Victory Garden

Victory Garden, is a family farm operating in southern Oregon. We operate on two farm sites totaling 7 acres of land. On our farms, we produce a variety of greens, herbs, flowers, and seasonal veggies that we sell to local restaurants and by participating at the local farmer’s markets. In addition to growing produce for the market we also grow veggies and flower plant starts in our 1200 sq. ft greenhouse.

Our farming practices are organic, we do not use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Our approach to curbing pest problems is to start by creating a healthy soil, proper rotation of crops, and by inviting beneficial insects into our garden by either hand application or by having specific plants in the garden.

Food safety is taken seriously and practiced at Victory Garden. We have taken produce safety training and follow set procedures to ensure that the food we grow and serve to our customers is as safe as can be.

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