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Xtra Large Eggs (Chicken)


Poetential Farm

Over the hill and nestled in the beautiful Poe Valley just east of Klamath Falls, you will find “Poe”tential Farm—a family owned and operated small farm, which is home to the pastured hen. Our laying hens spend late-spring, summer, and fall free-ranging on pasture along the Lost River, where they are offered a free-choice menu of feed, grasses, weeds, dirt and gravel, and, of course, the occasional mosquito or bug. They spend cold, and often snowy winters, and unpredictable early-springs pecking around in deep-bedded greenhouses and hoophouses. Our hens are fed a balanced vegetarian feed ration, which is supplemented in the winter with alfalfa and lettuce scraps. Natural diatomaceous earth and oyster shell supplements maintain hen health and egg quality year around.


1 dozen