Marvin's Gardens and Cattle Company

The mission of Marvin’s Gardens and Cattle Company LLC from its inception has been to produce a quality product that is safe and healthy. Ours is a small, family farm that is Veteran owned and operated. We are located in Rogue River adjacent to Evans Creek. We raise pork, beef, lamb and poultry on pasture and supplement our home-grown feed with local feed from Rogue Quality Feed. Our livestock and poultry are raised without antibiotics and vaccines are used only under veterinarian’s direction. We have partnered with the Central Point School Districts and currently provide them with our maple flavored, pork breakfast links and sausages. Our produce production is in its infancy, but we are slowly expanding to provide fresh produce grown in high tunnels that will extend our season into the winter months. We practice the “Back to Eden” method of soil regeneration and abstain from the use of pesticides or herbicides. We are working toward certification for an Organic operation.

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