Whole Chicken

Fog Hollow Farm

At Fog Hollow Farm, chickens are raised in a rotational, pasture-based, management intensive system. Chickens spend their entire lives on pasture and are moved daily giving them constant access to fresh grass, bugs, and other nutritious things to eat. Along with their daily fresh pasture, these birds are fed a corn and soy free, non-GMO ration that is grown here in the Northwest. Using locally grown feed helps ensure what we bring onto the farm is produced in an environmentally responsible manner and transported with a minimal carbon footprint.
– Whole Broiler Chicken: Non-GMO, Corn and Soy Free, Frozen. Giblets not included.

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3.60 lbs., 3.72 lbs., 3.74 lbs., 3.80 lbs., 3.90 lbs.