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Bringing Home the Bacon

White Oak Ranch Helps Rogue Produce Bring Home the Bacon!

This week Rogue Produce begins bringing home the bacon, thanks to White Oak Ranch in Eagle Point. Bacon isn’t the only new delicious local item on our list – check out what we’ve put together for home delivery in our pre-bundled Rogue CSA Shares. Be sure to support your local small farms and food artisans by ordering your share for home delivery, and have fun throwing together some meals with fine local fare!

Keto Share

The folks receiving our keto share have been begging for bacon for sometime now. We’ve arranged to have the pork belly from White Oak Ranch cut into medium sliced bacon strips at Southern Oregon Fine Meats and smoked fresh. By George supplies their famous garlic basil fromage, and Harris Family Farm contributes their pastured chicken and duck egg medley. Geoffrey from Four Winds Farm, in Ashland, has some nice bulbs of fresh garlic, and we’re picking up the nutritious and scrumptious pea shoots from Terra Sol Organics. We round out the keto share with large hass avocado and red onion.

Omnivore Share


Rise Up! Bakery, Applegate Valley

This share features grass fed sirloin steak from Dauenhauer Cattle, in Ashland. Rise Up! Bakery throws in with a loaf of their Rogue Valley Sourdough, and Dave at Oak Leaf Creamery offers his raw goat feta cheese. Mix up a salad with a head of red butter lettuce from Wandering Roots and fresh garlic from Geoffrey at Four Winds Farm. The Omnivore Share is topped off with large leaf spinach, red onion, broccolini and gold potatoes.

Breakfast Share

Enjoy the most awesome!

We’re bringing home the bacon when you order the Breakfast Share – thanks again to White Oak Ranch! You’ll also receive a dozen eggs from Poetential Farm, and the rotating single origin coffee blend from Noble Coffee Roasting, in Ashland – you won’t regret trying all of the top quality coffees that Noble puts out. You get a loaf of rosemary focaccia from Rise Up! Bakery, large leaf spinach, red onion, and gold potatoes. Plenty of ingredients for all kinds of breakfast ideas.

Veggie Share

And now to our staple, the Veggie Share. Matt Suhr at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch has the first round of snap peas this season, and Wandering Roots offers red butter lettuce, and salad turnips & tops. Geoffrey provides his fresh garlic, and Terra Sol Organics pitches in with sunflower shoots. We go back to Little Shop of Bagels, in Ashland, to pick-up some hiker bagels, By George for their fromage blanc, and the highly regarded raw and sprouted walnuts from Marie at Higher Power Raw Foods.


Make sure to check out the 2-packs of short ribs from Dauenhauer Cattle. This is a special this week, weighing in at around 3 lbs. We’ve got a selection of cheeses on sale from Rogue Creamery, including their Rogue’s Mary Cheddar and TouVelle. And, we’ve re-stocked with mild salsa from Sweet Creek Foods!

Order Now!

Make sure to get your order in by Monday at 5pm, in order to guarantee your home delivery on Friday, May 31st.

Thank you for supporting Rogue Produce and your favorite local farms and food artisans!