Local Farms Got Produce!

Wandering Fields Farm

Wandering Fields Farm in the Little Applegate Valley!

We’re ready for orders at Rogue Produce! We’ve got a host of your favorite local farms contributing the freshest and tastiest produce in our bundles this delivery. Ben Yohai from Wandering Fields makes his regular Autumn appearance bringing Rogue Produce a beautiful selection of yellow and purple potatoes (both with yellow flesh), shallots, onions, garlic, and leeks. Devon Benbrook at White Oak Ranch supplies the bulk of the protein in the bundles and features a new item—a 50/50 blend of ground beef and pork that is great for meatloaf and meatballs (time to use that tomato sauce you might have made this summer). Devon says the blend is great for hamburgers, too.

Valley View Orchard has their famous peaches (and sweet cherries, and you’ve got to get those fast) packaged frozen in beautiful 1-lb. bags, and Terra Sol Organics is ready once again with sunflower and pea shoots. Additional local farms represented on the list this week include Ella Bella Farm, Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, Wandering Roots Farm, Fry Family Farm, Sweet Creek Foods, Windborne Farm, Poetential Farm, By George, and Noble Coffee. Order now for a home delivery on Friday, October 4. Here’s a preview of our pre-bundled CSA Share selection.


Shallots from Wandering Fields!

Veggie Bundle

This amazing autumn arrangement includes frozen peaches from Valley View Orchard; green kale and bunched carrots from Wandering Roots Farm; French breakfast radishes from HappyDirt Veggie Patch; pea shoots from TerraSol Organics; a potato medley, onions, and garlic from Wandering Fields; mixed Italian peppers and delicata squash from Ella Bella Farm; and organic broccolini.

Omnivore Bundle

It’s fiesta time with fresh corn tortillas from Jennifer at Windborne Farm; red or green enchilada sauce from Sweet Creek Foods; ground chorizo sausage from White Oak Ranch; mixed Italian peppers from Ella Bella Farm; slicer tomatoes from Fry Family Farm; cilantro from Wandering Roots Farm; onions and a potato medley from Wandering Fields; and organic avocados. It takes a whole village of local farms to make a fiesta!

Ella Bella Peppers

Ella Bella Peppers!

Keto Bundle

Stimulate your culinary creativity with the 50/50 blend of ground beef and pork from White Oak Ranch; a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm; a wedge of Swiss cheese from By George; organic avocado; pea shoots from Terra Sol Organics; slicer tomatoes from Fry Family Farm; organic broccolini; and mixed Italian peppers from Ella Bella Farm!

Breakfast Bundle

First priority at breakfast: choose your coffee! Pick your favorite from Noble Coffee Roasters in this Breakfast Bundle, which also includes your selection of bagels from Little Shop of Bagels, ground breakfast sausage from White Oak Ranch, a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm, frozen peaches from Valley View Orchard, and sunflower shoots from Terra Sol Organics (these last two items pair well in a yummy and nutritious smoothie)!

Get your orders in by Tuesday, October 1 at 10am for a home delivery on Friday, October 4. Enjoy the best from your favorite local farms!

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