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Waste Not, Farm Want! Food Scraps to Farms.

local farms compost your scraps!We Get Your Scraps to Local Farms

That’s right – the food scraps you might be placing in your trash every day are not waste – they are a resource. Small farms in the Rogue Valley can compost the organic matter from your kitchen to replenish their soil with vital nutrients. Rogue Produce is the only service in the Rogue Valley that picks-up your food scraps every week and delivers them to local farms to use in their composting operations.

Rogue Produce’s program, Community Compost, has been in operation since 2011, and has moved tons of residential food scraps from household to farm. Community Compost is a way you can directly support your local farms and reduce the burden on our local landfill. Community Compost is common sense, and it’s what makes Rogue Produce a “full circle” service. You can purchase fresh produce from our Online Farmers Market that is grown in soil nourished by food scraps from the previous year. This is a model we are enthusiastically expanding, and we’d greatly appreciate your help in doing so.

Start Composting, Receive Market Credit!

For a limited time, Rogue Produce is offering a $20 credit toward any of our CSA options (which includes custom ordering through our Online Farmers Market), when you sign-up for 3-months of our Community Compost service. If you’re already a Rogue Produce customer (or if you become one), you receive a 10% discount on our Community Compost program.

The compost program is simple:  accumulate your kitchen food scraps (pretty much anything except meat and fish), and set them out every week on your pick up day. Rogue Produce will visit your home, empty your compost container (you provide your own container), and you can start filling it up again for the next pick-up.

Once you start participating in our program, you’ll never want to throw a banana peel in the garbage again. Many of our customers have started with our program – which is very easy – and eventually transitioned into using a composting system at their home to replenish the soil in their garden. Community Compost is a great way to start wasting less and replenishing more.

To find out more, follow the links in this article, or give us a call anytime at 541-301-3426.