Produce Stickers for Cash!

100 Stickers, get a $5 Account Credit!

We’ve come up with a fun and cost-saving way to get those pesky produce stickers out of the landfills (and our compost). Introducing the “Produce Stickers for Cash” initiative!

If you’ve lived in Ashland for a long time, you may remember the green stamps you’d collect at Buy-Rite each time you shopped there. Do you recall that blue storefront where Market of Choice is now? Once you licked enough of those stamps and stuck them on a page, you’d save some cash on your next shopping trip.

We’ve got the same idea in mind, only there’s no licking involved, and we put our stickers to good use!

How it Worksgather 100 produce stickers and get $5 credit to your account for Market or Compost Membership purchases. Join the fun with Produce stickers for Cash!

All you need to do is collect produce stickers off your fruits and veggies and stick them on a piece of wax or parchment paper. Once you get 100 stickers on a sheet, leave it out for Rogue Produce to collect, and we’ll add $5 in credit to your Rogue Produce account! You can use your credit to shop at our Online Farmers Market or apply it toward your Community Compost subscription.

You can leave your sheets of stickers for us to collect when we deliver produce on Friday, or leave them out with your food scraps on your pick-up day!

What’s to Become of the Stickers?

At Rogue Produce, we don’t like to throw anything in the trash. We will use all of the produce stickers we collect to create art! That’s right. The plan is to create mosaics with these colorful stickers, perhaps sell them someday, and donate the profits to a worthy cause. If we start collecting a lot of stickers, we may need to find some volunteer artists to support us in this endeavor. Send us an email to if you’re interested!

Why Stickers for Cash?

  • It keeps the stickers out of the compost operations at our local farms. When the compost piles at our farm partner locations have processed into a finished product, stickers are often the only thing remaining in the mix, and it’s a bit toilsome to remove them.
  • It keeps the stickers out of the landfill.
  • The Stickers for Cash Initiative can save you money!
  • It’s a fun, collaborative effort! We can’t wait to start making some mosaics!

produce stickers for CASH initiative gives you five dollar credit toward your market membership purchasesWhen Does this Start?

The Produce Stickers for Cash initiative is live, now! Start collecting those stickers, and remember to place them on wax or parchment paper so we can easily peel them off and use them as art material.

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