Winter CSA Shares, Multiple Choice!

Rogue Produce Winter CSA Shares

Sign-up for CSA Share deliveries, and order additional items from our Online Farmers Market with no processing fees!

Friday, November 16th (the week before Thanksgiving), marks the first delivery of the Rogue Produce Winter CSA, and we continue delivering the Winter Shares every other Friday until the end of May, 2019 (we deliver directly to your home or business). The Winter Shares contain approximately $50 in fresh produce; and this year we’ve created 3 types of CSA Shares, to meet the needs of every unique household!  We pick the highest quality produce from farms in Southern Oregon, and supplement the shares with organic produce from additional farms in the Northwest. Not only do we have new selections of CSA Shares – now any customer who signs up for one can order additional items from our Online Farmers Market, with no processing or delivery fee!

Here are brief descriptions of the 3 different kinds of CSA Shares you can choose from each week we deliver:

  • The Fruit & Veggie Share will consist entirely of vegetarian items, including a predominance of fresh fruits and veggies; and an occasional item such as a block of cheese from Rogue Creamery, fresh made tortillas from Windborne Farm, Olive Oil from Pasture 42, and others. This bag can be further customized to include only veggies and fruits if so desired.
  • The Omnivore’s Share is also dominated by fresh fruits and veggies, but will include one of the following: Chorizo pork sausage from White Oak Ranch; breakfast or Italian sausage from Riverdog Farm; grass fed ground beef, beef jerky, or steak from Dauenhauer Cattle; or lamb cuts from Rock Field Farm. Much of the selection of meats we offer are difficult to find anywhere else, and we choose only the best tasting, highest quality products!
  • The Whole-Kitchen Share will include a loaf of bread from Rise Up! Bakery; a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm; a meat selection from a local producer (see above); a cheese selection from either Rogue Creamery, By George Farm, or Oak Leaf Creamery; and will be rounded out with a complimentary selection of fresh fruits and veggies.

Online Farmers Market

Huge selection of your favorites!

When you sign-up for our CSA Shares, you now have the ability to choose additional items from the entire selection at our Online Farmers Market, with no processing or delivery fees! Additional items include pastries, nuts and seeds, super foods, smoothie mixes, frozen fruits, olive oils and vinegars, and so much more!


If you sign-up for 6 Winter CSA Shares before November 1st, we’ll include a $10 credit to our Online Farmer’s Market for custom ordering! You can sign-up at, or give us a call at 541-301-3426.

Re-Cap, Why Rogue Produce?

Here are just a few points that make the Rogue Produce CSA Share the way to go:

  • Direct delivery to your home or business, from Ashland to Grants Pass; Jacksonville to Shady Cove!
  • Highest quality items from your local farms and producers.
  • Supplemental organic produce of the highest quality from regional producers.
  • The option to skip deliveries any week you need to, for any reason.
  • Greatest flexibility and customization options.
  • Year-round delivery.
  • Our service is “Full-Circle”, with Community Compost.

Community Compost?

Food-scraps to farm soil!

That last bullet point refers to our weekly food-scrap pick up service, currently available in Ashland, Talent, Phoenix and Medford. You collect the compostable foods-scraps from your kitchen, and leave them curbside on your pick-up day every week. We pick them up and donate them to local small farms to integrate into their composting operations. Food-scraps are a valuable commodity to our local farmers; and serve our community by returning as nutrients to the soil, rather than as waste to a land-fill. We’ve even created an incentive for residents to participate in this program, by partnering with local businesses to create the Annual Customer Appreciation Coupon Book!

Community Supported Compost

Local businesses in Southern Oregon are stepping up to the plate to support Community Compost customers! This week we are distributing the first annual Customer Appreciation Coupon Book, consisting of approximately $100 in discounts to local businesses, exclusively for our loyal customers. This may warrant a new acronym in the agricultural industry, of CSC, for “Community Supported Compost.” We are grateful to the businesses who have stepped forward to help grow the vision of Community Compost; and who support our efforts to assist local farms and reduce the amount of waste in our local landfill.

The Coupon Book

We will be showing our appreciation to the businesses that provide a coupon for the book, by highlighting one or two of them each week on our Facebook Page. Please tune in so you can show your support for these local businesses. Here’s a list of who’s contributed so far:

What is Community Compost?

For over 5 years, we have provided a weekly compostable food scrap collection from residents in Ashland, Talent, Phoenix and Medford; diverting these scraps from the landfill and donating them to small farms as an amendment

Happy Dirt Veggie Patch Wheelbarrow

Food scraps to farms makes healthy soil and happy farmers!

to their composting operations. Food scraps are a valuable resource for farmers, and some spend hours each week picking up the material anywhere they can find it. Community Compost helps collect all that can be re-used from your home kitchen and brings it to the farm where it can add nutrients back to the soil, to grow the amazing local produce we all enjoy!

Get Started, and Get your Coupon Book!

You can sign-up for Community Compost by visiting our website, or by calling 541-301-3426. Give us a call if you are a local business that would like to contribute a coupon to our next annual publication.




Resource, not Waste!

Community Compost:  Smart Resource Management

We are the only residential food-scrap pick up service in Southern Oregon!  We collect your food-scraps on a weekly basis, and instead of dumping then in the land-fill, we donate them as a resource to local small farms.  Community Compost has been in business for 6 years, and we’re ready to expand service to new neighborhoods in the Medford area!  We are also accepting new customers in Ashland, Talent and Phoenix.

Incentives:  Support from Local Businesses

Since we began our service in 2011, we have relied on the support of customers who pay us to collect their food-scrap resources (veggie scraps, breads, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.), that they could otherwise simply throw away into the garbage.  Our customers support us because they know our system is a smarter way:  it prevents waste in our landfills, reduces methane emissions, and supports the efforts of local farms (we donate all of our scraps to local small farmers at no charge, who use the scraps in their composting operations).

Happy Dirt Veggie Patch Wheelbarrow

Food scraps to farms makes healthy soil and happy farmers!

Beginning this Spring, we are offering an incentive to Community Compost customers, with the help of supporting local businesses that want to be a partner in the cause of smarter resource management.  Together with these businesses, we are creating an annual coupon book for all of our Community Compost customers!  The total value of the coupons in the book is already around $100, and we plan to see it grow above and beyond the cost of a yearly enrollment in the Community Compost program.  We’ve already gathered coupons from local restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and more!  It’s truly a community effort.

If you are a local business owner that would like to donate an annual coupon to our book, please send us an email to, or call us at 541-301-3426.  Our customers are passionate about supporting businesses that support green endeavors!

Lets Grow!

The time is now, as a region, to start getting smart about our resource management, and the preservation of the food-scraps produced in our local households is a great place to start.  We already have the system in place, and we are ready to grow — and we are confident we can do this from the grassroots.  The annual coupon book is our first effort to reduce the cost of participation in our program; the second is getting more customers!  The more people we have on board, particularly in condensed areas, the more we can lower the fees for our service.

If you are interested in getting the folks on your block, street, or apartment complex on board with Community Compost, we are more than happy to work out a way to reduce the cost for individual households that sign-up as a conglomerate.  We can come up with creative solutions to make this work!

Sign up with Community Compost today, and make sure you get on board with our program before the end of May, which is when we will be distributing our coupon book for 2018-19!

Holiday Gifts – Shop Local

brussel sproutsRogue Produce has great holiday gifts for your friends and family in Southern Oregon who love to support local! Our Rogue CSA, and Online Farmers Market provide flexible options for you to create the perfect gifts for all of the unique people on your list. Take a look at a few of our most popular gift ideas, and find out more about the local farms and producers we work with!

Gift Recommendations

One Time Special Order – This option allows you to put together a special order of your own design from our Online Farmers Market. It’s so simple! Just visit our Online Market, and choose which items you’d like to include, and we’ll deliver them right to the home of the gift recipient!

online farmers marketOnline Farmers Market Credit – Put some cash into an account for your friends or family to shop at our Online Farmers Market. There are several options to choose from at our gift page.

Standard CSA Options – This is for the ones on your list who love to be surprised with a medley of locally grown produce and food items delivered to their home on a regular basis. We often include fun recipes that use the food items in the share! These can also be purchased at our gift page.


Home delivered giftsWe’ve taken customer input over the years and made our service options as convenient as possible. There is no expiration date on gifts, and our customers can skip deliveries any time, for any reason. One of the most loved parts of our service is that we deliver right to the home. We now deliver to Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Jacksonville, Central Point, Eagle Point, White City, Shady Cove, Rogue River and Grants Pass!

When you purchase a gift, the recipient will be notified by email. Or, we can arrange to send you or the recipient a physical gift certificate – it’s up to you.

Our Sources

Winter VeggiesIf you love to shop local, you probably already know and trust our amazing partners. We work with your favorite local farms, including Blue Fox Farm, Fry Family Farm, Dunbar Farm, Wandering Roots Farm, Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, and many more. During the Winter months, we go the extra mile to keep a wide selection of fresh produce by working with partners in Guinda Valley, California, including Riverdog Farm and Pasture 42.

Rogue Creamery Cheese GiftsWe source  organic cow cheeses and butter from Rogue Creamery and By George Farm. Dave at Oak Leaf Creamery supplies us with incredible goat cheese feta, chevre, and a host of other varieties. Enjoy fresh bread from Rise Up! Bakery, and gluten free options from Organicos. We have organic grass fed beef from Scott River Ranch, and amazing pork products from White Oak Ranch. Pickled Planet provides us with a vast quantity of creative kraut varietes, and Pennington Farm always satisfies with their pies and other pastries.


We also don’t want to forget to mention that when you purchase gifts of $100 or more, you’ll receive a $10 credit toward any of our services! Best of all, the recipient of your gift will be thanking you for giving them the best of what’s local!

The Rogue CSA Share this Week!

We’ve got a host of local fare in the Rogue CSA Share this week, from Rogue Produce! Our Standard Share includes fresh corn tortillas made by Jennifer Greene of Windborne Farm; TouVelle Cheese from Rogue Creamery; arugula from Dunbar Farm; and white onions and potatoes from Ben Yohai of Wandering Fields. The Standard Share also comes with a 6 oz. jar of Cinnamon Maca Almond Butter to pair with deliciously crisp organic Opal apples; and a seasonal favorite, persimmons, for which we’ll provide a popular recipe included in your delivery (ever tried persimmon arugula pasta?).

The Plus Share this week focuses on the amazingly flavorful Chorizo sausage from White Oak Ranch in Eagle Point. We’re including fresh cilantro and leeks from Dunbar Farm, and butternut squash from Ella Bella Farm, to prepare a yummy looking squash and Chorizo tostada (using the tortillas from the Standard Share). We’ll be including that recipe along with your delivery as well!

Of course, you can always order whatever delicious local produce you’d like from our Online Farmers Market, or maybe just a block of organic butter, apple juice, olive oil, pizza dough, smoothie mix, or others to go along with the Standard or Plus Shares described above. This week we have some serious sales on a variety of cheeses from Rogue Creamery, so it’s a great time to join!

Orders for our next delivery this Friday, December 1st, need to be submitted by Tuesday at 4:00 PM. You can sign-up for any of our convenient service options, and start shopping for your local favorites. We make home deliveries from Ashland to Grants Pass, and Jacksonville to Shady Cove.

Rogue Produce makes a great gift idea for the holidays, and, you receive a $10 credit to our Online Farmers Market for every new customer you refer.

Hope you’ve had a joyful Thanksgiving weekend, and wishing you all the best this Holiday Season!

– Rogue Produce

Shifting with the Season

A lot of our favorite Summer and Fall crops are winding down here locally, so at Rogue Produce we’re shifting with Online Farmers Marketthe season! We continue to support all of our local farms here in Southern Oregon, by bringing you the best of the produce they have to offer during the Fall and Winter. Our reach extends to our friends in the Sacramento area so we can continue to offer a wide selection of products on our Online Farmers Market.Eggplant Head

Our Priorities

Our first priority at Rogue Produce is two fold. First, we purchase only the highest quality produce, which means certified organic (or, at a minimum, we purchase from farms that use organic methods, but have not necessarily gone through the process of certification), no GMOs, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Many of our growers go above and beyond this criteria to bring us the most environmentally and humanely benevolent produce. Secondly, we support the smallest and most local farms we can find that can meet our demands for the highest in quality.

Our second priority is convenience and flexibility. Are you tired of trying to find a parking space at your local market, or is it a long drive to find high quality produce? We solve that inconvenience by providing home delivery – all the way from Ashland to Grants Pass, and Jacksonville to Shady Cove. Are you hesitant to make a long-term Valley View Orchard Productscommitment? At Rogue Produce you only place an order when you want to, and you can skip deliveries anytime you need to for any reason.

Our Selection

Four Winds Farm, a Rogue Produce partner

Geoffrey, Four Winds Farm, Ashland

The selection of produce we offer continues to grow, even through the Winter. We make sure to provide products from your local favorites, such as Rogue Creamery, Rise Up! Bakery, Pickled Planet, Scott River Ranch, Higher Power Raw Foods, Bright Earth Foods, and many more. The list of the local farms we work with continues to grow.

We also have a strong connection growing with our friends in the Guinda Valley of California, near Sacramento. We acquire olive oils and delectable balsamic vinegars from Pasture 42; insanely delicious Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, and fresh produce from Riverdog Farm; and fresh herbs and produce from Say Hay Farm and Full Belly Farm.

Available through Rogue ProduceYou can view all of the products we have available for purchase and home delivery at our Online Farmers Market, and you can learn about the variety of our service options by visiting our sign-up page.

Enjoy supporting local!

Fresh Produce: Berries, Cucumbers, Summer Squash, and More!

Tons of fresh produce is popping up at your favorite local farms here in Southern Oregon, and we’re ready to deliver it to your home – anywhere from Ashland to Grants Pass, Jacksonville to Eagle Point, and every where in between (and close by)!

What’s New

The most delicious fresh black, blue and raspberries are now available from Pennington Farm, and Ella Bella Farm has some of the most scrumptious strawberries we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Not only are the pints of strawberries over-flowing from Ella Bella, but they have 5 different varieties! We make sure to share a new variety every week.

Wandering Roots Farm has helped us put some new items on our list too. These include the first cucumbers of the year, cauliflower, sugar snap peas and purple carrots. Fry Family Farm also has some early firsts, including fresh basil, zucchini and crookneck squash.

Get Your Share!

There’s never been a better time to sign-up with Rogue Produce, and get all of this amazing fresh produce delivered to your door. We’ve got loads of other local food products on the list too, including grass fed organic beef, cheese, olive oil, bread, coffee, pastries, and much more.

This week is extra special though. Our Standard Share is more than $7 over our promised value. We usually go over our promised value so that you typically get a greater market value than what you actually pay to sign up for our service.

If you’re not convinced, make sure to check out this previous blog post to see the 10 ten reasons why our current customers love to be a part of Rogue Produce.


Happy Summer!



Service Upgrade: The Plus Share!

Rogue Produce has taken steps to get even better this week with a service upgrade, the “Plus Share.” This upgrade gives every Rogue Produce customer a chance to enjoy additional local products every week without being charged any processing fee.Some CSA Items

When we made the shift to every week deliveries in May, we faced the same challenge we do every year with our Standard Share. We keep the Standard CSA Share simple and manageable by maintaining the value each week to between $21 and $25. We emphasize loading the share with as much fresh local produce as possible, leaving little room for additional products such as our delicious olive oil from Pasture 42, goat cheese chevre from Mama Terra Micro-Creamery, sauerkraut from Pickled Planet, and many others. We want to support these businesses by purchasing their amazing products as much as possible, and the Plus Share enables us to do just that!

You can see the contents of the Plus Share at the Online Market Page every week. You can purchase credits for the Plus Share for $25 a piece, and we’ll provide at least that much value in the Plus Share every week – and usually more. This week, for example, the Plus Share consists of Arbequina Olive Oil ($15.95), and Caramelized Goat Cheese Chevre ($10.50), with a total value of $26.45.

It’s so easy too! All you have to do is notify us by text (541-301-3426) or email ( if you want the Plus Share. Or, as an Individual Account holder, you can simply select it as part of your custom order. As long as you order the Standard Share and/or the Plus Share, you won’t be charged the $6 processing fee.

Usually the order deadline for the Plus Share will be the same as for our regular orders, which is Tuesday by 4:00pm. However, this week we need to have your orders for the Plus Share in by Monday evening at 6:00pm, since they include the Mama Terra Cheese, which we need to order earlier than other items.

Sign-Up today at our website!


Top Ten Reasons to Join

Rogue Produce is back to weekly deliveries beginning Friday, May 5th, and we’d like to show you why our customers love our service! Here are the top ten reasons to sign-up:

  1. Supporting Local: This is the common denominator among all of our customers – they love to support local. Rogue Produce works with local vendors that are too numerous to list here, and we bring their amazing products to your table.
  2. Home Delivery: That’s right, we deliver your traditional CSA share or your custom order local rogue familyright to your home or business – for no extra fee. We now do home deliveries from Ashland to Grants Pass, Jacksonville to Shady Cove, and everywhere in between!
  3. Total Customization: Some people prefer to be surprised each week with a bag of seasonal produce, but many of our customers love having the ability to custom order from the giant selection of local produce items at our Online Farmers Market.
  4. Skipping Deliveries is No Problem: If you need to skip a delivery for any reason, you can notify us up to the last minute and it will never count against you.
  5. Top Quality and Selection: We work with many of your favorite farms and food producers in Southern Oregon, and we’ve come to know from where and when the highest Fresh local producequality items are available in our region.
  6. Customer Input is Valued: Our service has been built upon the ideas and needs of those we serve. We are always open to your suggestions – such as adding new products to our list that you love. It’s a team effort!
  7. Year-Round Deliveries: We have always provided year-round delivery, and we’re getting better at it every year. For the Winter months we expand our reach to partner with farms in the Capay Valley near Sacramento in order to keep highly desired products on the list. This keeps your selection fresh and varied the entire year!
  8. Full Circle: Our customers also appreciate our Community Compost program. Each week we pick up compostable food-scraps from residents and deliver them to local farms. These scraps are a valuable resource for the small farms in our region, helping them to add rich nutrients back into their soil.Community Compost
  9. Giving Back: Each week we do our best to find a home for any extra produce we have. Over the years we have collaborated with both private and non-profit partners to make sure our extras don’t go to waste. Additionally, every year in the month of September (childhood cancer awareness month), we donate 10% of our total profits to the Ethan Jostad Foundation to help the fight against childhood cancer.
  10. Expanding Programs: Our customers love to grow with us! We’ve just recently begun adding occasional recipe ideas to our blog or as inserts with our deliveries. This way you have some helpful information on how to prepare delicious locally sourced meals.

Special Incentives to Sign-Up Before May 5th

Here are a couple of extra reasons to sign-up for Rogue Produce. We’re offering these promotions for a limited time until our next delivery on Friday, May 5th:

  1. We’re offering the “Valley View Medley,” to any of our new customers who purchase $278 worth of our Standard CSA Shares or make a minimum deposit of $345 into an Individual Account for custom ordering. The medley is over $35 worth of products from the certified organic Valley View Orchard in Ashland, including cold-pressed and pasteurized apple juice, infused apple cider vinegar, sliced peaches, pears, and a nice big jar of pear sauce.
  2. Our second promotion gives you cash credit to our Online Farmers Market (or toward any of our Standard CSA Share options) when you refer a new customer. Typically we provide you with $10 in credit for every referral, but between now and May 5th we’re giving you $20 for every new customer who signs up on your recommendation! Just make sure to tell your friends to put your name in the referral box on the sign-up form when they join. There’s no limit to how much credit you can earn!

Spring Produce Delivery and Special Offers!

Hello Southern Oregon!

Delivery Schedule

Local produce delivery comes next Friday, April 21st, and we are featuring one of our favorites – Goat Cheese Chevre from Online Farmers MarketMama Terra Micro Creamery. We’re coupling the chevre with red beets, which make for some delicious recipe ideas. Mama Terra’s goat cheeses come in 4 flavors:  Caramelized Garlic, Mediterranean Lavender, Plain Sea Salt and Honey Bee Pollen. This final delivery in April will also include Spring onions, asparagus, bunched carrots and lots of additional yummy fresh produce.

Mama Terra Micro CreameryWe’ll be celebrating our first weekly delivery of the year on May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, with fresh corn tortillas in our Standard Share from Jennifer Greene at Windborne Farm!

Special Promotions

We have two special promotions that you can take advantage of by signing up before our delivery next Friday, April 21st. First of all, we’re offering the “Valley View Medley,” to any of our new customers who purchase $278 worth of our Standard Shares or make a minimum deposit of $345 into an Individual Account for custom ordering. The medley is over $30 worth of products from the certified organic Valley View Orchard in Ashland, including cold-pressed and pasteurized apple juice, pear juice, sliced peaches, pears, and a nice big jar of pear sauce.

Our second promotion gives you cash credit to our Online Farmers Market (or toward any of our Standard Share options) when you refer a new customer. Typically we provide you with $10 in credit for every referral, but between now and May 1st we’re giving you $20 for every new customer who signs up on your recommendation! Just make sure to tell your friends to put your name in the referral box on the sign-up form
when they join. There’s no limit to how much credit you can earn!

Expanded Delivery

If you haven’t heard, we’ve expanded our produce delivery service as far north as Grants Pass, and we’re including communities along highway 238, including Ruch, Murphy and Applegate! Our deliveries come right to your door each week – it’s the easiest way to support local farms and small businesses, and to enjoy the best of what’s fresh and local.


Visit our website to sign-up, or give us a call at 541-301-3426.