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We had a lot of fun putting together the 3 unique Rogue CSA Shares this week, trying to get the local food items in each one to inspire some simple and delicious recipes. The Veggie Share has the amazing raw and sprouted walnuts from Maria at Higher Power Raw Foods, which would go great in a salad with the red leaf lettuce, red bartlett pears, and organic blue cheese from the Rogue Creamery. We’ve also included Medjool dates in the share for the first time, as well as Crimini mushrooms, Klamath basin fingerling potatoes and carrots from Wandering Roots Farm.

The Omnivore Share has Chorizo sausage links from White Oak Ranch, one or our favorite meat selections, along with the delicious fresh corn tortillas from Jennifer at Windborne Farm, lettuce mix and cilantro from Wandering Roots, red onion, gold potatoes, Jefferson Cheddar Cheese from Rogue Creamery, and Honeyboat delicata squash, also from Wandering Roots Farm.
The Whole Kitchen Share has 3 great items for snacking:  the smoked teriyaki strips from Dauenhauer Cattle, Manzanita Jack Cheese from Oak Leaf Creamery and red bartlett pears. The rest is for a scrumptious breakfast:  breakfast sausage from Riverdog Farm, red onions, gold potatoes and a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm.

Local Food Sales!

We’ve made some drastic price cuts to some other items on our list that you should check out! Our coconut oil from Bright Earth Foods is only $15.95 (regularly $22.50) a jar; and all of the powdered teas from Uber Herbal are only $12.95 (regularly $18.95). The frozen peaches and sweet cherries from Valley View Orchard are also on sale for only $4.99 for a 1 lb. bag, and they’re usually $6.49.
We’re continuing to build our relationship with Uproot Meats in Ashland, and they’re working out some incentives for Rogue Produce customers to sign-up for their chicken and pork deliveries. You can call Krista, at 408-504-9869, if you’re interested in receiving meats from Uproots along with your Rogue Produce deliveries!
Pennington Farms is taking orders again this week, so you can order their amazing pies and turnovers for our delivery on Friday the 11th. Also be sure to check out the new lamb options from Rock Field Farm, which include stew meat and ground lamb.
If you’d like to receive a delivery next Friday, January 11th, please fill out our order form by 10:00am on Tuesday. We deliver from Ashland to Grants Pass, and Jacksonville to Shady Cove!
Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and all of our local partners. We’re looking forward to sharing a bountiful 2019 with all of you!

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