Online Farmers Market: Local & Organic!

Online Farmers Market, Rogue Produce

Shop local and organic produce year-round with Rogue Produce, and have your orders delivered directly to your home! We choose the highest quality products from local growers and producers, and supplement with organic items from outside our region to ensure a wide selection of your favorite foods are always available. Our variety of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Shares arrive to your door with no delivery or processing fees, and when you sign-up for regular deliveries we eliminate the processing fees for custom orders through our Online Farmers Market! We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass, and Jacksonville to Shady Cove; and everywhere in between.

Take Full Advantage

The way to take full advantage of Rogue Produce is by signing up for regular CSA Share deliveries. Here are the highlights you’ll want to remember about our unique CSA program:

  • Every week you have at least 3 different CSA Shares to choose from:  The Fruit & Veggie Share; the Omnivore Share; and the Whole Kitchen Share. That’s right, you can preview the 3 shares (described in more detail below), and choose which one you want every week (that means you get to choose, every week, which kind of share you want)!
  • We deliver every other Friday from November 16th, 2018, through the end of May, 2019.
  • You can skip a delivery any time you want with no penalty, and you can sign-up for as little as 2 deliveries. In other words, there are no big commitments, and we’re totally flexible!
  • Perhaps best of all, when you sign-up for CSA Shares, you can supplement your delivery with any additional items you’d like to order from our Online Farmers Market, with no processing fees!

CSA Descriptions

  • The Fruit & Veggie Share will consist entirely of vegetarian items, including a predominance of fresh fruits and veggies; and an occasional item such as a block of cheese from Rogue Creamery, fresh made tortillas from Windborne Farm, Olive Oil from Pasture 42, and others. This bag can be further customized to include only veggies and fruits if so desired.
  • The Omnivore’s Share is also dominated by fresh fruits and veggies, but will include one of the following: Chorizo pork sausage from White Oak Ranch; breakfast or Italian sausage from Riverdog Farm; grass fed ground beef, beef jerky, or steak from Dauenhauer Cattle; or lamb cuts from Rock Field Farm. Much of the selection of meats we offer are difficult to find anywhere else, and we choose only the best tasting, highest quality products!
  • The Whole-Kitchen Share will include a loaf of bread from Rise Up! Bakery; a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm; a meat selection from

    Mild and spicy Italian, breakfast sausage, and more!

    a local producer (see above); a cheese selection from either Rogue Creamery, By George Farm, or Oak Leaf Creamery; and will be rounded out with a complimentary selection of fresh fruits and veggies.

The Online Farmers Market Option

If for any reason you don’t prefer the CSA Share option, you can always shop our Online Farmers Market and order whatever items you’d like. With this option you incur a processing fee of $10 for each order. Our online market includes eggs, meats, cheeses, olive oils and vinegars, breads, and much more!

Gifts for the Holidays

What better idea for your friends and family who live in Southern Oregon and support local and sustainable agriculture – purchase them a gift of Rogue Produce! Gifts are great any time of year, especially since we deliver our CSA year-round!

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