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Get to Know Your Vendors: Rise Up! Bakery

The team at Rise Up Bakery - local artisan bread

The Bakers of Rise Up! Bakery

Rise Up! bakery was born out of an intentional community called Full Bloom, a 280-acre community of forest and farmlands in the Little Applegate Valley. The vision for Rise Up! was to create a company that baked wholesome, delicious local artisan bread and positively impacted the community, including people, flora, and fauna.

When we first decided to start a bakery, it was to create a livelihood consistent with our vision for sustainability. This is why we are and will always be determined to stay small and local.”


Rise Up’s mission is to offer the Rogue Valley the finest local artisan bread, using organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Adhering to the slow food and local food movements, they are now purchasing local, heirloom varieties of wheat grown by Fry Family Farm! Purchasing Rise Up breads through Rogue Produce is a great way to support a network of beneficial actors, hard at work here in Southern Oregon!

Rise Up! is known for its delicious, good-for-you bread

The bakery’s sourdough culture produces bread that is easier to digest. Some of their bread, like Little Applegate and Sesame sourdough varieties, use minimal commercial yeast (less than 0.4 grams per loaf) to enhance the bread’s volume.

For their non-sourdough selections, such as sprouted multigrain, ciabattas, and focaccias, Rise Up! uses pre-fermented dough. This approach reduces the reliance on commercial yeast and improves the bread’s digestibility and flavor. Moreover, Rise Up! commits to using unenriched flour to help prevent allergic reactions to potato starch. (Potato starch is often involved in the enrichment process of flour because it serves as a carrier for added vitamins and minerals.) Through these practices, every loaf of Rise Up! artisan bread tastes delicious and is a healthy alternative to commercial bread. 

The Llopis Oven is central to the bakery’s operation, integrated into the building’s construction. This impressive wood-burning oven, nearly 13 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall, was built by two visiting Spaniards over eight days in September 2008. Its design allows for sustainable wood usage from local sources, maintaining a constant temperature between 350-550 degrees. The oven’s rotating stone hearth facilitates the baking of 90 to 150 loaves at a time, exemplifying efficiency and care for both the environment and the health of those involved in the baking process.

In July 2009, after refining their recipes and mastering wood-fired baking techniques, the bakery was ready for operation, supported by the collective efforts of local artisans, friends, and family. Everyone at Rise Up! remains deeply appreciative of the community’s contribution, acknowledging that its success and the quality of its bread are directly attributable to these collaborative efforts.

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Featured Favorites

Local artisan breads, especially sourdough, are favorites with Rogue Produce Customers. The Little Applegate Sourdough is one of the valley’s best sandwich breads, and is made in part with wheat grown locally on Fry Family Farm! Compared to industrial wheat, this local wheat has a delicious nutty flavor.  Add a loaf or two to your cart this week, and see for yourself!

Heirloom wheat grown by Fry Family Farm

In 2021 Fry Family Farm joined Chris Hardy’s heritage grain initiative. Hardy initially distributed small quantities of seeds to local farmers to cultivate and expand seed stocks for future harvests. It took two years to grow enough wheat for both seed stock and flour production. The flour for Rise Up’s bread comes from Fry Family Farm’s 2023 harvest.

Fry Family Farm is currently growing ancient and heritage grains, such as Rouge de Bordeaux—a red hard wheat, a Ukrainian hard red wheat, and a purple Tibetan barley. These ancient grains are known for their high protein and low gluten content and are believed to retain their original nutritional properties. As with all of their produce, the wheat is certified organic.

This year, Fry Family Farm has introduced five or six new varieties into their cultivation and is anticipating a broader production scale.  This expansion aims to supply a larger quantity of these nutritious grains to more bakers and retail outlets.

Rogue Valley Heritage Grains Project

Rise Up! Bakery Logo

Where to find Rise Up! Artisan Bread

Local Growers markets, Ashland & Medford Food Coop, Market of Choice, Shop N Kart, Gooseberries, also local restaurants Lark’s, Ruby’s, Carson’s Bistro, The Twisted Cork

Giving Back to the Community ~ Supporting Local Non-Profits

Rise Up! donates on average of $8000 per year in bread and money to local non-profits. 

To learn more about Rise Up! and the Full Bloom Community, visit their site at riseupartisanbread.com.


Rise Up! Bakery, Rogue Valley Sourdough

Join us in Celebrating Local Flavors

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  1. Hi. I love your radically awesome bread, especially the fig or apricot walnut bread. Q. I thought Dunbar supplied some of your wheat. Is that no longer the case?

    • Hi Layla, Thanks for your message. Dunbar used to supply some of the wheat for Rise Up! but its now Fry Family Farm.

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