Whole Chicken


Nuna Farms

Experience the delightful taste of our locally-hatched, small batch Cornish Cross chickens, consciously raised at our farm in Oregon. These premium birds are nourished with corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO feed and occasionally given pressed hemp treats, enriching them with essential protein and omega-3 fats. At just three weeks old, our chicks enjoy a pasture-centered lifestyle, where they munch on fresh grass and bugs daily until reaching eight weeks of age. They graze within our custom chicken tractors that keeps them protected from predators, provided with cool shade, and moved daily. Our chickens are processed and packaged with care at our farm to limit stress on the birds.

We are committed to transparency and promise that are chickens are:

Corn Free
Soy Free
GMO Free
Antibiotic Free
Hormone Free
Chemical Free
Tasty and delicious
Provided with sun, exercise, clean air, and water


2.82 lbs., 3.30 lbs., 3.56 lbs., 2.92 lbs., 3.07 lbs., 3.20 lbs., 3.40 lbs.