Food Scraps in the News!

Thanks to the growing enthusiasm about Rogue Produce’s “Community Compost” program, we’ve recently been the subject of two local news stories! In this blog post we want to share these stories with you and outline the options available to you to participate in the adventure of diverting food-scraps from businesses and households and donating this resource to local farmers. Our local farms put the scraps to good use to benefit their own operations and our community as a whole!

Step 1: Check out the stories and share them through your social media!

Please check out these great stories, and share them through your social media channels. The more we spread the word, the more good things happen, such as:

  • New farms hear of our program and begin receiving scraps.
  • New residents and business owners discover Community Compost and begin participating in the program.
  • Our farm partners become free drop-sites for leaves, horse manure, food-scraps, and other materials to integrate into their compost operation.
  • New compost options sprout up, such as the free drop-site at the Medford Growers Market beginning in the Spring of 2024.
  • The more our region comes together as a community to reduce waste and support local agriculture!

KOBI Story by Taylar Ansures

JPR Story, by Roman Battaglia

Rogue Valley Entrepreneur Turns Food Waste into Black Gold

Step 2: Find out how you can participate

The process of building our Community Compost program has been, naturally, an organic one. As a result, our service options are diverse in order to meet the needs of all who wish to participate. We recommend the best place to get started is to give us a call at 541-301-3426 to see which of the options below works best for you.

Direct Food Scrap Pick-Up

If you want pick-up directly from your home in Ashland, Talent, or Phoenix, you can sign-up here at our current new-customer discounted rate of $14.95 per month.

Bellview Grange Winter Drop-Site

Because the Farmer’s Market drop-site in Ashland has closed for the Winter, we set-up this alternative location. Between the hours of 9am and 1pm every Tuesday, you can drop your scraps off at the Bellview Grange in Ashland. This service is $10 per month, and we ask that you call us to set-up service.

Food Scrap Pick-up for Businesses

We are excited to work with any restaurant, market, cafe, or the like, to get you set-up with our program. Give us a call at 541-301-3426 to set up a trial.

Free Food Scrap Drop-Sites

These will resume in March of 2024, at the Ashland Growers Market at the Ashland Armory, and at the Medford Growers Market in Hawthorne Park. We have enough funding to get the program in Medford launched, but we are still seeking donations to make sure we can provide the service through the entire Market season. Please support this effort by making a donation.

Other Ways to Support

Rogue Produce goes full-circle by selling produce from our local farm partners through our Online Farmers Market. You can place an order online and we deliver orders to your home every week!

We have a special Autumn promotion that gets you a free “Farmers Market” membership to remove delivery fees, and also gets you a 20% coupon to use on your first order! Take advantage of our promotion by clicking the link below – it’s one more way to support local farms, local businesses, smart food-scrap management, and stay connected with your community!

Free Membership and 20% Coupon

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