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Little Shop of Bagels – Best Organic Bagels

30 Years with Little Shop of Bagels – Your Cozy Ashland Bakery

Francesca and Angelina, smiling with a tray of organic bagels and packaged products at Little Shop of Bagels bakery.Not just a bakery but a warm, familiar gathering place for our Rogue Valley community

In 1994, Francesca transformed her passion for baking and an ambitious dream into reality, starting with a mere $85 and an unwavering commitment to quality. Her mission was simple: to craft the best organic bagels. This mission fueled what would blossom into a cherished local institution. Francesca’s small, 120-square-foot venture, affectionately named after its modest beginnings, has grown significantly over the years, yet the heart and soul of the bakery remain unchanged.

From Passion to Bakery

Francesca’s journey was sparked in the early ’90s when the baking landscape was still male-dominated. Balancing jobs and family life, she honed her bagel recipe, then took the leap and opened her bagel shop using organic flour and grains, which, at that time, was not common in the industry.

Today, Francesca continues to handpick the finest organic ingredients, crafting bagels known for their authentic bagel taste, deliciously crispy crust, and chewy interior. Francesca is passionate about organics and farming in sustainable, responsible ways and supporting organic grain and produce growers. Though this family venture has expanded, its core values of quality and community have stood steadfast.

What’s On the Menu?

A freshly prepared organic bagel sandwich with layers of cream cheese, cucumber, and tomato on a woven mat from Little Shop of Bagels.

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Little Shop of Bagels menu includes freshly baked bagels, spreads, sandwiches, and scones. They are committed to organic and natural choices that ensure every baked good, bagel, breakfast, or lunch offering is delicious and wholesome. You are invited to explore the ingredient list on their website, a testament to their dedication to quality and transparency.

Where to Grab the Best Organic Bagels

You can find Little Shop of Bagels, bagels, and scones in local favorites like Rogue Produce, Brother’s Restaurant, Stoneridge Coffee House, and Cafe Soleil (formerly the Vintage in Talent). They’re also on grocery shelves across Ashland and Medford (Shop N Kart, Food 4 Less, Medford and Ashland Food Coop, and Market of Choice) and select spots in Northern California.

The official logo of Little Shop of Bagels, featuring a bagel surrounded by wheat, signifying organic ingredients and establishment in 1994.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Organic Freshly Baked Bagels

Close-up view of assorted organic bagels with sesame, poppy seed, and multi-grain toppings from Little Shop of Bagels.

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from Francesca….
Mark your calendars – July 1, 2024, is Little Shop of Bagels’ 30th Birthday! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been a vibrant part of the community for thirty years, baking and serving our beloved bagels. Through the years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible individuals, many of whom have grown up with our bagels as a staple in their lives – from childhood, high school, college, and beyond. It’s always a treat to see familiar faces, especially those who now live afar, stopping by to stock up on our bagels, claiming they’ve found none like them in their new locales. And it’s particularly heartwarming to continue to serve our first customers, who’ve been with us from the start!

Stay in touch and celebrate our birthday with us this summer

We will offer many fun things to say THANK YOU for 30 great years together.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Here’s to enjoying the simple things, sharing great food, and making more memories – one bagel at a time.

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New Benefits for Farmers Market Members

New Farmers Market Benefits!

Since we’re making our first ever increase to our Farmers Market Memberships, we wanted to provide some additional benefits to soften the blow – and to make our service even more fun!

New Benefit #1, Rogue Produce Weekly Lottery

When you order from our Online Farmers Market, your home delivery gets an identifier , like “B-11,” which helps us organize our routes. We’ve decided that each week we will roll the dice to determine which order is the lucky winner of the Rogue Produce Lottery! Our standard weekly prize will be a $10 shopping credit to the winner. Of course, we’ll switch up the prize from time to time; maybe we’ll double the coupon once a month, or give away Rogue Produce Merchandise (see below).

New Benefit #2, Discounts on Merchandise

We’ve started our search for high quality, sustainable merchandise to sell on our store, and we’ll give Members a significant discount on these products (once we know the costs). We’re thinking we’ll start with t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs and water bottles; and we imagine we’ll find some more unique items as we shop around.

Farm Collective Update

It’s no joke when the excavator tips into a ditch! It took us a couple of mornings to pull this thing out, and to put back on the track that fell off one side – the crew is learning a lot about heavy equipment though.

You’ll be happy to know that everyone employed with Rogue Produce is part of the Farm Collective, and it is an endeavor that is proving to bring us all much closer together. Each of us have our own specialties of sorts, and we’re all interested in growing different things and applying our unique skills to the work that needs being done – whether that’s planting, weed whacking, watering, pruning, harvesting, digging, bookkeeping, or administrative work. It all needs getting done!

We have one new commercial client on board with our Community Compost service, Cartwright’s Market, in Medford. We are very grateful for these types of arrangements, because it allows us to pick up a whole lot of food scraps in one trip! Thank you Cartwright’s!

We should be harvesting some more basil in the weeks to come. We’ll also have a few varieties of heirloom and cherry tomatoes; zucchini, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, Winter squash, and herbs of many varieties soon!

Most of the work we’ve been up to these first few months has been cleaning up the farm and doing fire prevention work, and we did our best with the Summer crop plantings mentioned above. We are all new-comers to farming, but with helpful guidance of our mentor we are confident we’ll have some high quality harvests.

Thank you for your support! Your orders make all this happen  : )

Spring CSA Sale: Fresh Incentives!

Spring is on it’s way and the Rogue Valley is gearing up for another amazing season of local produce and food selections! Rogue Produce has some fresh incentives lined-up for new customers at our Online Farmers Market and new members of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program! Now is the time to join!

Fresh Incentives

Sign-up with Rogue Produce between now and April 1st to take advantage of these incredible offers:

  • Purchase 2 Rogue CSA Shares and receive $10 of credit to spend at our Online Farmers Market;
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Why Rogue Produce and the Rogue CSA?

Here are the top 6 reasons to pick the Rogue CSA with Rogue Produce, and shop at our Online Farmers Market:

  1. Home Delivery – That’s right, there’s no drop site to pick up from – we come straight to your door with fresh produce every other Friday. We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass (and Merlin, actually); and from Jacksonville to Shady Cove, and everywhere in between!
  2. Highest Quality – We work with any and all farmers in our region, so we’ve come to know where to find the best quality produce all year-round. We ensure that all of the farms we work with use organic methods, and DO NOT use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  3. No Commitments – Going out of town for a vacation? No worries, you’re never obliged to order and you can skip a delivery anytime you’d like for any reason, with no penalties!
  4. Not Just Fruits and Veggies – In addition, we’ve got grass fed and finished beef, lamb and pork; cow and goat cheeses; fresh baked breads and baguettes; free-range eggs; jams and preserves; olive oils and vinegars; pickled items; salsas; nuts and seeds; super food products; and so much more!
  5. Deliveries All Year – We keep delivering all year-round, and we supplement our list during the off season by purchasing from certified organic farms outside of our region. By expanding our reach, we’ve found some amazing products that you can’t get anywhere else locally!
  6. Variety – Every delivery you get 3 different CSA Shares to choose from (in addition to all of the other items on the full list at our Online Farmers Market). We currently have 3 types of CSA Shares:  The Veggie, Omnivore, and Whole Kitchen – and we plan on expanding this selection soon!

Incredible Local Partners

At Rogue Produce we work with any and all the farms you’ve come to love in Southern Oregon, including Wandering Roots Farm, Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, Whistling Duck, Wandering Fields, Blue Fox Farm, Rock Field Farm, Dunbar Farm, Pennington Farm, Higher Power Raw Foods, By George Creamery, Rogue Creamery, Oak Leaf Creamery, La Baguette, Rise Up Bakery, Organicos Bakery, Dauenhauer Cattle, White Oak Ranch, Pickled Planet, American Ruralcraft, Bright Earth Foods, Valley View Orchard, and SO many more!

If you want to experience the best of what’s local and support small farms that practice sustainable agriculture in Southern Oregon, sign-up with Rogue Produce before the Spring Equinox to cash in on our fresh incentives!