The Mill Pond “Compost Man”

How I Became the Mill Pond “Compost Man”

by Johan Visser Mill Pond HOA, Ashland, Oregon

~Johan Visser Mill Pond Compost Man ~
I lived on an acre of land outside Phoenix, Oregon, where I tended a compost pile for 34 years. I moved into town a few years back and suddenly had no place to make compost. Our Ashland backyard compost pile would become a haven for rodents, raccoons, and other pests. I simply could not subject myself and my neighbors to that! I began guiltily throwing my food scraps into the garbage. “Better than the garbage disposal,” I thought. This continued until the Grower’s Market started collecting food scraps on Tuesdays. (But not in the winter). On November 9th, 2023, a small group of Mill Pond neighbors invited Flavia Franco of the Community Compost Coalition to give a presentation. At that meeting, I learned about Rogue Produce’s Neighborhood Compost Project. Soon after, I called to get the details of how the program works. I was inspired! My immediate goal was to sign up at least ten households to spread the cost and make it affordable for each participant. I printed flyers and went door to door, meeting neighbors and promoting the idea. By Thanksgiving, I had met my goal. I arranged with Rogue Produce Community Compost to begin collection on the first Wednesday in December and weekly after that.

Food-Scraps to FarmsMeanwhile, I compiled a spreadsheet with participants’ names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and payment status. The Mill Pond Neighborhood Project was born! We initially committed to a 3-month trial period, and by the time February came around, we were up to 14 participating households and decided to go year-round.

It is so gratifying to see that bin of food scraps collected each week being hauled off to local farms. Many thanks to Rogue Produce Community Compost for partnering with us to make this happen.

Neighborhood Compost ProjectSign-Up for Community Compost

How it Works

The Community Compost system is simple. You collect your household food-scraps (excluding meat and fish) and set out a container of your choice for us to pick up every week on your designated day. We transport the materials to local farms to integrate into their composting operations, or use as feed for their farm animals.

If you’re interested in the lower-rate, Neighborhood Drop-Site model, give us a call at 541-301-3426, to see if there is a convenient drop site in your area.

How to Join

To participate in Community Compost, simply sign-up here.

Want to join the Neighborhood Compost Project ~ Click Here

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