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Little Shop of Bagels – Best Organic Bagels

30 Years with Little Shop of Bagels – Your Cozy Ashland Bakery

Francesca and Angelina, smiling with a tray of organic bagels and packaged products at Little Shop of Bagels bakery.Not just a bakery but a warm, familiar gathering place for our Rogue Valley community

In 1994, Francesca transformed her passion for baking and an ambitious dream into reality, starting with a mere $85 and an unwavering commitment to quality. Her mission was simple: to craft the best organic bagels. This mission fueled what would blossom into a cherished local institution. Francesca’s small, 120-square-foot venture, affectionately named after its modest beginnings, has grown significantly over the years, yet the heart and soul of the bakery remain unchanged.

From Passion to Bakery

Francesca’s journey was sparked in the early ’90s when the baking landscape was still male-dominated. Balancing jobs and family life, she honed her bagel recipe, then took the leap and opened her bagel shop using organic flour and grains, which, at that time, was not common in the industry.

Today, Francesca continues to handpick the finest organic ingredients, crafting bagels known for their authentic bagel taste, deliciously crispy crust, and chewy interior. Francesca is passionate about organics and farming in sustainable, responsible ways and supporting organic grain and produce growers. Though this family venture has expanded, its core values of quality and community have stood steadfast.

What’s On the Menu?

A freshly prepared organic bagel sandwich with layers of cream cheese, cucumber, and tomato on a woven mat from Little Shop of Bagels.

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Little Shop of Bagels menu includes freshly baked bagels, spreads, sandwiches, and scones. They are committed to organic and natural choices that ensure every baked good, bagel, breakfast, or lunch offering is delicious and wholesome. You are invited to explore the ingredient list on their website, a testament to their dedication to quality and transparency.

Where to Grab the Best Organic Bagels

You can find Little Shop of Bagels, bagels, and scones in local favorites like Rogue Produce, Brother’s Restaurant, Stoneridge Coffee House, and Cafe Soleil (formerly the Vintage in Talent). They’re also on grocery shelves across Ashland and Medford (Shop N Kart, Food 4 Less, Medford and Ashland Food Coop, and Market of Choice) and select spots in Northern California.

The official logo of Little Shop of Bagels, featuring a bagel surrounded by wheat, signifying organic ingredients and establishment in 1994.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Organic Freshly Baked Bagels

Close-up view of assorted organic bagels with sesame, poppy seed, and multi-grain toppings from Little Shop of Bagels.

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from Francesca….
Mark your calendars – July 1, 2024, is Little Shop of Bagels’ 30th Birthday! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been a vibrant part of the community for thirty years, baking and serving our beloved bagels. Through the years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible individuals, many of whom have grown up with our bagels as a staple in their lives – from childhood, high school, college, and beyond. It’s always a treat to see familiar faces, especially those who now live afar, stopping by to stock up on our bagels, claiming they’ve found none like them in their new locales. And it’s particularly heartwarming to continue to serve our first customers, who’ve been with us from the start!

Stay in touch and celebrate our birthday with us this summer

We will offer many fun things to say THANK YOU for 30 great years together.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Here’s to enjoying the simple things, sharing great food, and making more memories – one bagel at a time.

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