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Rogue River Drop Site

Rogue River Drop Site Open!

Do you live in the Rogue River area? Are you looking for a nearby location to shop the freshest of local and organic produce? Rogue Produce and Mystic Valley Farm and Tea Shop now provide you with a fun and convenient way to enjoy the best of what’s available from your favorite local farms and food artisans!

Mystic Valley Farm and Tea shop is one of our newest local vendors at Rogue Produce. The owners of Mystic Valley, Trinity and Steven, are opening the doors of their store for Rogue Produce customers to pick up orders every Friday, between 1pm and 5:30pm!

How it Works

The first step is to sign-up for our FREE, Rogue River Drop Site Membership. The drop site membership removes our standard $12 delivery fee from your orders, and gives you access to our weekly sales.

Once you’ve checked out with your membership, head to our Shop Page, and place an order by 6pm on Tuesday. Rogue Produce delivers your orders to Mystic Valley by 1pm on Fridays, and you can pick up by 5:30pm.

Mystic Valley Farm and Tea Shop

Mystic Valley is located at 102 E Main St, in Rogue River, OR 97537. The shop offers a unique collection of medicinal herbal blends, single origin herbs and loose leaf teas. Products are predominantly sourced from Mystic Valley Farm and like-minded sustainable growers.

Supporting Local

When you stop by to pick up your Rogue Produce order, you can pick up a freshly brewed tea, or a host of other delicious items at the Shop!

When Does this Start?

The Rogue River Drop Site is live, now! You can start shopping at the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market right away!

Become a Rogue River Drop Site Member!

When you become a Rogue River Drop Site Member with Rogue Produce and begin purchasing local produce from our Online Market, you immediately support our community-building, soil-sustaining, farm-helping, and small-business-partnering efforts.

Do you live on the other side of town?

If you live between Grants Pass and Jacksonville, near Highway 238, Rogue Produce has started another drop site that may be the option for you!

Check out our other partner drop site, located at the Lindsay Lodge, in Jacksonville. This site is located at 15100, Highway 238, in Jacksonville, 97530. Find out more about the Lindsay Lodge Drop Site.

Direct  Delivery  Options

Rogue Produce offers direct delivery to homes in Ashland, Talent, Medford, Phoenix, Central Point, White City, and other nearby areas. You have the option to pay a $12 delivery fee, or, become a Farmers Market Member for $16.95/month, and delivery fees are waived on all of your orders, plus you get access to our weekly sales!



Stay in the LOOP!

If you’re not currently interested in our services, you can still sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay informed. We’ll keep you posted on farm events, local food stories, compost lore, farm work parties, promotions, and so much more!

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New Benefits for Farmers Market Members

New Farmers Market Benefits!

Since we’re making our first ever increase to our Farmers Market Memberships, we wanted to provide some additional benefits to soften the blow – and to make our service even more fun!

New Benefit #1, Rogue Produce Weekly Lottery

When you order from our Online Farmers Market, your home delivery gets an identifier , like “B-11,” which helps us organize our routes. We’ve decided that each week we will roll the dice to determine which order is the lucky winner of the Rogue Produce Lottery! Our standard weekly prize will be a $10 shopping credit to the winner. Of course, we’ll switch up the prize from time to time; maybe we’ll double the coupon once a month, or give away Rogue Produce Merchandise (see below).

New Benefit #2, Discounts on Merchandise

We’ve started our search for high quality, sustainable merchandise to sell on our store, and we’ll give Members a significant discount on these products (once we know the costs). We’re thinking we’ll start with t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs and water bottles; and we imagine we’ll find some more unique items as we shop around.

Farm Collective Update

It’s no joke when the excavator tips into a ditch! It took us a couple of mornings to pull this thing out, and to put back on the track that fell off one side – the crew is learning a lot about heavy equipment though.

You’ll be happy to know that everyone employed with Rogue Produce is part of the Farm Collective, and it is an endeavor that is proving to bring us all much closer together. Each of us have our own specialties of sorts, and we’re all interested in growing different things and applying our unique skills to the work that needs being done – whether that’s planting, weed whacking, watering, pruning, harvesting, digging, bookkeeping, or administrative work. It all needs getting done!

We have one new commercial client on board with our Community Compost service, Cartwright’s Market, in Medford. We are very grateful for these types of arrangements, because it allows us to pick up a whole lot of food scraps in one trip! Thank you Cartwright’s!

We should be harvesting some more basil in the weeks to come. We’ll also have a few varieties of heirloom and cherry tomatoes; zucchini, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, Winter squash, and herbs of many varieties soon!

Most of the work we’ve been up to these first few months has been cleaning up the farm and doing fire prevention work, and we did our best with the Summer crop plantings mentioned above. We are all new-comers to farming, but with helpful guidance of our mentor we are confident we’ll have some high quality harvests.

Thank you for your support! Your orders make all this happen  : )

Grants Pass Delivery! FREE Memberships!

Grants Pass Benefits!

Grants Pass gets the best of the Rogue!

Pick up your favorite local produce at Frank N Stene’s in Grants Pass. Order A La Carte from our Online Farmers Market!

Rogue Produce delivers to Grants Pass in partnership with Frank N Stene’s Growler Shop, at 950 SW 6th St, to get you the best produce from your favorite local farms and small businesses. Here are the new special benefits we offer for Grants Pass customers:

  • Free Farmers Market Memberships! That means no delivery fees, and access to our members only weekly discounts!
  • A convenient drop site where you can pick-up your orders, at your leisure, every week at Frank N Stene’s Growler Shop. Your orders stay fresh in the walk-in refrigerator until you pick-up!

How Does it Work?

Before you place an order, give us a call at 541-301-3426 and we will set you up with a FREE membership. Then, all you need to do is place your order and all delivery fees are removed and the discounts kick in automatically! Here’s how your savings break down:

  • We waive the $12 delivery fee on every order!
  • We give you our Farmers Market Membership, usually $9.99 per month, for FREE!
  • Plus, you save weekly with discounts we provide to our Farmers Market Members!

Orders need to be placed by Monday evenings at 9 pm, and we deliver to Frank N Stene’s by Friday at 1 pm. You can pick-up your order from the growler shop anytime that works for you. Frank N Stene’s has business hours through the weekend. You’ll receive a reminder email when we’re ready to take orders.

Why Participate?

Grants Pass gets the best of the Rogue!

Grants Pass delivery of the best of the Rogue!

Rogue Produce brings you the best of local produce from your favorite farms, including meats like pasture-raised chicken, beef, and pork; cheeses from local creameries; breads and pastries from local bakeries; coffees from local roasters; jams, pickles, krauts, nuts, seeds – and SO much more! We don’t deliver wine or beer, but you can pick-up your favorite local brew from Frank N Stene’s when you pick up your Rogue Produce order! Plus, Rogue Produce delivers year-round!

Get Started Today!

Remember to give us a call before your first order, at 541-301-3426, so we can set up your FREE membership and answer any questions you may have about our service. We look forward to serving you with the best of the Rogue!

The Rogue’s Best, Right To Your Door

Buy Local with Home Delivery

Order the Rogue’s best from the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market for home delivery on Friday, December 11. The order deadline is Tonight at 7 pm. Please include notes for delivery – we greatly appreciate directions on every order.

Here’s How You Get Started

  1. Register for an account  at the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market!
  2. Purchase a Farmers Market Membership to remove delivery fees on every order and receive special discounts!
  3. Go to the Online Farmers Market and start shopping your favorite local products with weekly Home Delivery!

What’s Hot This Week

We’ve stocked up with cross-rib roasts from Salant Family Ranch, and it’s our first week offering their 1 lb. packages of ground beef. This beef is grass-fed and grain-finished for the ultimate in taste and texture!

More of the Rogue’s best includes garlic cheese curds from By George Farm! Ella Bella Farm contributes their newly developed Herb Salt, and an Almond Biscotti! Get your favorite gourmet mushrooms from Louis at Mushrooms All Year, and keep your plate full of greens from Terra Sol Organics! And we’ve just added hot sauces from American Ruralcraft! Don’t forget about pies and pastries from Pennington Farms!


Get a $20 account credit when you refer a friend to Rogue Produce. The friend you refer also gets a $20 account credit after their first order! Just check out our Referral Page to get the details – it’s so easy!


Proud to be Rogue!

Are you passionate about any of the following?

  • Supporting local farms and small businesses
  • Enjoying the freshest and most delicious food products available
  • Saving time and money with home grocery delivery
  • Reducing waste in your local landfill
  • Keeping the dollars you spend local
  • Helping those in need within your community receive nutritious, fresh, and locally grown produce

If any of these are important to you, take a minute to read on and see how Rogue Produce assists you in meeting these objectives in the most convenient and enjoyable ways imaginable!

Supporting Local Farms and Small Businesses

It may just blow your mind when you see the huge list of local farmers and producers we work with. Our emphasis lies always on supporting the inner-circle of vendors in the immediate vicinity of Jackson and Josephine Counties; but we do branch out by purchasing from farms throughout Oregon and the Northwest, and by procuring items that can’t be sourced locally through a reputable distributor, Organically Grown Company.

Home Delivery

We’ve been mastering the logistics of home delivery since we began our enterprise in 2013. We currently deliver to your door every Friday in Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Jacksonville, Eagle Point, and White City – as well as some locations in Rogue River and Grants Pass.

Reducing Waste in the Local Landfill

Our Community Compost service not only diverts waste from the landfill, it’s also hugely beneficial to local farms. Instead of having your food scraps sent to the dump, we pick them up and donate them to local farms to be composted and returned to the local soil as a valuable supplement for growing a portion of the produce you purchase through our Online Farmers Market! When you read about how are compost program works and the customer coupon book component your mind will be blown again – it’s all about supporting local and smart resource management!

Giving Local

One of our most recent developments at Rogue Produce is a program that gives you the means of supporting those in need within our community with the purchase of fresh organic produce – with an emphasis on produce grown on the fields of our local farms. Rogue Produce has partnered with the Rogue Valley Food System Network to turn donations into boxes of fresh local food, delivered through the Maslow Project (be sure to select “Rogue Produce Box” so your donations go where you want them).

You can also donate bundles of fresh produce for those preparing dishes for the Ashland Community Peace Meal. When you donate, you help those in our community and support local farms in the process!

These two donation opportunities are a reflection of some good that has come of recent events: in late March of this year several passionate Rogue Produce customers recognized the importance of delivering fresh local produce to individuals and families in need; and these customers stepped up to provide assistance at every level to create these collaborative programs – thank you to everyone who continues to be actively involved in this process!

Sign-Up with Rogue

The fun begins when you register for an account. That gets you subscribed to our mailing list so you receive a weekly notification informing you that we’re ready to take orders for our next Friday delivery. After you register you can sign-up as a member to remove the $12 delivery fee that is usually included with every order. Membership is only $9.99 a month, or $99 for a year! Membership also gets you a discount on our Community Compost service. After you register and sign-up as a member you can order any time from our Online Farmers Market with no delivery or processing fees!

We promise our services will make you Proud to be Rogue! Give us a call if you have any questions, at 541-301-3426; or email us at


Local Meat for the Holidays!

We’ve put the Rock Field Farm leg of lamb and lamb shanks on sale this week so you can get your freezer stocked for Holiday dinners! Make sure to check out the amazing shallots (also on sale) from Gathering Together Farm, and the New York Steak from Dauenhauer Cattle. A new Feta is on the list from By George Farm, and we’re getting incredible fingerling and purple potatoes from the Klamath Basin. Get stocked up with local meat and much more for Holiday visitors! Order now for a home delivery on Friday, November 15. Make sure to order by Tuesday, November 12 at 10 am.

If you’re a New Customer, creating an account is your first step, which automatically enrolls you in a FREE 3-month Farmers Market Membership (that means no delivery or processing fees, discounts on products, and more). Here’s some highlights of what’s available at our Online Farmers Market!

Veggie Bundle

Sunflower ShootsEnjoy honeycrisp apples, frozen peaches from Valley View Orchard, sunflower shoots from Terra Sol Organics, green leaf lettuce, Easter egg radishes from Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, broccolini, avocados, and raw sprouted walnuts from Higher Power Raw Foods!

Omnivore Bundle

Feast on honeycrisp apples, bunched carrots from Wandering Roots Farm, fingerling potatoes from the Klamath basin, shallots from Gathering Together Farm, green leaf lettuce, honey and sea salt fromage from By George Farm, Rogue Valley sourdough bread from Rise Up! Bakery, and ground beef from Dauenhauer Cattle!

Keto Bundle

CashewsGet your Easter egg radishes from Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, green leaf lettuce, broccolini, avocados, cashews from Higher Power Raw Foods, Feta from By George Farm, and ground lamb from Rock Field Farm (click for recipes).

Breakfast Bundle

Includes honeycrisp apples, frozen berry medley from Pennington Farm, free range eggs from Poetential Farm, sunflower shoots from Terra Sol Organics, avocados, Little Applegate sourdough from Rise Up! Bakery, and honey from Valley View Orchard!

Order by Tuesday at 10 am!

For a home delivery on Friday, November 15, please place your order by Tuesday morning at 10 am. If you refer a friend, you’ll receive $10 credit for every new person who signs up on your recommendation—and they’ll get a $10 coupon emailed to them after their first order! If you’re a New Customer, creating an account is your first step, which will automatically enroll you in a FREE 3-month Farmers Market Membership (that means no delivery or processing fees, discounts on products, and more).

Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners. We enjoy working with the small farms and businesses of our region to make supporting local a fun and convenient experience.

Time to Shop Local

Shop local at the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market, where you’ll find the freshest and highest quality local and organic produce. We are ready to take orders for our next home delivery on Friday, October 18. Make sure you place your order by Monday, October 14 at 10 pm. If you’re a new customer we set you up with a FREE 3-month  Farmers Market Membership when you create your account – so you can start ordering right away and receive member benefits including no delivery or processing fees!

Take a look below at the pre-bundled CSA shares we have planned for this delivery. There’s a whole lot more local produce available on the expansive list at our Online Market, including fresh baked breads, local cheeses, honey, beef, pork, eggs, and so much more!

Veggie Bundle

Red Butter LettuceLocal farms you love contributing to this bundle include Wandering Roots Farm, Terra Sol Organics, Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, and Ella Bella Farm. You receive 3 honeycrisp apples, a head of red butter lettuce, 2 large avocados, a bag of sunflower shoots, a pound of broccoli, a bunch of Italian kale, a bunch of French breakfast radishes, a butternut squash, a stalk of celery, a pound of red onions, and a hearty bunch of orange carrots.

Omnivore Bundle

Sunflower ShootsZack Dauenhauer at Dauenhauer Cattle in Ashland provides the grass fed and finished beef in the next 3 bundles. Other local contributors include Wandering Roots Farm, Terra Sol Organics, Wandering Fields, Rise Up! Bakery, and By George Farm. With this bundle you receive a head of red butter lettuce, a bunch of orange carrots, a bag of pea shoots, a pound of leeks, 2 large avocados, a stalk of celery, a loaf of ciabatta bread, a wedge of Dutchman’s Peak cheese, and a pound of ground beef. We have been loving the cheeses from By George Farm and are excited to try the Dutch!

Keto Bundle

In addition to the contributors mentioned above, the Keto bundle includes the famous Oregonzola cheese from Rogue Creamery, and a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm in Klamath Falls; as well as 3 honeycrisp apples, a bag of sunflower shoots, 2 large avocados, and a 4 pack of tenderloins from Dauenhauer Cattle!

Breakfast Bundle

Swiss-ki-you CheeseThe breakfast bundle includes 3 honeycrisp apples, a dozen eggs, 2 large avocados, a pound of leeks, a wedge of Swiss-ki-you cheese (we had to do a repeat of this – it’s amazingly delicious), beef breakfast links from Dauenhauer Cattle, a jar of basil and garlic sauerkraut, and a loaf of Rogue Valley sourdough bread!

Take advantage of our New Customer offer and receive a FREE 3-Month Farmers Market Membership when you create your account. You don’t need to do a thing – the FREE membership kicks in right away and you can shop local with no delivery or processing fees and receive special members discounts on selected products at our Online Farmers Market. If you’re already a member, place your order by Monday at 10 pm and we’ll see you on Friday with your delicious assortment of local produce.

Thank you for supporting local!



Choose Your CSA Share: Veggie, Pizza or Mexican!

We have a CSA Share for you this week, for sure! We’ve organized your favorite products from local farms and small businesses into 3 delightfully themed selections for home delivery next Friday, February 22nd. Sign-up with Rogue Produce and get busy making tasty meals with these amazing local ingredients!

The Veggie Share

Get your local spinach from Wandering Roots Farm!

We’ve got spinach this week coming in for the first time this year from Wandering Roots Farm, and the hearty salad mix (kale, chard, arugula and mustard greens) returns from Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch. The Veggie CSA Share includes raw sprouted pecans from Maria at Higher Power Raw Foods; a cut of TouVelle Cheddar from Rogue Creamery; a fresh baguette from La Baguette; and we top it off with organic tangerines, Fuji apples, carrots and a couple pounds of red potatoes. Remember that you can substitute additional veggies (you can let us know your preference in the “special instructions” section at the bottom of the order form) for the bread and/or the cheese in the Veggie Share!

The Omnivore Share

Organic pizza dough from Bread Stop Bakery. Choose either original or rosemary!

We are now the exclusive provider in Southern Oregon of the amazing fresh and organic pizza dough from The Bread Stop, in Eugene. They’ve discontinued their deliveries to our area, but we have a special connection that makes the trip north from time to time to stock up! You can choose from the original or the rosemary (use the “special instructions” box to let us know which). We’re also acquiring an amazing tomato sauce – perfect for pizza – from Sweet Creek Foods, also located in the Eugene area. Sweet Creek uses only organic and northwest grown tomatoes for all of their sauces! And to top it off (no pun intended), you can choose from the mild or spicy Italian sausage from Riverdog Farm; you cannot find a tastier sausage for any Italian dish!

Mild or spicy Italian sausage links – you pick!

We’ve thrown in a couple of other possible pizza toppings into the Omnivore CSA Share:  crimini mushrooms, red onion, and some of the spinach from Wandering Roots. To round out the share we include a delicious lettuce mix, also from Wandering Roots, as well as some beautiful gold potatoes and Fuji apples.

The Whole Kitchen Share

This CSA Share is for Mexican night! We’ve got the favorite fresh corn tortillas from Jennifer at Windborne Farm, chorizo sausage from Devon at White Oak Ranch, and a new enchilada sauce from Sweet Creek Foods (you can choose from mild red or green)! We include other items to round out an enchilada meal or to make a great breakfast:  a loaf of Little Applegate sourdough from Rise Up! Bakery, red onion, a medley of red and gold potatoes, spinach from Wandering Roots Farm, and a dozen eggs (with a couple of duck eggs mixed in with every dozen) from Harris Family Farm in Central Point. Yummy!

Additional News

Working with Maria at Higher Power has inspired us to add some of her additional products to our list. This week we’ve included her raw bee pollen, and 1 lb. bags of raw granola. We’ve also added Albecore Tuna from Sweet Creek Foods!
If you’d like to place an order for delivery next Friday, February 22nd, please submit the online form by Monday afternoon at 5:00pm. Have a look at all of our service options and sign-up today. Support your favorite local farms and food artisans and enjoy the best of what’s local!