Dutchman’ Peak Seasoning Blend


Whistling Duck Farm
Dutchman’ Peak Seasoning Blend from Whistling Duck Farm
~Deep & Smokey~
Whistling Duck Farm’s Dutchman Peak Seasoning Blend offers a rich and smoky experience. Its smoky essence transports you to the core of Oregon’s wilderness amidst the warmth of summer. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and lush flora of the Siskiyou Ranges, this seasoning is perfect for enhancing the flavors of venison, beef, lamb, or salmon.

All seasoning blends are made with organic farm-grown and foraged ingredients.

Ingredients: *Leek Ash, Wild Mushrooms, *Fermented Vegetables, *Sage, *Black Pepper, Douglas Fir Tips, *White Pepper, *Hibiscus
*organic ingredients

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