Meats!

We’ve been providing an outstanding selection of local beef, pork and lamb for quite sometime now, and we are now collaborating with Uproot Meats to get whole, free-range chicken delivered right to your door along with the items you order from Rogue Produce. You can contact Krista at Uproot Meats (408-504-9869), or give us

a call at Rogue Produce (541-301-3426) for more information.

Community Compost Customer Coupon Book

Not only have we expanded our residential food-scrap pick-up service to include

Appreciation to Compost Customers!

Phoenix and Medford, we now offer every customer an annual coupon book full of discounts to your favorite local businesses, including Bloomsbury Books, Brothers Restaurant, The Northwest Nature Shop and more! These businesses want to support those in our community who are working to reduce waste from our landfills and support our local farmers with the resources they can use. If you’d like to find out more about our weekly kitchen-scrap pick-up service, visit our Community Compost webpage.

Gift Cards

In looking ahead to Christmas and the New Year, what better way is there to support our local farmers than by purchasing a gift for your friends or family living in Southern Oregon. Remember, Rogue Produce delivers all the way from Ashland to Grants Pass!


Thank you once again for supporting Rogue Produce and all of the local farms and producers we partner with. It has been our mission since we started in 2013 to support local growers and artisans, and make shopping local as fun, convenient, nutritious and delicious as possible!


Happy Holidays from Rogue Produce and all our local partners!


Rogue Winter CSA: 6 Favorite Features

Free Home Delivery

Free Home Delivery with The Rogue CSA!

There’s no drop-spot for the Rogue Winter CSA; we deliver for free right to your door, all year long! We serve Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Medford,Central Point, Eagle Point, Shady Cove, Rogue River and Grants Pass. The Rogue Winter CSA begins November 16th!


We are in regular communication with your favorite local farmers and producers so we can supply the very best of what’s local, including fruits, veggies, breads, cheese, meats, and so much more. Additionally, we source from numerous certified organic farms outside of our region to make sure we have a wide selection of delicious quality produce all year round.

Online Custom Ordering

Make your orders online!

Above and beyond what goes out in our CSA Share, you have the ability to choose any other items from the entire list at our Online Farmers Market. You can get the best of both worlds (receiving a CSA Share, and making custom orders) when you sign-up for an Individual Account.

No Big Commitments

You don’t need to sign-up for a whole season – just order whenever you want to receive a delivery of amazing local produce. You can skip a delivery anytime!

Exclusive Products

We shop for the best products locally and regionally, like the amazing sausages from Riverdog Farm in the Guinda Valley of Northern California. You won’t find a tastier Italian sausage anywhere! From the same fertile valley, we purchase the fine olive oils of Pasture 42 – you’ve got to try their garlic infused variety. We also purchase from some local farms that don’t sell anywhere else!

Great Gift Idea

What better gift can you give? Rogue Produce is the perfect option for your friends and family who love eating local and organic! Check out our convenient gift options. Have fun supporting local!


Online Farmers Market: Local & Organic!

Online Farmers Market, Rogue Produce

Shop local and organic produce year-round with Rogue Produce, and have your orders delivered directly to your home! We choose the highest quality products from local growers and producers, and supplement with organic items from outside our region to ensure a wide selection of your favorite foods are always available. Our variety of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Shares arrive to your door with no delivery or processing fees, and when you sign-up for regular deliveries we eliminate the processing fees for custom orders through our Online Farmers Market! We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass, and Jacksonville to Shady Cove; and everywhere in between.

Take Full Advantage

The way to take full advantage of Rogue Produce is by signing up for regular CSA Share deliveries. Here are the highlights you’ll want to remember about our unique CSA program:

  • Every week you have at least 3 different CSA Shares to choose from:  The Fruit & Veggie Share; the Omnivore Share; and the Whole Kitchen Share. That’s right, you can preview the 3 shares (described in more detail below), and choose which one you want every week (that means you get to choose, every week, which kind of share you want)!
  • We deliver every other Friday from November 16th, 2018, through the end of May, 2019.
  • You can skip a delivery any time you want with no penalty, and you can sign-up for as little as 2 deliveries. In other words, there are no big commitments, and we’re totally flexible!
  • Perhaps best of all, when you sign-up for CSA Shares, you can supplement your delivery with any additional items you’d like to order from our Online Farmers Market, with no processing fees!

CSA Descriptions

  • The Fruit & Veggie Share will consist entirely of vegetarian items, including a predominance of fresh fruits and veggies; and an occasional item such as a block of cheese from Rogue Creamery, fresh made tortillas from Windborne Farm, Olive Oil from Pasture 42, and others. This bag can be further customized to include only veggies and fruits if so desired.
  • The Omnivore’s Share is also dominated by fresh fruits and veggies, but will include one of the following: Chorizo pork sausage from White Oak Ranch; breakfast or Italian sausage from Riverdog Farm; grass fed ground beef, beef jerky, or steak from Dauenhauer Cattle; or lamb cuts from Rock Field Farm. Much of the selection of meats we offer are difficult to find anywhere else, and we choose only the best tasting, highest quality products!
  • The Whole-Kitchen Share will include a loaf of bread from Rise Up! Bakery; a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm; a meat selection from

    Mild and spicy Italian, breakfast sausage, and more!

    a local producer (see above); a cheese selection from either Rogue Creamery, By George Farm, or Oak Leaf Creamery; and will be rounded out with a complimentary selection of fresh fruits and veggies.

The Online Farmers Market Option

If for any reason you don’t prefer the CSA Share option, you can always shop our Online Farmers Market and order whatever items you’d like. With this option you incur a processing fee of $10 for each order. Our online market includes eggs, meats, cheeses, olive oils and vinegars, breads, and much more!

Gifts for the Holidays

What better idea for your friends and family who live in Southern Oregon and support local and sustainable agriculture – purchase them a gift of Rogue Produce! Gifts are great any time of year, especially since we deliver our CSA year-round!