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Grants Pass Delivery! FREE Memberships!

Grants Pass Benefits!

Grants Pass gets the best of the Rogue!

Pick up your favorite local produce at Frank N Stene’s in Grants Pass. Order A La Carte from our Online Farmers Market!

Rogue Produce delivers to Grants Pass in partnership with Frank N Stene’s Growler Shop, at 950 SW 6th St, to get you the best produce from your favorite local farms and small businesses. Here are the new special benefits we offer for Grants Pass customers:

  • Free Farmers Market Memberships! That means no delivery fees, and access to our members only weekly discounts!
  • A convenient drop site where you can pick-up your orders, at your leisure, every week at Frank N Stene’s Growler Shop. Your orders stay fresh in the walk-in refrigerator until you pick-up!

How Does it Work?

Before you place an order, give us a call at 541-301-3426 and we will set you up with a FREE membership. Then, all you need to do is place your order and all delivery fees are removed and the discounts kick in automatically! Here’s how your savings break down:

  • We waive the $12 delivery fee on every order!
  • We give you our Farmers Market Membership, usually $9.99 per month, for FREE!
  • Plus, you save weekly with discounts we provide to our Farmers Market Members!

Orders need to be placed by Monday evenings at 9 pm, and we deliver to Frank N Stene’s by Friday at 1 pm. You can pick-up your order from the growler shop anytime that works for you. Frank N Stene’s has business hours through the weekend. You’ll receive a reminder email when we’re ready to take orders.

Why Participate?

Grants Pass gets the best of the Rogue!

Grants Pass delivery of the best of the Rogue!

Rogue Produce brings you the best of local produce from your favorite farms, including meats like pasture-raised chicken, beef, and pork; cheeses from local creameries; breads and pastries from local bakeries; coffees from local roasters; jams, pickles, krauts, nuts, seeds – and SO much more! We don’t deliver wine or beer, but you can pick-up your favorite local brew from Frank N Stene’s when you pick up your Rogue Produce order! Plus, Rogue Produce delivers year-round!

Get Started Today!

Remember to give us a call before your first order, at 541-301-3426, so we can set up your FREE membership and answer any questions you may have about our service. We look forward to serving you with the best of the Rogue!