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Kkakdugi Kimchi from Whistling Duck Farm

Whistling Duck Kkakdugi Kimchi is a delightfully crunchy and spicy delicacy that celebrates the unique flavors of Korea. Made with Korean daikon radish, known for its crisp texture and slightly sweet taste and seasoned with Gochugaru, the quintessential Korean chili powder that lends a smoky heat and a deep, red hue to the kimchi. This key ingredient not only adds a layer of spiciness but also brings out the natural flavors of the radish, for a delicious blend of heat and sweetness.

Kimchi is filled with beneficial probiotics, making it a healthy addition to any meal. Whether served as a side dish to complement your main course or enjoyed on its own as a flavorful snack.

Ingredients: *Korean daikon radish, *green onions, *garlic, *ginger, Gochugaru (Korean Chili), *coconut aminos (coconut tree sap, salt); Redmond salt
*organic ingredients

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