John Day Seasoning Blend


Whistling Duck Farm
John Day Seasoning Blend from Whistling Duck Farm
~Hearty & Rich~
Whistling Duck Farm’s John Day Seasoning Blend boasts a robust and full-bodied flavor profile. It’s designed to envelop you in warmth and satisfy your palate with the essence of Oregon’s ranching heartland. Inspired by the free-roaming cattle that traverse the secluded valleys of the John Day River, this spice blend is the quintessential choice for steaks. It’s also superb when used with beef, lamb, chicken, or tofu, offering a versatile enhancement to a variety of dishes.

All seasoning blends are made with organic farm-grown and foraged ingredients.

Ingredients: *Black Pepper, *Paprika, *Oregano, *Onion, *Garlic, *Cumin, *Tomato, *Fermented Radish
*organic ingredients

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