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Rogue River Drop Site

Rogue River Drop Site Open!

Do you live in the Rogue River area? Are you looking for a nearby location to shop the freshest of local and organic produce? Rogue Produce and Mystic Valley Farm and Tea Shop now provide you with a fun and convenient way to enjoy the best of what’s available from your favorite local farms and food artisans!

Mystic Valley Farm and Tea shop is one of our newest local vendors at Rogue Produce. The owners of Mystic Valley, Trinity and Steven, are opening the doors of their store for Rogue Produce customers to pick up orders every Friday, between 12pm and 5:30pm!

How it Works

The first step is to sign-up for our FREE, Rogue River Drop Site Membership. The drop site membership removes our standard $12 delivery fee from your orders, and gives you access to our weekly sales.

Once you’ve checked out with your membership, head to our Shop Page, and place an order by 6pm on Tuesday. Rogue Produce delivers your orders to Mystic Valley by 12pm on Fridays, and you can pick up by 5:30pm.

Mystic Valley Farm and Tea Shop

Mystic Valley is located at 102 E Main St, in Rogue River, OR 97537. The shop offers a unique collection of medicinal herbal blends, single origin herbs and loose leaf teas. Products are predominantly sourced from Mystic Valley Farm and like-minded sustainable growers.

Supporting Local

When you stop by to pick up your Rogue Produce order, you can pick up a freshly brewed tea, or a host of other delicious items at the Shop!

When Does this Start?

The Rogue River Drop Site is live, now! You can start shopping at the Rogue Produce Online Farmers Market right away!

Become a Rogue River Drop Site Member!

When you become a Rogue River Drop Site Member with Rogue Produce and begin purchasing local produce from our Online Market, you immediately support our community-building, soil-sustaining, farm-helping, and small-business-partnering efforts.

Do you live on the other side of town?

If you live between Grants Pass and Jacksonville, near Highway 238, Rogue Produce has started another drop site that may be the option for you!

Check out our other partner drop site, located at the Lindsay Lodge, in Jacksonville. This site is located at 15100, Highway 238, in Jacksonville, 97530. Find out more about the Lindsay Lodge Drop Site.

Direct  Delivery  Options

Rogue Produce offers direct delivery to homes in Ashland, Talent, Medford, Phoenix, Central Point, White City, and other nearby areas. You have the option to pay a $12 delivery fee, or, become a Farmers Market Member for $16.95/month, and delivery fees are waived on all of your orders, plus you get access to our weekly sales!



Stay in the LOOP!

If you’re not currently interested in our services, you can still sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay informed. We’ll keep you posted on farm events, local food stories, compost lore, farm work parties, promotions, and so much more!

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Local Products For Your Holiday: 2 Last Chances!

2 Reasons to Order Local Products Before Sunday, November 15

  1. Our Double Referral Credit Bonus ends this Sunday! Until then, both you and the new customer you refer receive a $20 credit to spend on your favorite Local Products! You need to utilize the link on our referral page to receive the automatic referral bonus.
  2. The Online Farmers Market at Rogue Produce operates year-round, but you need to order by this Sunday at 7pm to be a part of our last Home-Delivery before Thanksgiving. Here are some great Local Products you can stock up on for the Holiday:

So go for it, enjoy your favorite Local Products and reap the rewards of supporting your community of growers and producers! Rogue Produce brings the Farmers Market right to your door every week!

In The News

Want to hear more about Rogue Produce? We were just featured on the Jefferson Exchange, click here to have a listen! You can find out more about Rogue Produce by visiting the In The News page of our website.

We wish everyone in our Valley a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Thank you for all of your efforts in supporting local businesses.

Farmers Market To Your Door

Rogue Produce Delivers

We bring the Farmers Market to your door every Friday with home delivery of fresh local produce, meats, cheeses, and a huge variety of amazing local products (even a one-of-a-kind locally manufactured cribbage board). This week we’re happy to announce that we’ve restocked with the amazing olive oil and vinegar from Pasture 42! Order now for a home delivery this Friday, May 15. If you’re a new customer, create an account and then place your order by 5 pm tonight.

What’s Hot

Actually, the first product from our Farmers Market I’d like to mention comes frozen: the incredible Wake-N-Bagel from Little Shop of Bagels in Ashland. These have become a household staple at our place. Let the dough thaw overnight and pop them in the oven in the morning and you get the most delicious bagel ever!

The olive oil from Pasture 42 comes in 3 varieties: standard arbequina (which is phenomenal), garlic infused, and lemon infused. The vinegar options are elderberry, fig, and pomegranate.

We’ve also recently added delectable cross rib roasts from Salant Family Ranch.

As always we feature the amazing fresh local produce from the farmers you love in Southern Oregon, and supplement our Farmers Market with organic produce that can’t be grown locally, such as avocado, citrus, and lots of others you can’t go without.

Order now if you’re a regular customer, or register for an account if you’re trying Rogue Produce for the first time. No commitment necessary – order as you please every week!

Thank you for supporting local!

Local Produce Coming Your Way!

All of the items in our CSA Bundles are sourced from in or around the Rogue Valley! We’re especially happy to be working with Maria at Talent Natural Farm. Maria is supplying the prune plums, comice pears, Japanese eggplant, and basil in this week’s delivery. Another big contributor is Zack at Dauenhauer Cattle, supplying the Summer Sausage rounds, New York steak, and breakfast sausage. Most of the other delicious items this week come from Happy Dirt Veggie Patch, Ella Bella Farm, Rise Up! Bakery, Pennington Farms, Poetential Farm, By George, Michellynda Orchard, and Noble Coffee Roasters. Order now for a home delivery on Friday, September 20.

Veggie Bundle


This is a “Gonzo” eggplant. Our Veggie Share will have the Japanese variety : )

The Veggie Bundle includes prune plumbs, comice pears, a medley of figs, Japanese eggplant, broccoli, a sweet pepper medley, heirloom tomatoes, basil, purple carrots, beets, and a spaghetti squash. Veggie lover’s delight!

Omnivore Bundle

The Omnivore Bundle includes comice pears, a medley of figs, mixed cherry tomatoes, a sweet pepper medley, 2 delicata squash, a jar of garlic basil fromage, a loaf of focaccia, and a round of summer sausage.

Keto Bundle

The Keto Bundle gets you a pint of berries, broccoli, a sweet pepper medley, a bunch of cilantro, mixed cherry tomatoes, a dozen eggs, and a juicy New York steak!

Breakfast Bundle

Order the Breakfast Bundle and get comice pears, heirloom tomatoes, basil, Buncom brie cheese, a loaf of Little Applegate sourdough, a dozen eggs, and the Noble Coffee of your choice!

For a home delivery on Friday, September 20, please place your order by Tuesday morning at 10 am. If you refer a friend, you’ll receive $10 credit for every new person who signs up on your recommendation—and they’ll get a $10 coupon emailed to them after their first order!

Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners. We enjoy working with the small farms and businesses of our region to make supporting local a fun and convenient experience.