Raw Brazil Nuts


Higher Power Raw Foods

Brazil nuts have a earthy flavor that lends its flavor well chopped on top of salads, as an ingredient in raw veggie patties, or simply eat one a day for your selenium needs!

They are rich in minerals, such as calcium, potassium, selenium, zinc, magnesium, thiamine, phosphorous, copper, and iron. They also provide a full spectrum of amino acids – including vital performance boosters like methionine, arginine, and glutamine.

We also know that the process of soaking + dehydrating them changes the texture and flavor of the nut to something much more palatable than a roasted nut.

These Brazil Nuts can be eaten raw, or they can be roasted, but for better digestibility, we recommend they be soaked in purified water for 8-10 hours (or overnight). Rinse well, and discard the water. The nuts can be eaten wet, however, the uneaten portion should be refrigerated immediately and should be used within two days. The shelf-life can be lengthened when the nuts are dried.

DRYING: After the soaking process, the nuts may be placed in a very-low-temperature oven, with the oven door ajar. (Use care to keep the temperature very low in the oven.) Experiment with drying times. Alternatively, they may be placed in a food dehydrator at 110 degrees (or less) for 3-4 days.


Organic Raw Brazil Nuts


6 oz.