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Local Products For Your Holiday: 2 Last Chances!

2 Reasons to Order Local Products Before Sunday, November 15

  1. Our Double Referral Credit Bonus ends this Sunday! Until then, both you and the new customer you refer receive a $20 credit to spend on your favorite Local Products! You need to utilize the link on our referral page to receive the automatic referral bonus.
  2. The Online Farmers Market at Rogue Produce operates year-round, but you need to order by this Sunday at 7pm to be a part of our last Home-Delivery before Thanksgiving. Here are some great Local Products you can stock up on for the Holiday:

So go for it, enjoy your favorite Local Products and reap the rewards of supporting your community of growers and producers! Rogue Produce brings the Farmers Market right to your door every week!

In The News

Want to hear more about Rogue Produce? We were just featured on the Jefferson Exchange, click here to have a listen! You can find out more about Rogue Produce by visiting the In The News page of our website.

We wish everyone in our Valley a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Thank you for all of your efforts in supporting local businesses.