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Rogue Produce Delivers!

Rogue produce delivers! We’ve got another new Rogue CSA Share on the list this week, “The Smoothie Share!” It joins “The Keto Share” as one of the latest new additions to our Online Farmers Market. Order now, or check out the previews below of each of the 4 unique Rogue CSA Shares available this week. We highlight all of the incredible seasonal produce available from your favorite local farms and producers.

The Veggie Share

Fresh French Breakfast Radishes from Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch!

The local seasonal favorites in this share include purple sprouted broccoli from Wandering Roots Farm, French breakfast radishes from Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, raw beet crackers from Higher Power Raw Foods, and “Buncom in Bloom” brie cheese from By George. You can make a salad with the delicious head of red butter lettuce, and there are opportunities galore with the Japanese sweet potatoes, large hass avocados, Crimini mushrooms, green onions, and the sweet and sour ruby red grapefruit!

The Omnivore Share

brie cheese

Yummy brie cheese from By George Farm!

This share starts out with the yummy goodness of a fresh baguette from La Baguette, in Ashland, a jar of Tayberry jam from Pennington Farms, and a round of Buncom brie cheese from By George! We include the purple sprouted broccoli and the large leaf spinach (this is amazing) from Wandering Roots, large hass avocados, red butter lettuce, and a package of incredible wet teriyaki beef jerky from Dauenhauer Cattle, in Ashland.

The Keto Share

Rogue Pro now has Keto!

This is the second week now that we’ve offered the Keto Share, and its debut was well received! This week, enjoy the famous breakfast sausage from Riverdog Farm, the purple sprouted broccoli and spinach from Wandering Roots, and fresh green garlic from Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, in Medford. The Keto also includes large hass avocados, free range eggs from Harris Family Farm in Central Point, and the delicious soft Buncom brie cheese from By George.

The Smoothie Share

Spring is here, so we’re offering a new Rogue CSA Share to highlight the amazing smoothie and super food products from Bright Earth Foods, in Ashland. This Share includes new 8 oz. packages of the Rainbow Super Food Smoothie Mix and Vanilla Protein Powder; and 2 lbs. of the frozen mixed berry medley from Pennington Farm. These ingredients are really all you need to make some amazingly nutritious and delicious smoothie recipes. It’s time for a Spring cleanse!

Order Now for Home Delivery

Place your order by 5pm on Monday, April 15th (easy date to remember), and Rogue Produce delivers to your door on Friday, April 19th. We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass, and from Jacksonville to Shady Cove – and everywhere in between (and slightly beyond)! You can pay for a single order, or sign-up for one of the various plans we have available.


Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners!


Winter CSA Shares, Multiple Choice!

Rogue Produce Winter CSA Shares

Sign-up for CSA Share deliveries, and order additional items from our Online Farmers Market with no processing fees!

Friday, November 16th (the week before Thanksgiving), marks the first delivery of the Rogue Produce Winter CSA, and we continue delivering the Winter Shares every other Friday until the end of May, 2019 (we deliver directly to your home or business). The Winter Shares contain approximately $50 in fresh produce; and this year we’ve created 3 types of CSA Shares, to meet the needs of every unique household!  We pick the highest quality produce from farms in Southern Oregon, and supplement the shares with organic produce from additional farms in the Northwest. Not only do we have new selections of CSA Shares – now any customer who signs up for one can order additional items from our Online Farmers Market, with no processing or delivery fee!

Here are brief descriptions of the 3 different kinds of CSA Shares you can choose from each week we deliver:

  • The Fruit & Veggie Share will consist entirely of vegetarian items, including a predominance of fresh fruits and veggies; and an occasional item such as a block of cheese from Rogue Creamery, fresh made tortillas from Windborne Farm, Olive Oil from Pasture 42, and others. This bag can be further customized to include only veggies and fruits if so desired.
  • The Omnivore’s Share is also dominated by fresh fruits and veggies, but will include one of the following: Chorizo pork sausage from White Oak Ranch; breakfast or Italian sausage from Riverdog Farm; grass fed ground beef, beef jerky, or steak from Dauenhauer Cattle; or lamb cuts from Rock Field Farm. Much of the selection of meats we offer are difficult to find anywhere else, and we choose only the best tasting, highest quality products!
  • The Whole-Kitchen Share will include a loaf of bread from Rise Up! Bakery; a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm; a meat selection from a local producer (see above); a cheese selection from either Rogue Creamery, By George Farm, or Oak Leaf Creamery; and will be rounded out with a complimentary selection of fresh fruits and veggies.

Online Farmers Market

Huge selection of your favorites!

When you sign-up for our CSA Shares, you now have the ability to choose additional items from the entire selection at our Online Farmers Market, with no processing or delivery fees! Additional items include pastries, nuts and seeds, super foods, smoothie mixes, frozen fruits, olive oils and vinegars, and so much more!


If you sign-up for 6 Winter CSA Shares before November 1st, we’ll include a $10 credit to our Online Farmer’s Market for custom ordering! You can sign-up at, or give us a call at 541-301-3426.

Re-Cap, Why Rogue Produce?

Here are just a few points that make the Rogue Produce CSA Share the way to go:

  • Direct delivery to your home or business, from Ashland to Grants Pass; Jacksonville to Shady Cove!
  • Highest quality items from your local farms and producers.
  • Supplemental organic produce of the highest quality from regional producers.
  • The option to skip deliveries any week you need to, for any reason.
  • Greatest flexibility and customization options.
  • Year-round delivery.
  • Our service is “Full-Circle”, with Community Compost.

Community Compost?

Food-scraps to farm soil!

That last bullet point refers to our weekly food-scrap pick up service, currently available in Ashland, Talent, Phoenix and Medford. You collect the compostable foods-scraps from your kitchen, and leave them curbside on your pick-up day every week. We pick them up and donate them to local small farms to integrate into their composting operations. Food-scraps are a valuable commodity to our local farmers; and serve our community by returning as nutrients to the soil, rather than as waste to a land-fill. We’ve even created an incentive for residents to participate in this program, by partnering with local businesses to create the Annual Customer Appreciation Coupon Book!

Delivering Local Favorites

As we expand home delivery of our year-round CSA and Online Farmers Market to new customers in Grants Pass and the surrounding area, we’d like to share about all of the local producers you can support – and their amazing products you can enjoy – by shopping at Rogue Produce. In addition to fresh produce from many of our local farms, our list includes breads (gluten and non-gluten), cheeses (goat and cow), olive oil, vinegar, grass-fed beef, superfoods, and much more. This post is the first of several in which we will introduce some of our fine partners in Southern Oregon.


Organicos Bakery

Rice BreadOrganicos has established itself as one of the most praised producers of gluten-free breads and pizza crusts. Based in Phoenix, they have several varieties of delicious sandwich breads, including multi-grain seeded, rice, sunflower oat, and their most popular cinnamon raisin. We love these breads because in addition to being gluten-free, they also contain no egg or dairy products, which is often a hard find for families with members who are vegan or who have dairy or egg allergies. You can’t beat these breads for taste, nor can you beat the great price of these products at Rogue Produce.


Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery CheesesTheir cheese are already world renowned, and how lucky we are to have an amazing company like the Rogue Creamery in Central Point. What you may not know is that Rogue Creamery recently became certified organic, and they have always produced the most amazing varieties of cheese, and we also sell their delicious butter. They even include local ales in some of their recipes, and they are most famous for their blue cheeses.


Rise Up! BakeryRise Up! Bread

We are grateful to have discovered Rise Up! Artisan Bread based out of the Applegate Valley to supply us with a variety of breads, including sprouted multi-grain, sourdough, levain, and many more. There is so much to learn about this totally sustainable producer, and we highly recommend you visit their website.


Pickled Planet

Love Kraut

This is another unique company we are so lucky to have in our area. Based out of Ashland, Pickled Planet produces a huge selection of krauts, with almost every combination of fermented veggies you can imagine. It’s always a good idea to have a jar of one (or many) of their krauts in the fridge to combine with whatever you’re cooking up in the kitchen.


Pennington Farm

PiesOh my! If you have a sweet tooth look no further. Pennington Farms supplies Rogue Produce with incredible pies and turnovers created from the fabulous berries they grow on their farm on highway 238, between Grants Pass and Jacksonville. They’ve also recently begun producing a line of granola that any child or adult will love. We sell pints of their fresh picked berries in the main growing season, plus tasty jams and bags of their frozen smoothie berry mix all year long!


The above is just a short preview of the many local businesses you can support by signing up with Rogue Produce. You can see a more comprehensive list of the local farmers and producers we work with by visiting our website. We offer home delivery of all our products year-round, and we now serve Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Jacksonville, White City, Eagle Point, Shady Cove, Rogue River, Grants Pass, Ruch, and Murphy!