Taco Seasoning Blend


Whistling Duck Farm
Taco Seasoning Blend from Whistling Duck Farm
Take taco night to new heights!

Whistling Duck Farm’s Taco Seasoning Blend is a tribute to classic Southwestern flavors.  Made with Whistling Duck Farms fermented jalapeno relish, this seasoning is not just for tacos. It’s a versatile companion for many dishes, including Carne Asada, Nachos, and even Guacamole, bringing a zesty and memorable kick wherever it’s used.

All seasoning blends are made with organic farm-grown and foraged ingredients.

Ingredients: *Chili Powder, *Fermented Jalapeno/Garlic/Onion, *Cumin, *Coriander, *Oregano, Redmond Mineral Salt
*organic ingredients

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