Applegate Valley Seasoning Blend


Whistling Duck Farm
Applegate Valley Seasoning Blend from Whistling Duck Farm
Fresh & Zesty
Discover the bounty of southern Oregon with this unique blend, designed to encapsulate the vibrant tastes of summer. Ideal for enhancing grilled vegetables, fresh salads, tofu, and seafood, this mix serves as an excellent substitute for salt, adding a burst of flavor to your dishes.

All seasoning blends are made with organic farm-grown and foraged ingredients.

Ingredients: Chive Blossoms, *Garlic Scapes, *Hibiscus, *Sumac, *Fermented Cabbage/Beet/Radish, *Bell Pepper, *Black Pepper, *Celery Seed, *Tomato, *Mustard Seed, *Savory, *Basil, *Lemon Balm, *Dill, *Tarragon, *Marjoram
*organic ingredients

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