Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture: Fox and Squirrel Farm

Fox and Squirrel Farm ~ Cultivating Community and Nutrition

Nestled in the picturesque Applegate Valley near Jacksonville, Oregon, Fox and Squirrel Farm, LLC is a testament to small-scale regenerative farming. Jennifer Miller and David Herald established the farm with a sincere dedication to fostering a strong connection between the community and high-quality, organically grown produce.

Jennifer from Fox and Squirrel Farm presenting a selection of organic produce at a local market standThe Inception of a Vision

2023 marked a significant milestone for Fox and Squirrel Farm as they embarked on their first season as market gardeners. Their mission is simple: to provide the community with nutritious, organically grown vegetables and herbs cultivated with purpose and care. Their approach blends a desire to collaborate with other small farms and a steadfast commitment to regional food supply resiliency. This initiative creates a healthier, more sustainable alternative to prevalent macro-agricultural practices.

A Bounty of Organic Delights

The market garden at Fox and Squirrel Farm offers a diverse selection of heirloom vegetables, fragrant herbs, and fruits, including apples and plums. They are also proud to offer Jennifer’s vegan, gluten-free zucchini oat bars, roasted tomatoes, and zucchini noodles. Looking ahead, Fox and Squirrel Farm anticipates an expansion into ready-to-eat foods, emphasizing drying and preserving techniques that maintain maximum nutritional value.

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Education and Community InvolvementDiverse varieties of lettuce and leafy greens flourishing in the gardens of Fox and Squirrel Farm

In 2021, David started a group called Rogue GardenShare, an initiative bridging the gap between aspiring gardeners who needed land to grow on and landowners who needed help and inspiration. Jennifer and David’s partnership blossomed from this project, combining Jennifer’s culinary prowess with David’s gardening expertise. Their collaborative spirit and shared passion for growing the best produce possible led to the birth of Fox and Squirrel Farm.

“People become more connected with and passionate about their food when they grow it themselves.” David

Expanding Horizons

With 2 years of experience growing together, Jennifer and David are now expanding their garden threefold by adding more bed space on Jennifer’s land on Sterling Creek Rd. This expansion may eventually include a micro-agricultural educational resource center, offering a unique platform for novices and experts to engage and learn.

Your Voice Matters at Fox and Squirrel Farm

Organic kale freshly harvested by a farmer at Fox and Squirrel Farm, surrounded by lush greenery

Fox and Squirrel Farm’s dedication extends beyond growing delicious and nutritious produce; they strive to cultivate the varieties you most desire. Is there a specific vegetable or herb you’ve been longing to find at your local market but haven’t yet? We invite you to share your preferences with us. Your suggestions are valuable; we’ll ensure they reach Jennifer and David.

Together, let’s shape the future of our market offerings and support our shared vision for a thriving, health-conscious community.

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