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Get yours Local

You can get yours local at Rogue Produce – it’s all here! We bring the best from our local farms and producers right to your door. This week we introduce the “Fiesta Share” with fresh corn tortillas from Jennifer at Windborne Farm, and smoked chorizo sausage from Devon at White Oak Ranch (her bacon is now on the list too)! Place your order now, or check out the preview below of what’s on our list this week.

New Items

Produce Delivery

Get yours local with home delivery from Rogue Produce!

New items include salad mix, cucumbers and Romaine lettuce from Blue Fox Farm; and snap peas and Napa Cabbage from Wandering Roots. We’ve also got the goat chevre back from Mama Terra Micro Creamery, and organic tomatoes still on the vine. These are just a few of the items available at our Online Farmers Market, and be sure to check out the contents of our pre-bundled Rogue CSA Shares below. Remember, we deliver right to your door; from Ashland to Grants Pass, and Jacksonville to Shady Cove!

Veggie Share

Radishes from Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch!

Plenty of veggies coming in now that the sun is shining! This is the first week we have produce from Chris Jaggar at Blue Fox Farm:  his salad mix, cucumbers, cilantro and basil are all in the Veggie Share this week. Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch has a variety of radishes, and you’ll get a bunch of either dragon, French breakfast or Easter egg. The pea shoots from Terra Sol Organics are phenomenal, and a 2 oz. bag explodes into a crunchy topping for salads and sandwiches, or as a stand alone snack. Wandering Roots Farm chips in with a hearty share of sugar snap peas, salad turnips and a head of Napa cabbage. Get yours local!

Fiesta Share

Fresh tortillas made with heirloom corn from Windborne Farm, with enchilada sauce from Sweet Creek Foods (let us know if you want the mild green or red). We also include a jar of either mild or medium salsa from Sweet Creek – just let us know which you prefer. More Mexican flavor with the smoked chorizo from White Oak Ranch, and fresh cilantro from Blue Fox Farm. We top the Fiesta Share off with a wedge of TouVelle Cheddar from Rogue Creamery and 2 large Hass Avocados.

Pizza Share

Blue Fox Farm

Blue Fox Salad Mix is Back!

Take your pick of either the rosemary or original fresh pizza dough from The Bread Stop, and either the mild or spicy Italian sausage from Riverdog Farm (get this while it lasts). For your perfect pizza we include the organic tomato sauce from Sweet Creek Foods, TouVelle Cheddar from Rogue Creamery, fresh basil from Blue Fox Farm, crimini mushrooms and red onion. We also give you the ingredients for a simple side salad with the amazing salad mix and cucumbers from Blue Fox Farm. We recommend purchasing a bottle of arbequina olive oil and one of our flavored balsamic vinegars to make a perfect dressing!

Breakfast Share

White Oak Ranch Smoked Bacon!

Start your day with an exquisite cup of coffee from Noble Coffee Roasters in Ashland. This week their rotator blend is the single origin Balinese “Kintamani.” This coffee has flavors of raspberry rhubarb, honey and cinnamon! Gotta have the fresh smoked bacon from White Oak Ranch (which has received rave reviews since we launched it on our last delivery), and a bag of Hiker bagels from the Little Shop of Bagels in Ashland. Other breakfast fixings include the pea shoots from Terra Sol Organics, a pound of red onion, and of course, a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm.

Keto Share

Rogue Pro now goes Keto!

Enjoy the delicious Albacore Tuna caught fresh off the Oregon coast and prepared by Sweet Creek Foods, and don’t miss the amazing breakfast sausage links from Riverdog Farm (you really have to try these). Also included is a delicious medley of duck and chicken eggs from Harris Family Farm, the raw goat “herbs de provence” chevre from Dave at Oak Leaf Creamery (one of my favorites), and 2 large Hass Avocados.

Sign-up today for one of our Rogue CSA subscriptions or place a one-time order from our Online Farmers Market! It’s so easy to support the very best small farmers and food producers in Southern Oregon, and you’ll find great tasting regional products you won’t find anywhere else!

Rogue Produce Delivers!

Rogue produce delivers! We’ve got another new Rogue CSA Share on the list this week, “The Smoothie Share!” It joins “The Keto Share” as one of the latest new additions to our Online Farmers Market. Order now, or check out the previews below of each of the 4 unique Rogue CSA Shares available this week. We highlight all of the incredible seasonal produce available from your favorite local farms and producers.

The Veggie Share

Fresh French Breakfast Radishes from Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch!

The local seasonal favorites in this share include purple sprouted broccoli from Wandering Roots Farm, French breakfast radishes from Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, raw beet crackers from Higher Power Raw Foods, and “Buncom in Bloom” brie cheese from By George. You can make a salad with the delicious head of red butter lettuce, and there are opportunities galore with the Japanese sweet potatoes, large hass avocados, Crimini mushrooms, green onions, and the sweet and sour ruby red grapefruit!

The Omnivore Share

brie cheese

Yummy brie cheese from By George Farm!

This share starts out with the yummy goodness of a fresh baguette from La Baguette, in Ashland, a jar of Tayberry jam from Pennington Farms, and a round of Buncom brie cheese from By George! We include the purple sprouted broccoli and the large leaf spinach (this is amazing) from Wandering Roots, large hass avocados, red butter lettuce, and a package of incredible wet teriyaki beef jerky from Dauenhauer Cattle, in Ashland.

The Keto Share

Rogue Pro now has Keto!

This is the second week now that we’ve offered the Keto Share, and its debut was well received! This week, enjoy the famous breakfast sausage from Riverdog Farm, the purple sprouted broccoli and spinach from Wandering Roots, and fresh green garlic from Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, in Medford. The Keto also includes large hass avocados, free range eggs from Harris Family Farm in Central Point, and the delicious soft Buncom brie cheese from By George.

The Smoothie Share

Spring is here, so we’re offering a new Rogue CSA Share to highlight the amazing smoothie and super food products from Bright Earth Foods, in Ashland. This Share includes new 8 oz. packages of the Rainbow Super Food Smoothie Mix and Vanilla Protein Powder; and 2 lbs. of the frozen mixed berry medley from Pennington Farm. These ingredients are really all you need to make some amazingly nutritious and delicious smoothie recipes. It’s time for a Spring cleanse!

Order Now for Home Delivery

Place your order by 5pm on Monday, April 15th (easy date to remember), and Rogue Produce delivers to your door on Friday, April 19th. We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass, and from Jacksonville to Shady Cove – and everywhere in between (and slightly beyond)! You can pay for a single order, or sign-up for one of the various plans we have available.


Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners!


The “Keto” CSA Share!

The Keto CSA Share is the latest addition to the Rogue CSA and the Online Farmers Market at Rogue Produce! It’s the best time ever to join with our “Fresh Incentives” Spring sale in effect through Monday, April 1st. Here’s the preview for what’s available for home delivery next Friday, April 5th.

The Veggie Share

The large leaf spinach from Wandering Roots Farm is still coming on strong, as well as their incredible bunches of fresh cilantro. Maria from Higher Power Raw Foods adds her delicious and nutritious raw sprouted walnuts to the share, and Jennifer from Windborne Farm is preparing bags of fresh corn tortillas. We round out the Veggie Share with organic Meyer lemons, Fuji apples, Shiitake mushrooms, large avocados and red onion. You might want to order a jar of red or green enchilada sauce from Sweet Creek Foods along with this share, which are on sale for only $4.50 a jar!

Organic pizza dough from The Bread Stop!

The Omnivore Share

This week our Omnivore Share can also be dubbed, “The Pizza Share.” We’ve consulted with Rogue Creamery for some suggestions on what their favorite pizza cheeses are and decided to include both their Smokey Blue, and the TouVelle Cheddar. We include both the Original Pizza Dough and the Rosemary Pizza Dough from The Bread Stop, which are now sold in Southern Oregon exclusively by Rogue Produce! The D’anjou Pears and fresh Arugula can be paired with the blue cheese for some creative pizza ideas; and the roasted garlic tomato sauce from Sweet Creek Foods and the ground Italian Sausage from White Oak Ranch can make a more traditional pizza pie. Pizza Party!

Large Leaf Spinach from Wandering Roots Farm!

The Keto Share

The Keto Share takes the place of our usual “Whole Kitchen Share,” inspired by a call from many of our customers to craft a Share based on a ketogenic diet. White Oak Ranch provides one of their most popular items (and a new one to our list), ground country breakfast sausage. We include free-range and organic-fed chicken and duck eggs from Harris Family Farm in Central Point, and TouVelle Cheddar from Rogue Creamery. Enjoy the large leaf spinach from Wandering Roots Farm, the Gourmet Tuna Fish from Sweet Creek Foods, large avocado and red onion!

Spring Sales Ending April 1st!

One more reason to sign-up this week for new customers. Check out these promotions that end Monday, April 1st:

  • Purchase 2 Rogue CSA Shares and receive $10 of credit to spend at our Online Farmers Market;
  • or 6 Rogue CSA Shares and receive $25 of credit to spend at our Online Farmers Market!
  • Sign-up and deposit $345 into a spending account and receive 1 Rogue CSA Share for FREE (a $55 value);
  • or deposit $500 into a spending account and receive 2 Rogue CSA Shares for FREE (a $105 value)!

Make your orders online! Receive your orders at your door!

Set your course straight as you head into Spring, and join up with Rogue Produce to enjoy the best of what’s local all year long! Order from your computer and get your local produce delivered right to your door.

On-Sale Items

We’ve got a few other sales you can take advantage of! The Raw Green Smoothie Mix and the Superfood Smoothie Mix from Bright Earth Foods are only $24.95 per 1 lb. bag! The Dill Pickle Relish from Sweet Creek Foods is only $3.95, and the organic Coconut Oil from Bright Earth Foods is only $12.95.