Archive for Testimonials

Wendy C.

“Rogue Produce is fantastic! You can taste the difference in fresh, local, organically grown vegetables. And it’s not just produce—there are all kinds of other locally made healthy food products. All this delivered to your door with a friendly smile—what more could you want?”

Bart G. and Emily R.

“We love our weekly delivery of fresh produce, especially as it comes from local sources. We appreciate that they operate year-round and provide an increasing range of products.”

DeAnna S.

“Rogue Produce has been a godsend for my family. We loved being surprised by Adam’s deliveries. Adding eggs, bread, and even protein powder makes this service so convenient it seems crazy not to do it. Way to go, Rogue Produce! We are fans for life!”

Judy W.

“Not only is the best local produce available, but it is delivered weekly to your doorstep! How convenient is that? I can choose from a marvelous variety of locally sourced products, not just vegetables. I heartily recommend that others participate in this wonderful service.”

Melissa M.

“Every item has been selected, grown, and produced with the utmost love and care, and that love comes through in every scrumptious bite. It is an awesome feeling being part of such a meaningful cause and one that benefits both my personal health and the health of our community.”