Service Upgrade: The Plus Share!

Rogue Produce has taken steps to get even better this week with a service upgrade, the “Plus Share.” This upgrade gives every Rogue Produce customer a chance to enjoy additional local products every week without being charged any processing fee.Some CSA Items

When we made the shift to every week deliveries in May, we faced the same challenge we do every year with our Standard Share. We keep the Standard CSA Share simple and manageable by maintaining the value each week to between $21 and $25. We emphasize loading the share with as much fresh local produce as possible, leaving little room for additional products such as our delicious olive oil from Pasture 42, goat cheese chevre from Mama Terra Micro-Creamery, sauerkraut from Pickled Planet, and many others. We want to support these businesses by purchasing their amazing products as much as possible, and the Plus Share enables us to do just that!

You can see the contents of the Plus Share at the Online Market Page every week. You can purchase credits for the Plus Share for $25 a piece, and we’ll provide at least that much value in the Plus Share every week – and usually more. This week, for example, the Plus Share consists of Arbequina Olive Oil ($15.95), and Caramelized Goat Cheese Chevre ($10.50), with a total value of $26.45.

It’s so easy too! All you have to do is notify us by text (541-301-3426) or email ( if you want the Plus Share. Or, as an Individual Account holder, you can simply select it as part of your custom order. As long as you order the Standard Share and/or the Plus Share, you won’t be charged the $6 processing fee.

Usually the order deadline for the Plus Share will be the same as for our regular orders, which is Tuesday by 4:00pm. However, this week we need to have your orders for the Plus Share in by Monday evening at 6:00pm, since they include the Mama Terra Cheese, which we need to order earlier than other items.

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