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New Local Products to “Wow” You!

Enjoy all the awesomeness of Noble!

Rogue Produce is going above and beyond this week with the help of our amazing local partners, including Noble Coffee Roasters, Dauenhauer Cattle, Cowhorn Vineyard, White Oak Ranch and many more. We’ve added a new “Breakfast CSA Share,” that features the rotating single origin blend from Noble Coffee. That means you get to try a new, incredible quality coffee with every delivery! Here’s a preview of the 4 Rogue CSA Shares we offer for home delivery next week.

The Veggie Share

We have amazing organic sweet frozen cherries from Valley View Orchard in Ashland, and you may want to pick up a pie crust from Pennington Farm to utilize these! Matt at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch has his amazing salad mix as part of this share, as well as bunches of his Easter Egg Radishes. Wandering Roots Farm offers up their purple sprouted broccoli, and Cowhorn Vineyard has notified us that their asparagus is ready! We also include the tasty and nutritious Sunflower Shoots from Terra Sol Organics. Also included in the Veggie Share this week are D’Anjou Pears, Red Onions, Large Hass Avocados and Gold Potatoes.

The Omnivore Share

We are excited to develop this share around the new single grass fed and finished steaks from Zack at Dauenhauer Cattle. These steaks are cut thick (about 1.25 inches), and this week we’ve chosen the Rib Eye! We include a head of green leaf lettuce, smokey blue cheese from Rogue Creamery and the amazing asparagus from Cowhorn Vineyard. The share is rounded out with green garlic from Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, purple sprouted broccoli from Wandering Roots, and a couple pounds of gold potatoes.

Rogue Pro now goes Keto!

The Keto Share

The excitement continues with the scrumptious items in the Keto Share! We’ve got a whole bunch of new pork products on our list from White Oak Ranch, and we’ve chosen their most highly recommended Country Style Boneless Pork Ribs for the Keto. Together with the ribs we include large avocados, eggs, the garlic basil fromage from By George Farm and raw cashews from Maria at Higher Power Raw Foods!

The Breakfast Share

The excitement is practically on overload with the introduction of our newest “Breakfast Share!” Every new breakfast share will include the latest single origin coffee from Noble Coffee Roasters, in Ashland. Refine your taste for the finest coffees by getting this new share every other week! The breakfast share also includes a loaf of the fine focaccia from Rise Up! Bakery, a dozen eggs, red onion, Sunflower Shoots from Terra Sol Organics, a pie crust from Pennington Farm and a pound of frozen cherries from Valley View Orchard. Local breakfast extraordinaire!

More Great News

Olive oils, balsamic vinegars, pizza dough and more!

Not only do we have some incredible CSA Shares to offer, but we also have a host of new items on the list at our Online Farmers Market. The mild Italian sausage links are back from Riverdog Farm, and we’ve also added their bratwurst! We have a fig balsamic vinegar, and the elderberry from Pasture 42; and a host of fine pork products from White Oak Ranch. Make sure to place your order today for a home delivery next Friday, May 3rd.

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