Top Ten Reasons to Join

Rogue Produce is back to weekly deliveries beginning Friday, May 5th, and we’d like to show you why our customers love our service! Here are the top ten reasons to sign-up:

  1. Supporting Local: This is the common denominator among all of our customers – they love to support local. Rogue Produce works with local vendors that are too numerous to list here, and we bring their amazing products to your table.
  2. Home Delivery: That’s right, we deliver your traditional CSA share or your custom order local rogue familyright to your home or business – for no extra fee. We now do home deliveries from Ashland to Grants Pass, Jacksonville to Shady Cove, and everywhere in between!
  3. Total Customization: Some people prefer to be surprised each week with a bag of seasonal produce, but many of our customers love having the ability to custom order from the giant selection of local produce items at our Online Farmers Market.
  4. Skipping Deliveries is No Problem: If you need to skip a delivery for any reason, you can notify us up to the last minute and it will never count against you.
  5. Top Quality and Selection: We work with many of your favorite farms and food producers in Southern Oregon, and we’ve come to know from where and when the highest Fresh local producequality items are available in our region.
  6. Customer Input is Valued: Our service has been built upon the ideas and needs of those we serve. We are always open to your suggestions – such as adding new products to our list that you love. It’s a team effort!
  7. Year-Round Deliveries: We have always provided year-round delivery, and we’re getting better at it every year. For the Winter months we expand our reach to partner with farms in the Capay Valley near Sacramento in order to keep highly desired products on the list. This keeps your selection fresh and varied the entire year!
  8. Full Circle: Our customers also appreciate our Community Compost program. Each week we pick up compostable food-scraps from residents and deliver them to local farms. These scraps are a valuable resource for the small farms in our region, helping them to add rich nutrients back into their soil.Community Compost
  9. Giving Back: Each week we do our best to find a home for any extra produce we have. Over the years we have collaborated with both private and non-profit partners to make sure our extras don’t go to waste. Additionally, every year in the month of September (childhood cancer awareness month), we donate 10% of our total profits to the Ethan Jostad Foundation to help the fight against childhood cancer.
  10. Expanding Programs: Our customers love to grow with us! We’ve just recently begun adding occasional recipe ideas to our blog or as inserts with our deliveries. This way you have some helpful information on how to prepare delicious locally sourced meals.

Special Incentives to Sign-Up Before May 5th

Here are a couple of extra reasons to sign-up for Rogue Produce. We’re offering these promotions for a limited time until our next delivery on Friday, May 5th:

  1. We’re offering the “Valley View Medley,” to any of our new customers who purchase $278 worth of our Standard CSA Shares or make a minimum deposit of $345 into an Individual Account for custom ordering. The medley is over $35 worth of products from the certified organic Valley View Orchard in Ashland, including cold-pressed and pasteurized apple juice, infused apple cider vinegar, sliced peaches, pears, and a nice big jar of pear sauce.
  2. Our second promotion gives you cash credit to our Online Farmers Market (or toward any of our Standard CSA Share options) when you refer a new customer. Typically we provide you with $10 in credit for every referral, but between now and May 5th we’re giving you $20 for every new customer who signs up on your recommendation! Just make sure to tell your friends to put your name in the referral box on the sign-up form when they join. There’s no limit to how much credit you can earn!


  1. Please email me the time at which you deliver on Friday. I had it, but left that page to shop, and can;t find it again. I think it;s late afternoon, and want to greet the driver this first time. Thanks.

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