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Farmers & Producers

At Rogue Produce, we strive to deliver only the highest-quality food products from our region. We seek out partners who use sustainable, organic methods throughout their production process. We are proud to introduce you to our growing family of farmers and producers. Below is a partial list of local farms and small businesses we work with as well as details about their activities, methods, and philosophies.

Our Partners

Here is a partial list of the farmers and producers we work with. See below for details about some of these partners. We will continue to update this page as we expand our partnerships and gather more information about these folks.
  • American Ruralcraft
  • Becky's Pickles
  • Bee Girl
  • Blue Fox Farm
  • Bright Earth Foods

    Driven by a vision “to serve humanity by creating happiness and well-being through the transformation of health,” Bright Earth Foods aims to deliver high-quality, expertly crafted superfood and environmentally conscious products. They also offer education about health and how to use superfoods to achieve optimum health. Based in Ashland, Oregon, Bright Earth sources, formulates, manufactures, and packages their superfood products and recipes right here in the Rogue Valley.

  • By George Farm
  • Chai Kitchen
  • Coquette Bakery
  • Dauenhauer Cattle
  • Dunbar Farms

    Farmed organically and more than a century old, Dunbar Farms is the only farm in the region producing staple crops like wheat, rye, freshly milled flour, dry beans, and dry corn products such as polenta, cornmeal, and corn flour. They also produce wine grapes and their own wine under the label Rocky Knoll Vineyards, in addition to grass hay, honey, seed crops, and the full gamut of vegetables, flowers, roots, and tubers. Located in East Medford, Dunbar Farms operates an on-farm Farm Stand and Tasting Room and frequently hosts farm events.

  • Eagle Mill Farm
  • Ella Bella Farm
  • Four Winds Farm

    Geoffrey Stewart and Michelle O’Connor—along with Stella, their daughter—have been growing certified organic vegetable row crops outside of Ashland since 2009. They specialize in all things allium: onions, shallots, garlic, and leeks as well as a handful of spring and fall greens. Four Winds Farm expands their acreage and offerings with each season.

  • Fry Family Farm
  • HappyDirt Veggie Patch

    HappyDirt Veggie Patch is a three-and-a-half–acre farm headed up by Matt Suhr, whose mission is to nurture the people and land of the Rogue Valley by growing delicious, vibrant food. Matt has a reverence for the natural balance and beauty of life. He explores raising food as an art form—a subtle and intricate dance with nature—along with a healthy dose of science and reason. Drawing on nearly three decades of experience, Matt uses only all-natural and chemical-free methods that integrate a long-range vision of permacultural land stewardship founded on soil fertility. HappyDirt Veggie Patch’s farming practices include cover cropping, composting, crop rotation, companion planting, crop diversification, seed saving, season extension, soil testing, and appropriate use of all-natural amendments.

  • Harris Family Farm
  • Higher Power Raw Foods
  • Honey Mama's

    Honey Mama’s are honey-cocoa bars made from five nutrient-rich ingredients. We make each flavor from the same delicious base of raw honey, unrefined coconut oil, cocoa powder, Himalayan pink salt, and sprouted almonds, shredded coconut, or sesame seeds. That’s it! Our unique way of making these delectable chocolate-truffle-like bars ensures that we preserve all the nutrition and natural enzymes found naturally within our prized ingredients. We’re committed to sourcing the highest quality direct–trade, organic, and non–GMO ingredients we can find to make a treat that allows your body to thrive and your tastebuds to celebrate.

  • JEM Organics

    JEM Organics is dedicated to crafting premium organic food products that represent the highest standard of sustainability and integrity. Crafted with care in Bend, Oregon, their sweet and savory nut butters are both indulgent and functional. They use wholesome, natural ingredients that are 100% OTC-USDA–certified organic; non-GMO; raw; vegan; fair trade; and free of gluten, soy, dairy, and processed sugar. JEM voluntarily hires third-party labs to test random samples of their nut butters for any hidden pesticides, harmful heavy metals, microbes, or pathogens. For maximum flavor and nutrient absorption, they sprout their nuts for 24 hours. Stone-grinding is the secret behind JEM’s smooth texture.

  • Kimbra's K9 Crunchies
  • La Baguette Bakery
  • Little Shop of Bagels
  • Mama Terra Micro Creamery
  • Michellynda Orchards
  • Mushrooms All Year

    Picked yesterday. On your plate today.

  • Myriad Mycology
  • Noble Coffee Roasting

    Noble Coffee Roasting sources coffees from award-winning organic farmers around the world, roasting these coffees in small batches. They then share their passion for the craft of brewing with customers at their coffeehouse and roastery in Ashland’s Historic Railroad District as well as with wholesale partners around the country.

  • Oak Leaf Creamery
  • Organicos

    Organicos Bakery is a locally owned wholesale bakery specializing in organic, vegan, and gluten-free breads. They are dedicated to producing delicious, quality products made with the finest organic ingredients.

  • Pasture 42
  • Pennington Farms
  • Petal Pusher Microgreens

    In our journey toward health we discovered the transformative, healing
    properties of microgreens. We turned our passion for these delicious, nutritious baby plants into a sustainable urban garden, where we organically grow microgreens in a controlled indoors environment using only certified
    organic soil and seeds.

  • Pickled Planet
  • Poetential Farm
  • Rise Up! Bakery
  • Riverdog Farm
  • Rock Field Farms
  • Rogue Creamery

    In 1933, a small creamery opened its doors in Southern Oregon, making cheese and supporting local dairy farmers in the midst of the Great Depression. Nearly a century later, Rogue Creamery is one of the country’s most iconic artisan cheese brands. They produce award-winning blues and cheddars many consider among the best cheeses in the world. Driven by a commitment to sustainability and service to their community, Rogue Creamery aims to make the world a better place, one wedge of cheese at a time. They operate a Cheese Shop at their cheesemaking facilities in Central Point’s Artisan Corridor and a Farm Stand at their Organic Dairy in Grants Pass.

  • Rogue Games
  • Rogue Produce
  • Rolling Hills Farm
  • Salant Family Ranch

    Salant Family Ranch home-grown, natural beef is raised on native grass pasture irrigated by the fresh snowmelt water of the Little Applegate River, and alfalfa hay fed in wintertime. No hormones or antibiotics are ever fed to our Angus-crossbred black cattle or dairy steers. Our cows, calves and bulls are managed using best husbandry practices. Yearlings in our beef program are custom grain-finished, 75-90 days prior to harvest, and produce all ranges of retail and food service cuts of the highest quality.

  • Sherry's Pasta
  • Siri and Son Farms

    Clackamas is the headquarters for this multi-generational organic farm committed to the highest standards of food quality and safety.

  • Sun Spirit Farm

    Sun Spirit is a family farm, owned and operated by Michelle and Brian, along with their son, Jaia since 2008. We have been committed to organics for 20 years. Growing food for ourselves and our community is our livelihood, our lifestyle, our spirituality, and a form of activism. We started as a small farm in the Applegate many years ago. At the time we grew for just one restaurant and a CSA. Over the years we have continued to expand and now there’s more demand for our product than we can supply! We have been established market farmers in the area for over 10 years. We are deeply committed to sustainable farming practices and sustainable living. We are environmental activists and work for human justice and human rights. We feel blessed to have a beautiful farm in the Applegate and enjoy sharing our land with others.

  • Sweet Creek Foods
  • Talent Natural Farm

    The Kurth family moved to Southern Oregon in 2001 to fulfill their dream of running their own organic farm. Six years later, they became certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Feridoun and Maria Kurth have been producing high-quality, fresh produce that is sustainably farmed and of high nutritional value ever since. During the summer, Talent Natural Farm harvests fresh strawberries and a variety of fruits and vegetables. In the winter months, they sell shallots, jams, compotes, and pickles. Pictured at left is Maria in front of the barn with the family dog, Miko.

  • TerraSol Organics
  • The Bread Stop
  • Top Hat
  • Valley View Orchard
  • Varies
  • Victory Garden

    Victory Garden, is a family farm operating in southern Oregon. We operate on two farm sites totaling 7 acres of land. On our farms, we produce a variety of greens, herbs, flowers, and seasonal veggies that we sell to local restaurants and by participating at the local farmer’s markets. In addition to growing produce for the market we also grow veggies and flower plant starts in our 1200 sq. ft greenhouse.

    Our farming practices are organic, we do not use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Our approach to curbing pest problems is to start by creating a healthy soil, proper rotation of crops, and by inviting beneficial insects into our garden by either hand application or by having specific plants in the garden.

    Food safety is taken seriously and practiced at Victory Garden. We have taken produce safety training and follow set procedures to ensure that the food we grow and serve to our customers is as safe as can be.

  • Wandering Fields Farm

    Wandering Fields is a small-scale certified organic family farm located in the Little Applegate Valley. They grow five acres of mixed vegetable, fruit, and seed crops. Wandering Fields specializes in warm season annuals like tomato, pepper, eggplant, melons, and cucumbers as well as a plethora of winter storage crops, including onions, garlic, leeks, winter squash, potatoes, carrots, beets, celeriac, parsnips, turnips, cabbage, and mixed greens. They also grow certified organic seed crops for a number of small seed companies all over the country. Farming since 2003, Wandering Fields is excited to add to their production a number of perennial fruit crops: apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. You can find them at the Ashland growers’ market on Tuesdays and the Grants Pass winter farmers’ market.

  • Wandering Roots Farm
  • Whistling Duck Farm

    Whistling Duck Farm is located in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon between Medford and Grants Pass. The Alionis’ home, farmstead, and livelihood, the farm is certified organic by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. It is ecologically based and located on 22 acres of fertile, deep-loam soils at an elevation of 1,149 feet. Their farming methods—coupled with excellent soils and an ideal climate—allow them to grow high-quality, nutritious produce for the local community and the highest-quality certified organic seed garlic for their fellow farmers and gardeners. They have been farming in Southern Oregon since 1991 and at their current location since 2003. Whistling Duck Farm grows a wide range of produce for their Farm Store, local growers’ markets, fine restaurants, and natural foods stores. They grow most vegetables that thrive in our Mediterranean climate, including salad greens; gourmet garlic and other root crops; brassicas; nutrient-dense leafy greens; tomatoes; peppers; melons; squash; and small fruits.

  • White Oak Ranch
  • Windborne Farm

    Currently growing 5 rare varieties of corn for the most amazing stone ground tortillas around!

  • Yamhill County Mushrooms, Inc

    We are a third-generation farm located in Oregon’s bountiful Willamette Valley. Founded over 30 years ago by Bill Darm the farm is now run by his son Bob along with two of his grandsons.